The Best Travel Wallets For Men and Women: Buyer’s Guide 2020

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Travelers pack travel wallets to avoid rummaging through daypacks or tote bags. It’s indeed a useful travel gear knowing that you’re always moving around, and you need quick access to your ID, Passport, and credit/debit cards or bills.

If you want to fully organize your basic travel essentials, a compact organizer, such as a travel wallet, can surely do the trick. There are different kinds of travel wallets designed for everybody, both men and women. And whatever kind of traveler you are, you’ll certainly find the best one that will match your travel needs

Overview of The Best Travel Wallets

🌟 Best Lightweight Material

  1. Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

🌟 Best for Outdoor

  1. Lewis N. Clark Stash Wallet

🌟 Best All-Around Pouch

  1. Zero Grid Passport Wallet

🌟 Best Unisex Pocket Wallet

  1. Travelambo Leather Slim Wallet

🌟 Best Travel Organizer for Family

  1. Defway Family Travel Wallet

🌟 Best-Selling for Both Men & Women

  1. Buffway Minimalist Slim Wallet

🌟 Best Front Loader Pouch for Men

  1. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

🌟 Best Multiple Card Holder for Men

  1. Travando Austin 11 Wallet

🌟 Best Handcrafted Wallet for Men

  1. Serman Brands Pocket Wallet

🌟 Best Sophisticated Accessory for Women

  1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet

🌟 Best Multiple Cardholder for Women

  1. Travelambo Women’s Wallet

🌟 Best All-Rounder Organizer for Women

  1. Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet

How To Pick The Best Travel Wallet

You can either let technology get the best of you, or you can go ahead and take advantage of it first— that is how you ought to pick the best travel wallet for your next trip. But, the modern niche isn’t the only factor to be considered in choosing your travel accessories. Let’s find out about the rest!

  1. Look for the RFID Blocking System feature
    best travel wallets men and women

    Subtract a significant amount of stress during your travel by packing a travel wallet rigged with an RFID blocking system technology. You need to protect the priceless items that can get hacked in your belongings, the ones that have information about your identity, such as a government-issued ID and your credit/debit cards.

    Digital theft is getting prevalent in many countries, and most of the victims are travelers targeted in airports. RFID-equipped wallets prevent your cards from being deciphered by hacking devices. Short and long-range communication devices will not be able to penetrate your card at a certain rate of megahertz. When looking into the RFID feature of the travel wallet, don’t miss out on checking the blocking system’s specifications.
  2. Consider the Storage Capacity

    Imagine the maximum storage capacity you would like your travel wallet to have. You will most likely choose your accessory according to your comfort. You need to expect the possible scenarios that are going to happen on the road and decide on the right gear that will serve as the most functional in your journey.

  3. Take note of the Size and Weight of the Travel Wallet

    They are in different sizes and made of various materials that factor their weight as well. You’ll have plenty of different choices available. If you need a document holder, make sure that the product has enough space. Small and tight wallets have limited capacity to carry extra items. Choose the one that will less likely ruin the purpose of packing a wallet organizer.
  4. Don’t forget to put your Travel Style into account

    You can easily read into a traveler’s style with the way he or she cleans up.

    Generally, travel style is divided into three categories: sleek, casual, or rugged. Surely, you’ve noticed that the design speaks so much about a person’s sense of fashion.

    If you’re into sophisticated get-ups, try the flashy travel wallets. But if you’re more casual or rugged, try the neutral-colored products. Although, if you’re somewhere in between, travel wallets made of leather materials smoothly come in handy. They go well with most types of fashion statements.

Best Travel Wallet: Unisex


Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

venture travel wallet
Made with quality and professional design, Venture 4th came up with an exceptional travel wallet with high-tech safety and security features. The RFID feature is backed with an invisible and seamless construction to double the defensive system of the wallet.

Even though the size of this wallet is more like a pouch, you can bring it anywhere by wearing it around your neck. You can put most of your travel essentials like your passport, identification cards, credit or debit cards, tickets, and even your cash.

The quality standard of this durable pouch provides a comfortable experience by giving you easy access to the important items you need to keep on bringing out, especially while you’re on the road. And if you let it hang in front of you, it’s easier for you to look after. 

Even with a simple-looking design, the performance is impeccable and absolutely worth the buy.

✔️ Strong zips
✔️ Water-resistant
✔️ Durable, lightweight fabric
✔️ Adjustable neck strap
✔️ RFID blocking system
✔️ Clear ID card window
✔️ Breathable, moisture-wicking
✔️ Flexible storage compartments
✔️ Perfect for travel essentials
✔️ Suitable for men and women

❌ This product is not a pocket wallet


Lewis N. Clark Stash Wallet

lewis clark travel wallet

Travel, sports, concerts, or anywhere with a crowd, you can feel at ease with the Lewis N. Clark Stash Wallet. Its defensive features are at the first-class rate, among many other travel wallets available in the market. It has an RFID blocking system with layers of copper and nickel, and it has rip-stops between the zipper and fabric. This one is a gear that can take you wherever you need to go.

