How To Pick The Best Travel Backpack: 2020 Buyer’s Guide

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Travel plans got you excited? We’re betting that you’re having quite a stressful time packing.

Well, you only need one thing to have you all set for the road, and that is choosing the best travel backpack.

As you go after your journey in breaking out of your comfort zone, you will desire for every little aspect that can make the experience as pleasing as possible, even if it means having to check out several more backpacks designed specifically for travelers. Experienced or not, you should be able to identify the most excellent product with nothing but incredible features.

Our job here is to help take the burden out of your hands. We picked the ten best travel backpacks we can find from hundreds of brands around the world. We even listed down the essential features that any pack hacker should watch out for and a brief discussion as to why a carry-on backpack is a desirable choice.

Time to get to it!


Why Choose Carry-On Travel Backpack Over Roller Luggage

man travelling backpack

Try standing beside a luggage carousel for too long, and you’ll realize how convenient it is to bring a carry-on. It’s a waste of time to keep on waiting for your luggage, especially when you’re moving from one airport to another.

How you choose your travel bag will depend on your preference for traveling. Both options have their own benefits and disadvantages. While a roller suitcase does not require you to carry any weight, a carry-on backpack is less restricting. The rate of mobility in carrying a travel backpack is much better than dragging around a suitcase.

One thing that stands out most in using a roller suitcase is when you always have to watch over the ground you’re stepping on. Whereas if you’re using a travel backpack, you can quickly move from point to point. And aside from being able to pass through airport security smoothly, backpacks are usually more flexible in public transits as well. You may need to bear a significant load on your back, but you won’t have to face any of those awkward shuffling moments with suitcases anyway.

Above all, travel backpacks are more suitable for adventurous trips. When you’re off to a small island in a tropical country or a rural area for a mountain climbing/hiking trip, there’s an immense significance when you’re able to carry your bag throughout your travel period easily. Chances are, shuttles and porters won’t always be around to offer assistance. Thus, you really should consider your travel context in choosing your travel bag.


Take Note of Essential Travel Backpack Features

  • Material
    A travel backpack’s material will determine not only its durability for long-term rough handling, but it will also be tested in harsh conditions such as different types of weather (exposure to extreme heat or rain). High-quality material will furthermore provide security from thieves, which is one of the absolute concerns of all travelers.
  • Size and Weight
    The sizing must come into consideration as you try to itemize all the things you need to place into your travel backpack. Knowing the capacity of the travel backpack will allow you to measure the load you can carry. Also, you have to know if the size of the bag fits your height.
  • Compartments
    When you’re travelling, organizing your stuff can get tricky, as some of them are fragile. Your electronics such as your laptop, notebook, tablet, camera, etc. are some of the breakable items, not to mention that they cost a bit much. Which means your gadgets are quite expensive to replace. To avoid breaking your valuables, they should have proper compartments in your backpack that makes them tightly secured and safe from intense swaying and dropping.
  • Gear Pockets
    You certainly have a lot of travel accessories, and you need individual pockets for each of them. In all kinds of travel, whether business or pleasure, nothing beats the comfort of organized gear and accessories like your passport, tickets, boarding pass, note pads, ball pens, earphones, power bank, wallet, and many more. Ease of access to your personal belongings is “king” when you’re out from your comfort zone. Your travel backpack will somehow become your security blanket because it’s where you place your travel essentials. And that is basically why you need to put them in order.

The 10 Best Travel Backpacks To Choose From


Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack

matein travel laptop backpack

Three uses in one: Laptop, Travel, or School Backpack.

Matein’s Classic travel backpack has three main compartments: a large middle compartment, a laptop compartment, and a front organizer compartment. It has other features such as the external USB charging port, luggage strap or suitcase sleeve, anti-theft zipper back padded pocket, two mesh pockets on the sides, hanging clasps, and lots of other internal pockets for storage spaces. It’s also available in six different colors.

The material of this product is made of water-resistant polyester fabric, which is tested for long-term durability. The fabric is thick and reinforced with a multi-panel airflow system for maximum back support. The added comfort is because of the breathable and adjustable shoulder straps with a padded top handle.

If you’re traveling with a suitcase, you can easily strap-on the backpack so you won’t have to carry it around all the time. The compact size allows you to conveniently put the bag on your lap or under a seat. There are ensured theft-security functions for ease of travel wherever you may go.

📌 Multiple compartments and organizer pockets
📌 Inclusive of anti-theft security features
📌 Manufactured with strengthened materials
📌 Gadget-friendly ports and storage

🚫 Not designed for a single carry-on travel bag


Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack

tzowla anti theft travel laptop

Travel with leisure as you use Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack in your next escapade. This product is fashioned in high-quality polyester fabric material to catch up with your active lifestyle.

