Best Travel Cameras: 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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Who goes on a trip without a camera? It will be such a sad, sad story if you fail to document the highlights of your travel.

Buying one now would be an excellent idea. What you have to figure out first is how you can choose the right one. There are no strict requirements for choosing your travel camera. It is, however, going to be a problem if you pick the wrong one for the nature of your journey. You will stumble upon several choices of travel cameras, but only the best-featured products can absolutely suit your needs.

Here’s a roundup we prepared so you can start your search from the most leading camera brands.


Best All-Around Travel Camera

An all-around travel camera is a supreme choice for people who do not want to handle complicated camera settings while they’re traveling. If you’re not a professional travel photographer, you’re going to look for something simple, but efficient. You’ll have to choose something within your range of skills in taking images and video shots. In short, the camera should be able to do the hard work for you. If you find the perfect all-around travel camera, there will be no sweat on your hands.

Check out these all-rounder travel cameras from Panasonic and Sony— these are two of the most prominent brands in the camera industry. They’ve been around quite a while, and their sharp standards have been proven and tested with time.


Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80K

lumix travel camera

Lovin’ the view? Just point and shoot!

The Lumix DC-FZ80K has an image and video quality that travelers will definitely jump for, especially when you’re a nature and scenic view lover. The camera lens features will allow you to take the best shots, regardless of the light conditions. It has a legendary O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) performance that reinforces the point-and-shoot travel camera feature. And because of the 4K video technology, you can print out standard full HD pictures that you can keep for your photo albums or showcase in your room gallery.

What’s even more appealing is that Panasonic designed the camera with a comfortable, ergonomic grip for steadier handling. Professionals photographers and enthusiasts will really appreciate this all-rounder camera. And if you’re off to an adventure, consider this as a qualified travel companion.

📸 Amazing low-light performance
📸 Records video footage in 4K quality
📸 HDR image quality even for backlit subjects
📸 Loaded with automatic functions for best image results
📸 Portability features: USB Charging and WiFi Connectivity
📸 Highlights the high-resolution viewfinder and zoom features

⛔️ Has a bulky and heavy design
⛔️ Not resistant to water and sand
⛔️ Unable to view the battery status automatically


Sony Alpha a6000

sony alpha 6000

Are you a fan of landscape photography? Take the Sony Alpha a6000 on the run, and you’ll be bringing home the best shots from a more compact camera. For half the size and weight, the image quality is so much comparable to DSLR shots. It also has easier controls to access the built-in functions.

You can also record cinematic videos or fast live-action subjects. Serious videographers will applaud the blu-ray quality, and the files can simply be transferred through HDMI connection to get the best uncompressed clean-screen videos. Alternatively, you can also upload photos and video files directly to the web through Wi-Fi or NFC.

📸 Compact mirrorless camera
📸 High-resolution image quality
📸 Records full HD videos, even moving objects
📸 Fastest auto-focus sensor for continuous shooting
📸 Dazzling low-light imaging with 20% better light sensitivity
📸 Extra high-speed image processing with real-life quality
📸 Instant connectivity via Wi-Fi and NFC (near field communication)

⛔️ Shorter battery life
⛔️ The grip is somehow difficult to manage


Best DSLR Travel Camera

Travelers who opt for DSLR cameras love the traditional image quality. And of course, there’s a remarkable feeling in using a professional camera, even though not everyone who uses a DSLR is a skilled photographer. What’s fascinating about DSLRs is that they have a standard mode setting for non-pros and beginners.

A DSLR has a lot of mechanics, which some may find complex. If you’re an expert in utilizing DSLR camera settings, you’ll be able to take advantage of each of them. And while you’re on vacation, it’s not only going to be an impressionable fashion statement, but it’s also a handy camera that can snap wonderful images out of the breathtaking views and scenery in the places you visit.


Nikon D3500

nikon d3500

With a DSLR, you can effortlessly point at any view and take the shot. If it’s your first time using this gadget, you can just put it in auto mode (like your smartphone), and you can still catch amazing images. Meanwhile, you can also learn to manipulate other settings with the on-screen instructions.

This product is best recommended for travelers, day-trippers, and night-outers. It is perfectly capable of enduring rough conditions and can swiftly take photo after photo. If you compare it with other digital cameras, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Numerous colors are caught in any light condition, with unbelievable focus even when shooting fast-moving objects.

And, with the dual-lens, you can widen your possibilities. Wherever you may go, you won’t miss capturing any special moment or remarkable scene. You won’t know which of them can truly complete your whole travel experience until you look back at every shot you’ve taken.

📸 Full HD videos and pictures
📸 Up to 15x larger image sensors for clearer image results
📸 The compact size is particularly designed for travelers
📸 Compatible with the Snapbridge App for file sharing
📸 Auto mode setting for newbies or non-professional photographers
📸 Inclusive of two lenses to capture all kinds of angles

⛔️ It’s quite a handful to fit in your packed items
⛔️ Some color profiles cannot be uploaded
⛔️ Non-inclusive of a microphone port, additional plugins required


Canon EOS Rebel T6

canon eos rebel t6

It’s a bundle of joy!

