Things To Do at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, FL

The Memorial Presbyterian Church is one of the world’s eight religious wonders. It is considered not only a timeless architecture but also a momentous touch to American history.

Many tourists get attracted to the marvel of this contemporary church built in St. Augustine, Florida. Most of them come to this place solely for the purpose of visiting the historic building, while some seek to discover and explore the old city as well.

Let’s find out how travelers such as yourself can reveal and experience the influence of the church and the connection it has established with St. Augustine.

3 Best Ways To Experience The Memorial Presbyterian Church

There are lots of things to do at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Fl. You only need to know the best ways to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Please allow us to give you an experience-based insight into exploring one of the greatest historically rich tourist spots in Florida.

  1. Ride The St. Augustine Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour

    Unearth the bewildering character of the Memorial Presbyterian Church as you also get to know St. Augustine through the hop-on-hop-off Old Town trolley tour.

    The tour has 23 stops (including the church) that allow you to visit over a hundred historical points of interest in St. Augustine. As it is one of America’s oldest cities, it is rich with a heritage that you will soon discover as the trolley conductor shares all the stories in every famous attraction.

    You’ll be able to visit the Potter’s Wax Museum, the Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park, the Old Jail, Flagler College, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Castillo de San Marcos, and so much more.
  2. Use The Attractions Pass To Discover St. Augustine

    The Old Town Trolley Pass is inclusive of a two-day hop-on-hop-off Old Town trolley tour.

    This pass admits a trip to the St. Augustine Heritage Museum, having more than 400 years of history being shared with everyone.

    The Memorial Presbyterian Church is also a part of the itinerary of this guided tour, where you can freely hop off if you want to appreciate the ancient building longer, at a close distance.

    You can also hop on the Beach Bus, which is traveling hourly to Downtown St Augustine, St Augustine Beach, and Anastasia Island.
  3. Join The St. Augustine Scavenger Hunt

    The popular city hunt provides a special spotlight to four main attractions in the city, including the Memorial Presbyterian Church. Apparently, the church building has a significant impact on the history of the whole city. So, why not roam the place with a bit sense of excitement, eh?

    Your afternoon will not only be filled with learnings. Every bump in your scavenger hunt adventure will bring you memorable waves of laughter with co-travelers, friends, and family. You can even keep digital copies of your photos as memorabilia of this not-so-usual experience in St. Augustine.

What To Bring When Visiting St Augustine, Florida

If it’s your first time visiting St. Augustine, Florida, you’ll need to gather a few travel essentials, which you will also find useful for a successful exploration of the Memorial Presbyterian Church.

  • Multipurpose Travel Bag
    You ought to have a bag where you can stash your valuables, shopped souvenirs, including the money you need to pay for your shopping items. Strap in a shopping bag or a daypack as you walk and wander through the enchanting Memorial Presbyterian Church, and all the other corners of the St. Augustine streets.

    DALIX Cotton Canvas Tote (for Women)
    Highlight Features:

    📍 Made of 100% cotton canvas
    📍 Zippered top closure
    📍 Accessible outer pocket
    📍 Easy to carry drop handles
    📍 Fashionable, two-toned color stripes
    📍 Large size for bigger capacity

    Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, you sure have a lot of room to spare with the DALIX Cotton Canvas Tote. This one is for all the travel valuables you need to bring for your day tours. The cotton material is light on the shoulders, and the double handle allows you to carry the bag with great advantage. Your stuff is also secured with zipper closure to prevent them from falling or getting lost.

    There are eight colors available for you to choose from; Black, Mint Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal/Red, Stars/Stripes.

    Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag (for Men)
    Highlight Features:

    📍 Durable, 100% cotton canvas
    📍 Spacious inside and outside pockets
    📍 Thick, long, padded, and adjustable handle
    📍 Quick velcro lock and unlock mechanism
    📍 Retro style bag suitable for outdoor roamings
    📍 Fits basic travel accessories and valuables

    Men will like how they can smoothly access all the travel gear inside the main compartment of this messenger bag. There are smaller compartments to organize all your items accordingly. Traveling can get extra hassle if you can’t have your things stored properly in one bag, especially when you know you’re going to walk around much during the day.

    And if you want to achieve all the things you want to do in St. Agustine, Florida, you’ll be needing a multi-purpose bag that you can carry around efficiently.
  • Travel Umbrella
    Rain or shine, always bring an umbrella for your travel adventures, specifically when you participate in the Memorial Presbyterian Church activities and other day tours while in Florida. Although the sun always shines in this part of the world, you can never be sure when the clouds will decide to pour down the rain. So, equip your travel bag with an umbrella that can weather the Floridian atmospheric conditions.

    Repel Travel Umbrella
    Highlight Features:

    📍 9 Resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs
    📍 Vented double-canopy for enhanced flexibility
    📍 Automatic, one-handed open-close function
    📍 A lightweight, foldable umbrella that fits small-medium bags
    📍 Water-repellent, instant-dry features or superior design

    Repel Travel umbrella is rigged with wind-defying features even though it’s ultra-light. It’s almost unbelievable how it can actually overcome heavy rain pours. It has an ergonomic rubberized grip that you can conveniently hold through hot and cold temperatures. It has a slip-proof feature paired with a wrist strap that prevents the umbrella from breaking away from your hands. If you want to store it away, you can simply put it back inside the protective sleeve included in the package.

