Travel Tips on The Top 5 Things That Travelers Should Have

Are you about to go on a trip alone, with family, or with friends?

Imagine all the fun you’re going to have!

A vacation sounds truly exciting because you know you’re about to discover new things about places, people, and mostly about yourself. Everyone who comes home from a trip is a whole new person. But you should know as early as now, that you can’t anticipate everything to go smoothly because they won’t. So, it pays well not to leave unprepared, or you might experience a lot of frustration.

Among hundreds of tips we’ve researched from around-the-world travelers, we narrowed down the top 5 things that travelers should have. Although before we get to that, we have to talk about the most typical things you can expect to happen during your trip.

Traveler’s Guide on What To Expect On The Road

  • You will keep on changing your plans
    Look forward to having abrupt changes in your travel itinerary. Aside from delayed flights or missing your bus rides, there will be times when you get attached to a place, and it compels you to stay longer than planned to see more of the attractions and famous tourist spots. Especially if you meet co-travelers and new friends along the way, it’s kind of hard to leave them too soon.
  • Local food is something you’d want to taste
    When you go to a new place, your experience will be measured by eating their local cuisine. You wouldn’t want to miss this. It’s going to be one of the best parts of your documentation. You can take a picture and share it with social media or write about it in your journal. You’ll never uncover the true custom of the city or the town without appreciating their wonders, which they express through their food.
  • Yes, you’re expected to keep photos or write journals
    You won’t be able to see or taste everything. But, you get to keep the ones that you have. In case you want to look back in the future, you’ll thank yourself for taking pictures of you in a breathtaking place or writing about the best cuisine you’ve ever tasted from one of your food trips.
  • Learning their language/dialect is much appreciated
    When you visit a non-English speaking place, there’s going to be difficulty in asking for simple directions, and that’s a serious problem if you ever get lost. Even though you don’t necessarily have to learn a lot, knowing how to speak common words will help you get on. Also, there’s no fun in not being able to talk to some locals, even if it’s just to say “thank you” or “good morning” in their dialect. Surprise them with a simple phrase, and you’ll most certainly earn their respect for trying.
  • Stashing enough amount of cash means you’re wise
    Honestly, it’s not surprising that you’re going to pay with cash when traveling, especially if you need to exchange currencies. Calculate an estimate of your total expenses until you reach the next destination, where you can withdraw some money again. Don’t bring an exact amount. You need to account for unexpected spending. What if you stumble over a charming restaurant, or you suddenly have the urge to shop for souvenirs, where they don’t accept card payments? So, stash a little extra. Whether you do or don’t get to spend it, there’ll be no regrets.
  • You’ll need more than one credit/debit cards
    Don’t exhaust any of your bank accounts, or you might get blocked in the middle of your vacation. Sure, you can unblock it, but it’s going to take hours that you may not afford to lose. Try to avoid dealing with these kinds of scenarios. If possible, inform your bank/s ahead that you’re traveling and that there will be changes in your cash flow.
  • Airports will cut you off with their money exchange rates
    They have the worst currency exchange rates because they charge too high. Case closed.
  • You won’t be able to wear clothes that need ironing
    Don’t bring clothes you won’t wear. And betting that wrinkled clothes don’t stand a chance, discard them from your luggage. It’s only going to be a heartbreaking scene every time you see it among your clothes when you can’t dare to wear them in public.
  • Expect to leave a few things behind
    If you’re always moving, you’re more prone to leaving a few things behind. Stay on top of your head and practice a checkout routine. Every time you leave a place, focus on your valuables even if you have to count them or tag each of them with assigned numbers in your head. But no matter how hard you try, please don’t get frustrated when you leave some of your personal items in a hotel room or a food place. As long as it’s not something that you vitally need for your survival, you’ll learn to live without it.
  • People from back home will worry if they don’t hear from you
    Keep your family and friends updated on your travel plans. If in case something happens to you, they’ll know how to contact you and where to find you. It’s not about being dramatic; it’s about being safe. You will also give your loved ones their peace of mind if they know that you’re having the time of your life and not suffering from a disease you got from a foreign country. Which leads us to the next one.
  • Can’t lose your strength while traveling from place to place
    Stay healthy. Eat nutritious food and get enough sleep whenever you can. Without your strength, your vacation will be filled with frustrated and nerve-racking memories. Hate to break it to you, but you owe it to yourself to make the most out of this adventure.
  • Enjoy a zero internet zone!
    Come on. You’re out to see the world through your eyes. The real experience doesn’t come from your phone or your laptop. If you don’t have anything urgent going on, enjoy brief periods of being offline. Take a walk, have a drink, or meet someone. Connect with people and connect with yourself. You can either use the opportunity to think deep or reach out.
  • Patience is a requirement
    You’ll be pissed more times than you can imagine. Think of all the times you felt helpless, upset, or disappointed. You’ll be bombarded by more of these feelings every now and then. Try your very best not to lose your patience because you’re mostly dealing with yourself, and it’s hard to get mad at yourself when you have no one else. Take deep breaths and carry on.