Aside from the standard EF-S lens, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 has two other types of Auxiliary lenses: the Wide-Angle lens captures a wider field of view. In contrast, the Telephoto lens performs best for long-distance picture taking. It sounds like these kinds of photo situations are common for travelers.

For video shoots, you can ensure that the video image quality is at the most excellent rate. However, the audio might not be one of its finest features. The built-in microphone could’ve been better. And, you also can’t plug in other external microphones, so that doesn’t sound so good. Anyhow, it still has a noise-reduction feature that can record even with minimal overlapping sounds in the surroundings

How can you make the best out of your vacation if you can’t keep visual memories from the places you have visited? With this DSLR, you won’t come home empty-handed, or worse, bad-handed by low-quality photos and videos. You simply should never settle for anything less.

📸 Sharp snapshot imaging details
📸 Capable of capturing multiple single shots
📸 The video recording function has a noise reduction setting
📸 Standard zoom with 18-55mm focal length rate
📸 All-in-one DSLR photography set bundle
📸 Inclusive of three lenses: Standard, Wideangle, and Telephoto

⛔️ The built-in microphone has a low audio recording quality
⛔️ Some of the kit inclusions are unnecessary (kindly see product info)


Best Polaroid Travel Camera

Polaroids may not produce the most desirable image results, but they surely have their own unique and charming way of making your travels more memorable. With their size, they can easily fit into your travel bags, bring them in your tours, and pull them out whenever you want to. In just a quick push of a button, you can turn a flash of a moment into a lifetime memory.

The best part of taking pictures with a polaroid camera is that each one can keep souvenirs of the same event. Both the memory and the keepsake are one-of-a-kind and without equal. It’s surprising how these small trinkets can become a significant part of your travel experience. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

fujifilm instax mini

First and foremost, like any polaroid cameras, this one does not do well with extreme lighting (either too bright or too dark) even with a flash. But, it is absolutely a great travel companion to print instant photos, especially if you’re traveling with people you don’t see very often. When you find the perfect moment, you can quickly take memorable pictures with them, and keep individual copies. And since polaroids require films, rest assured that the auto-printed images will last longer than photoshop-printed pictures taken from digital cameras.

The iconic colors are undoubtedly hard to resist, and which is the main reason why most teenagers can’t help but want one for themselves. But even if you’re an adult, they’re quite amusing as you get to enjoy using them in taking vintage-looking photos too. And if you’re a traveler, you can just put it in a protective case with a sling to carry around without any hassle.

📸 There’s a selfie-mirror beside the lens (NEW feature!)
📸 Has an automated light exposure management function
📸 Shuts off automatically after 5 minutes without use
📸 The high key mode captures a soft look on portrait pictures
📸 Inclusive of a close-up lens attachment
📸 Replaceable batteries

⛔️ Does not work well in low light conditions
⛔️ Expensive film refills


Polaroid Snap

polaroid snap instant digital camera

The Polaroid Snap is undeniably adorable! They’re sleek and pocket-sized, so you can just insert them in small pouches. Or better yet, yes, it does fit redundantly in your pocket, so you can swiftly grab it to snatch away a moment that you don’t want to slip away.

This polaroid camera does not do very well in bad lighting. You will need to have a balanced lighting effect to take only the most beautiful shots. It has filters and color settings such as natural colors, black and white, and vintage preset. If you’re planning to bring it on the road, make sure to buy a protective case to avoid lifting the eyehole or breaking the buttons, because they’re a little sensitive to touch.

And for you to be able to print more photos, you need to refill the photo paper, which is not that expensive. However, the durability and quality of the photo prints are still questionable when compared to film polaroids.

📸 Vintage classic camera design with modern image results
📸 A polaroid camera that can save soft copies for uploading
📸 Has a ZINK printing technology: zero ink and zero toner
📸 The instant photos are high-quality and smudge-proof
📸 Rechargeable and no external batteries needed
📸 Can read up to 32GB microSD card

⛔️ Non-inclusive of a microSD card
⛔️ Requires a protective case to avoid breakage
⛔️ The effect of the vintage preset is a little challenging to achieve


Best Compact Travel Camera

Don’t you love a compact gadget? And since you also can’t go without a camera, you’ll need one that’s a small travel gear in your pocket. Sure, you can just use your smartphone to take pictures or videos, but some cameras produce better imaging results than smartphone camera features. Besides, a compact travel camera is super convenient, especially when you need to save your phone battery for communication purposes. Instead of draining your smartphone, why not use your camera to do what it’s designed to do? They’re slim, light, and easy to pack anyway.


Canon PowerShot ELPH

canon power shot

The Canon PowerShot ELPH is a good choice for a travel camera. You can use it to turn your travel memories to cherished treasures by capturing them and putting them to your photo album.

Enjoy the freedom to take wonderful pictures of the people you meet and the places you discover. Carry a compact travel camera, such as this one, which has all the settings and features you need to collect souvenirs. You can shoot still subjects into a beautiful portrait or landscape pictures and record videos of once-in-a-lifetime get-togethers.