The neck strap is adjustable, it can flawlessly carry travel essentials, and you can tuck it inside your shirt for extra safety. Just grab your travel wallet, stash it on your neck, in your pocket, or your pack, and you’re ready for your next adventure. The strap is soft on the skin, so it’s an added luxury, particularly when you’re out for a long duration. The wallet is built with solid compartments, which makes it a reliable accessory and a stable companion for any kind of travel.

✔️ RFID blocking technology
✔️ The slimline design conceals the items
✔️ Lightweight, portable, and durable
✔️ The travel-dry feature wicks away moisture and mildew
✔️ Resists odor and shrinking of fabric
✔️ Has multiple compartments for quick access
✔️ Packed with a neck stash for more convenient travel

❌ The items are outlined and seem apparent when the wallet gets too bulky


Zero Grid Passport Wallet

zero grid passport wallet

Stuff everything in your insured Zero Grid Passport Wallet, and you will have an ultimately stress-free journey— at least when it comes to packing your travel valuables in one multipurpose wallet. This travel wallet organizer can hold up to 10 cards, fits your passport, IDs, tickets, and money while it’s also sealed with RFID technology.

The design is for both men and women. Whether you’re using a daypack or a bucket travel bag, this wallet can stealthily fit into one of your pockets. The neutral colors allow it to camouflage from the public eye, and above all, from pickpockets. It’s undeniably durable, plus it gives you confidence not only from preventing thieves but its lifetime value as well.

And then, of course, we surely can’t miss mentioning two of its best benefits:

⭐️ Exclusive $300 trip insurance
The company will reimburse up to $300 worth of items, in case they get stolen from this travel wallet.

⭐️ Global Recovery Tags
Each Zero Grid Passport Wallet is inclusive of two global Recovery Tags from ReturnMe, the world’s largest lost & found company. A service that is FREE for life.

✔️ Organizes essential travel items in one place
✔️ TSA-friendly, durable, and minimalistic design
✔️ Contains accessible pockets with an easy-open zipper
✔️ Water-resistant fabric with an RFID back-up
✔️ A stress-free, all-in-one wallet

❌ There’s no string or hand strap attached to the wallet


Travelambo Leather Slim Wallet

travelambo travel wallet

This travel wallet has a premium RFID functionality for up to 6 secured card slots. Travelambo is designed not only for quality protection, but it’s also made of 100% genuine leather for long-lasting durability. Even though it’s not like the usual travel wallets with more compartments for passports, etc., rest assured that your credit or debit cards are resistant to online hacks and your cash are also safely tucked in an unnoticeably slim pocket wallet.

You can choose from 43 designs available both for men and women. There are also three kinds of leather in which all the models are carved from, namely: Crosshatch, Napa, and Vegetable Tanned leather. Each of them has their own style and personality.

You might also find it amusing when you learn that this minimalist wallet is handmade. Comparable to machine production, hand-navigated sewing prevents the leather material from getting stretched more than it’s supposed to. It’s meant to arrive in your hands in its best shape.

✔️ Slim and extremely convenient for pocket holds
✔️ Tested and approved RFID blocking technology
✔️ Soft and durable, 100% genuine leather
✔️ Handmade by experienced craftsmen
✔️ There are 43 design options to choose from

❌ Cannot carry passports or items other than IDs or ATM cards


Defway Family Travel Wallet

defway family travel wallet

Let’s get to the point where you can fit your family essentials in one travel wallet such as cash, passports, credit cards, boarding pass, tickets, coins, keys, etc.

The Defway FamilyTravel Wallet has multiple organizing compartments that can hold five credit cards, four passports, one large pocket for cash, a pen slot in the middle, a removable keychain, and a coin pocket. The wallet’s over-the-top premium nylon material can hold all these, and more. It is also equipped with the latest RFID anti-hacking technology for theft safety. And as if that’s all there is! You can rely on this travel wallet even through rain and accident liquid spills. Catchy!

We all know that family travels can be messy or even more challenging when you have small kids. To avoid the hassle of losing relevant documents and valuables, why not put everything in one compact wallet? It’s efficient, functional, and a smart way to travel. Just make sure to pack it with caution, and your travel experience can be as smooth as a breeze.