Tips on The Top 5 Things That Travelers Should Have: with Bonus Products

Travel Tip 1: Daypack or Cross-Body Bucket Bag

A daypack is where you put your valuables such as gadgets (e.g., laptops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones), passports, and other necessities that you’re going to use while you’re on the road.  The back-pack design makes it easy to carry around for a few straight hours. You won’t even need to check it in for your flight baggage.

But, if you’re not bringing large gadgets, a large compartment won’t be necessary. You can instead use a cross-body bucket bag, which you can also wear as a shoulder bag. When you’re traveling, you can’t keep on rummaging through all the stuff you packed just to get your tickets, passport, wallet, cellphone, etc. A handy bucket bag is basically where you can put all the things you’ll actually need when you’re not in your hotel room. It should be something you can bring around safely.

Going through airports won’t be such a hassle if you can easily reach inside your bag to grab your I.D. and your boarding pass tickets, whether it’s printed or on your mobile. And while you’re out for some adventure, you’ll only need cash/atm cards/credit cards, cellphone, sunglasses (if you’re going somewhere warm), and a couple of hygienic necessities like pocket-sized wet tissue and alcohol. You can also include printed tour itineraries and a travel book.

Check these out:

  • HIKPRO 20L Travel Daypack
    📍 Foldable
    📍 Lightweight
    📍 Waterproof
    📍 Tear-resistant
    📍 Double Bottom Fabric

    At first, you’ll be surprised by how portable it looks. You can’t help but wonder how it can carry 20L of a load. Once you open it, you’ll see the spaciousness of the interior, and you can identify the durability even from face value. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and as usual, you can adjust the length firmly according to your preference.

    You can use the HIKPRO 20L for short-term or long-term vacation trips. It has just enough space to transport your important belongings with security. It’s manufactured with extra-strong fabric for durability. The side mesh pockets are also made of tear-resistant material. And to organize all your things properly, there’s a small pocket placed in front and inside the daypack.

    If in case you decide not to use it in the middle of your escapade, you can easily fold it again and just squeeze it into a corner of your luggage.

    Rain or shine, this product can definitely safeguard your valuables with its waterproof, high-quality, wear-and-tear nylon material. So, you can just relax because you don’t have to worry about it wherever you go.

    ❌ The backpack design is accessible for pickpockets.
  • Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag
    📍 Slash-resistant body and straps
    📍 Locking straps and compartments
    📍 RFID blocking slots & pockets
    📍 Adjustable shoulder straps
    📍 Mesh pockets on both sides
    📍 Inclusive of a removable LED light

    Travel with a Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag, and you will never go out of style, neither will you get robbed. The locking and security mechanism of this handy travel bag is superb. Suit yourself with the classic taste of this bag with new safety measures technology.

    Travelon values your protection from identity theft or loss of important belongings. The body and straps are resistant from slash attempts, and the interior pockets for passports and cards have an RFID blocking system to protect your valuables from pickpockets and techy hackers. If in case you need to leave your bucket bag somewhere, you can simply lock it to a pole or public locking compartments.

    A traveler who owns a bag like this will make for one less victim from thieving crimes that happen all around the world. You can mark a check on this one on your travel safety list.

    This particular product is designed for women, but Travelon also has handy travel bags for men.

    ❌ The size is only suitable for small quantities.

Travel Tip 2: First Aid Kit

You’ll never know when diarrhea, migraine, or flu catches up with you in between your trip. It’s a must to bring medicine for these types of sickness. It’s also advantageous to carry band-aids, wound solution/antiseptic, antibacterial cream, and bandages to clean and disinfect minor cuts or scrapes. If you include a first-aid kit in your luggage or, better yet, your daypack, you can quickly treat minor wounds and pain.

Remember also to pack your own bar soap because it’s more convenient than liquid soaps. For open wounds, you need to immediately run it with water for 10 minutes while washing it with soap. After that, you can lightly wipe an antiseptic solution using a cotton roll and then cover it with a sterile bandage.  Remember that they should stay covered whenever you’re outdoors. And until they dry up, you need to repeat basic wound dressing procedures. As long as you do this, an injury won’t stop you from enjoying your vacation.

Check this out:

  • First Aid Only FAO-442 All-Purpose First Aid Kit
    📍 Portable and compact zippered kit suitable for outdoor use
    📍 The items are organized in groups and packed in nylon cases
    📍 Contains 299 pieces of essential supplies for first-aid treatment

    Nothing beats an all-purpose kit that has everything you need for on-the-road emergencies that require first-aid attention. The size and weight of the soft pouch are ideal for traveling, which is what the FAO-442 is also intended for. And if you still want to add small bottles of antiseptic solution and hydrogen peroxide, you sure can!

    The only downside of this kit is that you can’t hang it onto your bags because it does not have those round or D-rings that are attachable to straps and hooks.