    This product is a practical choice. You’ll be spending an amount that’s right within your budget with the best quality value.

    Are you starting to get thrilled to bring the renowned Best Umbrella in 2019 for your next travel?
  • Travel Water Bottle
    Don’t let dehydration get in the way of your Memorial Presbyterian Church adventure. Always bring a water bottle that’s suitable for travel. And with Florida’s hot weather, you’ll be needing constant refreshment to keep your body cool. Although, you can surely find lots of shaded spots in St. Agustine. Still, it’s better to come prepared.

    Even if you run out of water supply during your day tour, you can just refill your bottle from the water fountains placed around downtown. They intended these refilling stations for tourists and locals who want to enjoy the beautiful place even under the scorching hot sun.

    Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug
    Highlight Features:

    📍 Light stainless steel body
    📍 Easy-clean, dishwasher-safe lid
    📍 Spill and leak-proof auto seal technology
    📍 One-push drinking using the button on the lid
    📍 Manufactured with the Thermalock vacuum insulation feature
    📍 Made with 100% BPA-free materials

    Traveling with a “mug” has never been more convenient and functional. The empty travel mug itself is less than 400 grams, which is super light, especially when considering its multipurpose features and functions.

    You can use the Contigo Autoseal West Loop Travel Mug to store cold and hot beverages for hours. It can contain heat for up to seven hours and keep the cold for up to 18 hours. This portable water bottle has got you covered against long sizzling sweats under the Floridian warmth.

    Choose from three different sizes and among the 20 stylish color designs. Go on and pick your best bet!
  • Sunscreen
    It’s necessary for you to apply sunscreen more than you usually do when you’re out to travel in a tropical place. It’s kind of a given fact. And if you know you’re about to get exposed for long hours, always bring a travel-sized sunscreen in your handy bag so that you can quickly re-apply whenever and wherever.

    You’ll feel more confident to go and explore St. Augustine even with the mighty sun shining so high in the middle of the day. Nothing can simply scare you from making the most out of your vacation, not even the burning heat of the sunlight. That’s why you have to make sure that your skin is protected.

    Banana Boat SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen Travel Pack
    Highlight Features:

    📍 TSA-approves sunscreen travel pack
    📍 Broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays
    📍 high-performance but non-greasy and light on the skin
    📍 Outstanding endurance against extreme heat, sweat, and water
    📍 Inclusive of a complete set: Sunscreen Lotion, quick-apply Stick, & Lip Balm

    This sunscreen travel pack from Banana Boat should be present in your travel gear essentials. It has the ultimate set that includes SPF50 Ultra Sport sunscreen lotion, sunscreen stick, and a sunscreen lip balm.

    The lotion and the stick perform the same benefit, but the stick is for an alternative application method. The application really depends on your preference because both of them have heavy-duty protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

    This sunscreen travel pack is certainly a must-have! Make sure everyone packs a set in their bag.
  • Blanket or Shawl
    You might be asking why in the world would you need a blanket for a day tour in St. Augustine, Fl?

    Well, allow us to inform you ahead that if you don’t bring one during one of your day trips, you’ll be wishing you knew you just had to.

    If you’re planning to join other outdoor events— which some of them are actually free, you’ll be wanting to linger around longer. After completing the Memorial Presbyterian Church activities, you can enjoy the natural ambiance in any of the park, plaza, or seaside events. You’ll even see some people setting up foldable chairs, but sitting down on the ground with a picnic blanket can be fun, too! It cheerfully adds up to the whole experience.

    BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow
    Highlight Features:

    📍 Super soft micro plush material
    📍 Can also be used as a pillow when folded
    📍 Comes with a carrying case with a clip and luggage belt
    📍 Large blanket size: 60 L x 43 W
    📍 Suitable for both men and women

    This soft blanket is perfect for the road. It can either function as a blanket or a pillow. You can use it however you may need it. It’s very easy to carry with a luggage belt and a backpack clip attached to the carrying case itself.

    Truly, this premium travel blanket-pillow from Bluehills is convenient, comfortable, and portable. And, yes, it’s perfect for picnics. You can definitely add this to your trip to St. Augustine, Florida.

    Urban CoCo Women’s Tartan Plaid Fringe Blanket Scarf
    Highlight Features:

    📍 Cozy and vibrant with a vintage touch
    📍 An over-sized scarf that can be used as a shawl
    📍 Has a reversible design of the sewn fabric material
    📍 Can certainly keep you warm during cold seasons

    This one is for the ladies who want to travel with a stylish blanket scarf, which you can also use as a picnic blanket, in case you’re wondering. It is very useful during winter, not to mention a fashionable addition to your get-up. The vintage and classic design is absolutely a keeper.

    But, if you want to pack something versatile, you won’t go wrong by including this on your list for your Florida trip. It has the right material that’s thick enough to be qualified as a perfect companion for your outdoor travel plans.

Visit the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida

There you go!

We hope that you will find pleasure in getting ready for your upcoming trip to Florida. Keep in mind all your travel essentials for you to seize your days in exploring all the wonderful things to do at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine. Expect nothing else but an exhilarating experience ahead.

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