✔️ Made with rip-stop nylon fabric material
✔️ Waterproof and moisture-resistant
✔️ The outside storage is a unique touch
✔️ Secured RFID blocking technology
✔️ Removable wristlet for dual-carry option
✔️ Flexible and multiple organizing compartments

❌ Non-expandable design, closely similar to hard case wallets


Buffway Minimalist Slim Wallet

buffway wallet

The Buffway Minimalist Slim Wallet is a pro in serving as low-profile cash and cardholder. Using just one sleeve, you can already place three of the most essential items you need while you’re on the road. It’s super thin that even you can’t easily notice it inside your pants or jacket pocket. The downside is that you can’t put anything else in the wallet. It can only accommodate up to 4 credit or debit cards, maybe a couple of IDs, and a little bit of cash.

The RFID blocking feature is undoubtedly the most beneficial value in this product. It’s also not a cheap brand because they’re manufacturing products made from all-genuine leather materials. If you’re always traveling, you won’t be needing to replace your wallet anytime soon. And even if you’re planning to utilize it regularly, it’s conclusively a great deal in the long run. Both men and women can take the best picks among their various slim wallet designs. Trust Buffway to deliver more than what you expected.

✔️ Crafted from all-genuine leather material
✔️ Discreetly slim and pocket-fitted for
✔️ Effective RFID blocking technology
✔️ Modern and stylish suitable for men and women
✔️ Choose from 21 different colors and designs

❌ Your passport certainly can’t fit in this travel wallet


Best Travel Wallet: For Men


Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

shacke hidden wallet

Long-distance travel is fun, but it can also test your patience to the limit. The good news is that you can find ways to pack with style and efficiency. Shacke’s hidden travel belt wallet has an impressive design that’s perfect for keeping you out of trouble during your trip.

The materials are constructed for the utmost durability and functionality for travel. It’s probably most useful for sporty travelers. But casual travelers will find this portable wallet handy just as well. It has an RFID blocking feature outlined in the fabric itself. You can simply attach it to your belt and let it hang to your side where it’s most accessible and much less recognizable.

Although, you might notice a particular discomfort while you’re in a sitting position and your passport and several cards or IDs are inside the wallet. The hard bulge might seem disturbing. If you’re not used to carrying your travel wallet this way, you might end up putting it in your pocket or wearing it around your neck instead.

✔️ Three separate zipper pockets
✔️ Light material, softback portion, durable
✔️ Has an RFID anti-theft layer
✔️ A discreet gear for travel
✔️ Has an attachable belt strap

❌ Walking or sitting with the wallet hanging on your waist can get quite uncomfortable


Travando Austin 11 Wallet

travando slim wallet

This model from Travando is called Austin 11 because it has eleven fully-functional wallet compartments. Most men like to travel light; thus, they really want small and compact wallets. And if you are looking for something that can hold everything you need for long trips or daily use, the Travando Austin 11 is an outstanding pick.

If you’re accustomed to putting your wallet in the back pocket, that might not be the best placement especially when you’re out traveling because pickpockets can easily detect back wallets. That’s why you need a travel wallet that can fit and won’t look noticeable in your front pocket. This product is conveniently thin enough, with quality that is never compromised. Even though it’s tiny and lightweight, this wallet is durable and laboratory-tested for extreme RFID protection.

✔️ Slim but functional pockets with a bifold closure
✔️ Multiple compartments for various wallet items
✔️ Has an integrated metal money clip
✔️ Industry-tested RFID data blocking system
✔️ Certified protection according to Germany’s quality standards
✔️ Five classy and masculine wallet designs

❌ The money clip is not removable
❌ Unable to hold passports, tickets, etc.
❌ The bulging logo might get tangled when the wallet is inserted in the pocket


Serman Brands Pocket Wallet

serman minimalist travel wallet

Secure your cards and IDs from hackers. Travelers are more prone to identity theft, which makes an RFID-equipped pocket wallet as the most suitable option. Serman Brands is a trusted brand for leather wallets (e.g., thin, minimalistic, bifold, travel wallets).

This brand uses genuine vintage leather for ultimate scratch-free wallet material. Trust that your pocket travel wallet can last for numerous trips to come. You can have quick access to your IDs, cards, and bills whenever you need them and secure the wallet in your front pocket for safety. The RFID blocking system is also fit-out in this wallet.

Men who particularly like the suave and stylish design of classic pocket wallet will undoubtedly want to have one of these. Choose from the available colors in Charcoal Black, Texas Brown, Canyon Red, California Desert, and Slate Gray. Dash ahead and pick yours up!