When shooting photos, the auto-zoom feature can automatically focus on your subject and reduce the shaking and blurry effect of the image. And you won’t have to find the exact shooting modes because the smart technology has all of the features automated. Go on and snatch it!

📸 Slim design for ultimate portability
📸 Outstanding, flashy red or silver color
📸 Up to 8x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer
📸 High-definition images and video recordings
📸 DIGIC 4+ Image Processor features for a natural shooting
📸 Regulated blurriness on moving subjects
📸 Multiple scene modes: monochrome, fisheye, and toy camera
📸 Smart auto settings on predefined shooting conditions

⛔️ Memory card not included in the package
⛔️ The battery has to be removed while charging


Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

canon powershow g9

Precious times shouldn’t pass by without being able to keep even just a small bit of it. And, of course, there’s no other way to do it but to be stylish and classy. Take Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II, for example, and it’s only one of the best compact travel cameras you can find in the market. And it has a touch of elegance, too.

Fast operation and high image quality are the greatest features that capture sharp images in all sorts of lighting situations. It can even detect subjects in action. There are eight presets available to help you refine your captured images. For taking videos, a time-lapse movie function allows you to explore a creative role in stretching long videos to shorter ones while providing a lifelike quality with high-resolution impacts. How about that for an old-school looking camera, huh?

📸 Vintage and classy design
📸 Comfortable hand grip
📸 There’s a capacitive touchscreen panel
📸 Pocket-sized, ultra-slim, and lightweight
📸 Has the DIGIC 7 Image Processor
📸 Built-in Bluetooth connectivity feature
📸 Compatible with selected mobile devices

⛔️ Short battery life, mainly when used for shooting videos in long periods


Best Action Travel Camera

Are you an adventure junkie? You can’t bring a flashy camera, then. A rugged vacation requires a tough travel camera.

Sports enthusiasts would go across oceans just to cross an item on their bucket list. If you’re one of them, you should know that an action camera is necessary to gear-up for your around-the-world travel plans. How else can you film footage on your mountain trail hikes, diving underwater, surfing through the largest waves, or exploring a wondrous cave?

Action cameras are light, extremely small, and they can be attached to your body gears such as on your shoulder strap or your helmet. That way, you don’t have to hold onto them while filming. You can also control them remotely through Bluetooth connection. Manual settings are a thing in the past!


Neewer G1

neewer camera package

Going underwater? Grab a Neewer G1, one of the best action travel cameras you can find.

Some other popular brands got expensive names written on them. But then, you can certainly get a better deal with an affordable product with the same exceptional features. Gladly, you can make a run for your money with Neewer G1. It’s an action camera manufactured with durability so that you can freely explore all your possibilities.

For this bundle, it’s so cool how you can have all the accessories you need to make use of all the settings rigged into this incredible travel camera. It’s indeed a top set because you won’t have to order other parts separately.

Act away and start capturing all your unforgettable moments!

📸 50-piece camcorder accessory kit
📸 Waterproof and high-tech sensors
📸 Ultra action camera with wide-angle lens
📸 Lightweight and portable with remote wrist pad access
📸 Multiple modes: single, timer, time-lapse, and continuous shooting
📸 Downloadable Ez iCam App is compatible with iOS and Android mobile gadgets

⛔️ Some of the items in the bundle are not usable
⛔️ The slightly-protruded lens is receptive to scratches


Campark ACT74

campark waterproof camera

The Campark ACT74 is a superior choice for a travel action camera. You can use this gadget for as many outdoor activities as you can. If you find pleasure in looking back at precious travel memories through pictures and video recordings, you better start wandering off with this gadget.

Knowing that you wouldn’t want anything to go the wrong way, both image and video quality of this camera is highly unbeatable. The angle of the pictures and videos are in curvature effect, and it’s most prominent when there’s farther distance. However, you could just move the camera closer to the subject to adjust the center and provide more focus. More accessories are available for your exploration, so you can just fire away.

Once you get the box, it’s initially set up and ready to use. Go on, and don’t put your adventures to waste. Just strap it on and start snapping!

📸 Multiple accessories in one kit
📸 Outdoor and underwater-friendly
📸 High image and video resolution
📸 Has an adjustable wide-angle fish-eye lens
📸 Supports iOS and Android Wi-Fi connection
📸 Removable and rechargeable batteries

⛔️ You need MicroSD for storage; one which is not included in the package
⛔️ Don’t expect still and even-cornered images with the automatic fish-eye setting


How To Pick The Best Travel Camera

top travel camera brands

Among the five varieties in this review, you can easily choose the best camera according to how you’re planning to use it during your travel. Because even if your camera costs ten times more than the regular cameras, it won’t serve its purpose if it’s not ideal for your travel plans.

Bloggers usually bring handy travel cameras with the appropriate features and settings for their subjects. On the other hand, professional photographers are pickier with their camera features. If you’re a casual traveler, all-rounder or pocket cameras are more suitable. However, you may need it, and regardless of your budget, you must seriously consider the quality of the camera above all else.

Do you already have your top pick? Tell us all about it! Drop a thought in the comment section below.

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