    Kit Inclusions: Adhesive Fabric Bandages, Adhesive Plastic Bandages, Alcohol Wipes, Antibiotic Ointment Packets, Aluminized Rescue Blanket, Aspirin Tablets, Burn Gel Packet, Butterfly Wound Closures, BZK Antiseptic Towelettes, Cold Pack, Conforming Gauze Roll, Cotton Tipped Applicators, Disposable Thermometer, Extra-Strength Non-Aspirin Tablets, Finger Splint/Tongue Depressor, Fingertip Fabric Bandages, First Aid Cream Packets, First Aid Guide, First Aid Tape, Ibuprofen Tablets, Knuckle Fabric Bandage, Moleskin (Blister Prevention), Nitrile Exam Gloves, Patch Plastic Bandages, Scissors, Sterile Gauze Pads, Sting Relief Wipes, Trauma Pad, Tweezers.

    ❌ There are no rings that can be hung on bag hooks.

Travel Tip 3: Travel Towel

You’re going to need a travel towel, even though hotels provide them for all the guests. Take note that there might already be a lot of previous guests who got to use their towels. It’s one of the most common issues that travelers share about their personal struggles with hotel towels. So if you’re very particular about that, you can bring your own.

Don’t worry about the bulk and weight of travel towels because they’re light and extremely foldable. They also dry quickly, so you can just pack them again as you move on to your next destination!

Check this out:

  • Rainleaf Microfiber Towel
    📍 Superfast dry material that absorbs five times faster than other products
    📍 Ultra-soft with a “suede-feel” effect on the skin
    📍 Compact and portable with a reusable carry bag
    📍 Available in different sizes for all kinds of travel adventures
    📍 Comes with a snap-on travel strap

    As it is one of the necessities, the microfiber technology equipped in this product makes it accessible for travelers to bring their own towels without the bulky and heavy load. And as expected, they dry up so easily while hanging either outside or inside an airconditioned room. The lightweight material quickly absorbs wetness as it also allows air to pass through and through. It has well-stitched sides for extra, long-lasting durability.

    The package comes with a reusable carry bag so that you can separate your travel towel from your clothes, and you can very easily snatch it in and out of your luggage. You even have plenty of options if you choose to buy this specific product. There are eight various colors and six different sizes available that can suit your lifestyle. And as a traveler, this could be your best bet for an all-around travel towel companion.

    ❌ There’s only one piece/size for each pack.

Travel Tip 4: Camera

Never leave without a camera, or for most of us, a smartphone.

If you love taking fine shots using a professional camera, you’ll most likely want to have it for your trip. Some travelers who don’t want to miss anything from their trip bring action cameras with digital lenses and a camcorder function. But if you have a smartphone with high-quality features, it can certainly suffice.

You need to capture all the scenic views, delectable food, and beautiful people that you will encounter during your travel. As much as it’s important to savor every moment, every experience deserves a souvenir.

Check this out:

  • AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera
    📍 The camera has a waterproof case that can withstand up to 100 feet
    📍 Two rechargeable batteries can last for up to 90 minutes of recording time
    📍 Video quality: Professional 4K 25Fps and 2.7K 30Fps
    📍 Photo quality: 12MP, up to 30 frames per second
    📍 Inclusive of a wireless wrist remote control system, 2.4G Bluetooth
    📍 Built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI slot for file sharing

    Box Inclusions: AKASO EK7000 Camera, 2.4G Remote Control, (2) 1050mAh Battery, Waterproof Case, Bicycle Stand, Mount, Clip, Helmet Mounts, Bandages, Tethers, Protective Backdoor, USB Cable, AC Charger, Lens Cloth, and Manual

    The video and photo quality of this product is extremely awesome, even for underwater adventures. You can capture single photos, burst photos, or choose Time Lapse mode to take shots in a calculated interval. No matter how fast you go, the AKASO EK7000 will not miss a shot and can produce powerful, high-definition images.

    And with the wireless remote control system, you can instantly take a photo or start a video recording in just one click. This action camera can undoubtedly catch up with you and your travel explorations. And if you want to transfer your files, you can connect the device to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or a hardwire using the USB cable included in the box. It only gets easier to keep memories as a traveler!

    ❌ Non-inclusive of a selfie-stick extender

Travel Tip 5: Travel Insurance

Last, but certainly not the least on the top 5 things that travelers should have is to ensure your travel insurance. You might get into an accident where a first-aid kit can’t quickly fix. Your emergency funds can get wiped out by expensive medical expenses. We always think that there’s an off chance of a major incident to happen. Still, some things are just out of our control, especially when traveling. If you get insured, you’ll worry less and enjoy more in each and every bit of your vacation.

Be A Smart Traveler!

As you study travel books that talk about the culture of the place you’re visiting, their language, and local customs, bear in mind that you have your own concerns as well. Your safety and comfort matter a lot in making your vacation worth the while.

Always make it a part of your travel plans to find ways on how to travel smart. You can find a lot of resources that tackle real-life examples and actionable ideas in facing challenges and uncertainties along the way. If you can consider making a checklist of all the things that every traveler should have, including the top 5 essentials we discussed above, we can guarantee the great comfort you will soon benefit.

And lastly, bear in mind that every step, whether good or bad, is an experience that you can forever hold in your memory. Savor every second of it!

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