✔️ Advanced RFID security technology
✔️ Perfect for travels and everyday use
✔️ Assorted classic and modern bifold wallet designs
✔️ Has a pull-strap mechanism for easier access to cards or IDs
✔️ Stylish gentleman look that goes with formal and casual attires

❌ Exclusive for cards, IDs, and bills


Best Travel Wallet: For Women


Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet

michael kors womens leather travel wallet

Women love a fancy brand name, but aside from that, quality is one of the utmost priorities. Michael Kors is not only popular because of its trendy styles on women’s fashion and apparel, as they are also known for their manufacturing standards. So if you’re about to go on a trip, you mustn’t go without just the right amount of sophistication. You can start with Michael Kors Jet Set travel wallet.

The wallet has one main U-shaped zipper. When you open it, you can freely access all the pockets inside. Each of them has its own purpose, and you can easily tell them apart from their sizes. There are several compartments for your credit or debit cards, IDs, bills, built-in coin purse, and multipurpose pockets for tickets, receipts, etc. You can even put one smartphone or a slim and compact digital camera. Add on your passport if you like.

All in all, the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet is super trendy, plus it’s an all-out functional product, too!

✔️ Made from durable leather material
✔️ It has 16 card slots and several more gusseted compartments
✔️ Inclusive of a wristlet so you can carry the wallet everywhere
✔️ Choose from 31 trendy colors and designs

❌ Not rigged with an RFID blocking system
❌ The external material of the wallet is hard
❌ The card slots are kind of tight at first


Travelambo Womens Wallet

travelambo womens travel wallet

Got a lot of cards to bring for your vacation? Travelambo is probably your best choice considering that it has 18 card slots. And besides that, it has two zippered pockets where you can put other travel items essential for your survival. A 6-inch smartphone can even fit along with a passport, a few tickets, and cash. There’s a snap-on buckle for dual locking to prevent the fold from underhandedly unfolding.

For its price, it does make a combination of an elegant and practical travel wallet. The design is unquestionably unique as it can hold a whole lot of stuff, and it still looks slim! The only negative aspect of this product is the absence of the hand strap. Even though that’s the case, there’s a slot on the side where you can attach an extra strap so that you can use it as a wristlet for your comfort and security. Surprisingly enough, there’s an RFID blocking system to complete the package.

✔️ 100% Hand-made by expert artisans in wallet-making
✔️ A bifold closure for the cards and two zippered pocket compartments
✔️ Equipped with an RFID blocking system
✔️ Versatile wallet with an elegant design
✔️ Efficient sizing with top-rated product detailing
✔️ You can select from 42 fabulous color options

❌ The wallet is strapless


Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet

zoppen multipurpose travel wallet

It only looks slim and small as if it can’t hold much, but prepare to be amazed. There’s enough room for almost everything!

It sure is pretty; that’s why it seems like the usual girly wallet. However, once you start placing stuff inside, it’s unbelievable how your travel basics can squeeze in properly, such as your cards, IDs, passport, tickets, money, banknotes, a pen, and it can even hold maybe a couple of keys. When you’re done filling it, it won’t look filled-up at all. So if you want to get super organized in packing these essentials and still look fabulous, the Zoppen travel wallet can help you get a boost.

As for the security level, the RFID technology rigged in this product is also impressive. You shouldn’t care less about identity theft because they do happen. But even if you’re a woman, whether you’re traveling alone or not, you won’t be easy prey for the thieving sharks lurking around.

✔️ Armed with an RFID blocking shield
✔️ Roomy compartments and fashionably organized
✔️ Manufactured from premium eco-friendly PU leather
✔️ Multifunctional design with a classic trifold closure
✔️ There are 36 colors to choose from

❌ It’s a strapless wallet


Our Top Picks

There can’t only be one top pick for this selection. They’re all great, and that’s a fact. To straighten out this situation, we are selecting one from each category, so that wherever you may actually belong, we can help you decide even more quickly.

For Men: The Travando Austin 11 Wallet

We’ll say it again; men don’t like all the hassle of large travel organizers. To bargain with this dilemma, the Austin 11 is designed to accommodate multiple cards and just enough cash in one wallet. If you’re agreeable with this, then Travando is the one up for the job.

For Women: The Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet

Women, on the other hand, are fond of organizing stuff, especially with an all-rounder travel wallet. We’re betting that you’ll get excited when you see the various compartments designed in a stylish arrangement, and the Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet is among the grab-and-go kind. Switching bags won’t be such a drag anymore.

Both Men and Women: The Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet has the perfect size and weight for both men and women travelers. It’s famous for its lightweight material, which allows you to place all the valuable things you need to carry with you in every step of your journey.

There you have it! You’ve heard all we have to say about the best travel wallets included in this selection. We’d like to know your thoughts about these products, too. If you want to share your comments and recommendations, don’t hesitate to fill out the comment box below.

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