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Top 6 of The Best Comfortable & Stylish Travel Sandals For Women

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Deciding over which is the best walking sandals for travel sounds like an all-too-familiar dilemma. Packing tends to get harder than it should be when you know you don’t have the ideal pair of sandals to match with your clothes yet. Of course, style matters to most women. But is that the single thing to worry about in this situation?

To answer that question, check out the most common feature that’s highlighted on each review on the top 6 best travel sandals for women.


Crocs Women’s Sexi Flip-Flop

crocs womens flip flops

The iconic design of this flip flop from Crocs has some good lovin’ for your feet! They can certainly make your feet look sexier during your travel than when you’re wearing shoes. Well, the goal is to get comfortable for long walks, but won’t it be so much better if you can look and feel lady-like with travel sandals?

There are three available neutral colors, which is so cool because you can pair them with any color of clothes and bags, and that’s somehow important when you’ve already planned to complete your get-up. It’s designed to let you easily squeeze your foot in, and then it’s locked with straps wrapped around your ankle. They’re very comfortable to wear even for long hours of walk on the streets, at the mall, or on the beach. 


What to Love

❤️ Lightweight and extra flexible

❤️ Massage-like feeling in every step

❤️ Wraps up your foot to prevent slip-ups


What’s Not to Love

💔 The open front design won’t be pleasant for sweaty feet


Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

clarks womens flip flops

You can walk carefree with a pair of Clarks Breeze Sea flip-flops. It brings all the summer feels once you slip your feet through the fabric straps. It’s as if you can’t wait for your next travel destination because it’s definitely going to be at the beach and who doesn’t love a warm vacation? Although, it just as comfortable to wear wherever you wish, as long as it’s not for a hiking trip up the mountain top.

If you’re off to a tropical country or any place where it’s not snowing, you won’t be sorry for grabbing a pair of Clark’s travel sandals. They’re made with the highest quality standards, and they’re not planning to change that trademark that’s closely tied to their name. So, once again, they made a product line of travel sandals that has outstanding efficiency with 13 designs to choose from.


What to Love

❤️ Cushion soft comfort technology

❤️ Prevents back pain from long walks

❤️ Printed footbed with fun and unique outlines

❤️ Extended heels with a leveled height from front to back


What’s Not to Love

💔 The straps are not stretchable


Sandalup Women’s Elastic Flat Sandals


Flats are some girls’ thing because not everyone finds it convenient to walk with high heeled sandals, especially when traveling. Heels eventually become a pain, and that’s doesn’t sound so inviting when you’re about to go on an exciting vacation.

Sandalup’s flat sandals have elastic straps that embrace all sides of your foot, which gives the same comfort as wearing shoes, except they’re a lot more breathable and they look totally cute!

There are 13 strap color options, and they’re mostly in neutral shades so that you can pair them with all your tops and bottoms, and dresses too. There’s no pressure in choosing clothes anyway since they can go with any casual or rugged outfits.


What to Love

❤️ Perfect for daytime city tours and night outs

❤️ The ankle straps are elastic and sweat absorbent

❤️ There are no metal buckles that might cause blisters

❤️ The front band prevents your foot from slipping


What’s Not to Love

💔 The ankle straps get loose in time


Plaka Flat Sandals for Women Palm Leaf

plaka flat sandals

These handmade flat sandals from Plaka can compliment all kinds of casual look you plan to pull off. They have the right amount of casual boho vibe so you can go ahead and nail that summer style on your entire vacation.

Pick from 25 vibrant colors, each of them crafted to perfection. Without sacrificing your travel comfort, the nylon straps are woven just enough to fit and secure your foot without causing blisters. You can wear them throughout your escapades in and out of town. 


What to Love

❤️ They can blend in any occasion

❤️ Rubber soles and stretch-to-fit straps 

❤️ Stylish and playful color designs


What’s Not to Love

💔 The footbed can get slippery on super hot days


Keen Women’s Rose Sandal

keens womens sandals

If you want to stay prepared for all sorts of travel surprises, you need a pair of multipurpose travel sandals. Keen is said to believe the “HybridLife,” and they want to accommodate all types of weather while you’re exploring the great outdoors.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the beach, the city streets, or the mountains, because Keen’s Rose Sandal doesn’t back away from sand, concrete, rocks, and certainly not from water. The strap linings are water-resistant with a quick-dry effect while the footbed is particularly shaped for active lifestyle comfort.

There are 21 color combinations that look great with denim or khaki pants and skirts.


What to Love

❤️ Flexible rubber soles

❤️ Women-specific foot form

❤️ Easy hook and loop closure

❤️ Has a bump toe front-support feature 


What’s Not to Love

💔 They’re don’t appear to be fashionable


Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal

birkenstock womens fashion sandals

EVA stands for “ethylene-vinyl acetate,” which is the material used for Birkenstock Arizona to make it extra lightweight compared to other travel sandals. It’s designed and manufactured uniquely, that in every step, your heels are cupped in place, and the toes are slightly raised to encourage natural gripping motions for long-term walks. You can use it under the sun or pouring rain, through the streets or along the beach. It’s ultimately functional and fashionable at the same time.


What to Love

❤️ Ultra-lightweight and flexible

❤️ Skin-friendly and odor resistant

❤️ Contoured and arched footbed

❤️ The name comes with proved quality and durability


What’s Not to Love

💔 This brand is downright expensive


How do you choose the best travel sandals for you?

choosing travel sandals

Comfort is what you should prioritize above anything else. That’s the final takeaway for you. After going through this roundup of best-recommended travel sandals, don’t forget your goal in choosing the final pair that will make your travel experience much more fun than filled with complaints from having either a swollen or blistered foot.

As for a personal point of view, comfort should also come with function and a little touch of fashion. After all, achieving the best look that makes you feel good about yourself is also of great importance in the travel plan.

Got a few recommendations in choosing the best travel sandals for different kinds of vacation? Drop them down in the comment box below!

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