The package comes with a password combination lock, and the sturdy metal zippers are excellent back-up for your travel backpack security. But aside from that, it also has versatile features like the built-in USB and headset ports, luggage strap, thick shoulder straps, built-in key rings, and multiple divider pockets. You can fit in your electronics, journals, documents, water bottle, a couple of clothes, and other necessities you will continuously use while you’re traveling.

While your stuff is organized inside your backpack, there should be no worries about pickpockets who intend to steal anything. They know that you’re carrying your valuables in your travel backpack, but they’ll only have failed attempts if your bag is equipped with a lock system like Tzowla’s.

📌 Outfitted with a multi-panel airflow system to help you carry heavy loads
📌 Safe for mild exposure to water or any forms of liquid
📌 Discreet theft-proof designs that are perfect for backpacking trips📌 Made with superbly high-quality manufacturing standards at a very affordable price

🚫 The USB port is a little delicate


Kroser Laptop Travel Backpack

krosser laptop bag

Sure, you can’t resist an environment-friendly travel backpack made from poly fabric materials, which has a water-repellent feature that favorably contributes to its durability. Inside, there are a lot of compartments in different sizes. It’s quite roomy, so it’s really suitable for travel goodies like your gadgets, books, umbrella, wallet, passports, a few clothes, etc.

This travel back has more special designs like the built-in USB port for convenient charging. It has well-padded foam at the back and the shoulder straps. Of course, it’s backed with handles that are stitched with a precision that’s built to last. Even if you carry it for a long time, you can walk around with ease. More features include the glasses hook, luggage belt, zipped stretchable side pockets, and more pockets on the front side.

How does it look to you?

📌 Has a touch of classic design
📌 Large capacity and roomy compartments
📌 Best for practical daily use and travel plans
📌 Water-repellent and durable fabric
📌 Can carry up to 17 inches laptop sizes

🚫 Available only in two colors


SwissGear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

swissgear scansmart bag

This travel backpack has a lay-flat TSA-approved tech compartment for laptop protection from rough handling in airports and even while you’re on the road. Their signature ScanSmart technology is one of their most unique and notable features, which you can’t find on any other products. The durable, water-resistant 200D ballistic polyester is also an outstanding quality that’s meant to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. SwissGear strikes again!

Alongside its superior quality, you can organize your stuff in spacious sections inside the backpack. You can separate your stuff accordingly, and place them where you can have quick access when you’re in a hurry. You can put all your travel essentials and gears in your backpack and go. A front carabiner is even attached to the front portion of the bag to attach external pouches like first aid kits.

If you’re a road warrior, you will undoubtedly appreciate the highly functional pack with an innovative design, ultimate organization compartments, and superior comfort.

Off backpacking? Take this decent backpack, and you’ll have everything you need for a daypack.

📌 Plenty of room for personal valuables
📌 Multiple zip pockets in different sizes for all your supplies
📌 Easy access side zipper pockets
📌 Padded shoulder straps with suspension for shocks and stretches
📌 Built-in sunglasses loop on the shoulder strap c
📌 Airflow panel cushions at the back portion

🚫 You’ll need to go easy on the stitching near the zippers— make sure not to overpack


Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

osprey travel backpack

Get fully packed with the Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack! The actual size of this backpack is large enough to fit in everything you’ll need for a straight two-week trip. It has all the compartments available for your necessities.

There’s a large panel zip access to the biggest and main compartment. It even has a stowaway back panel with a zippered rear flap for protection, where the harness and a supplementary hip belt are also kept in place. The other pockets are placed in smart order. There are assigned lockable pockets specifically for your laptop, tablet, wires, and other valuables. On the front, a zippered panel slash pocket will allow you to install additional gears or mini pouches on the sewn attachment points.

📌 Lockable compartments for valuable gadgets
📌 Dual front compression strap and mesh pockets
📌 Heat-embossed scratch-free zippered slash pocket
📌 Extremely large internal storage, perfect for backpacking trips
📌 Can be used as a backpack or shoulder sling bag with padded straps

🚫 More expensive compared to other products or brands


Hynes Eagle 40L Weekender Carry on Backpack

hynes eagle travel backpack

Here’s another travel backpack in which the brand fashioned the product with quality and functionality. When you go on a backpacking adventure, you can’t compromise the quality of your backpack, and Hynes Eagle wants to meet only the highest standards.

The Hynes Eagle 40L Weekender Carry on Backpack is not just a backpack but can serve as your luggage as well— where you can place all your belongings for the whole journey. It has three carrying options for your utmost convenience. You can pocket your items in all sorts of organizers scattered from the inside out. And while this is indeed functional, it’s fashion-forward too! The company is truly determined to provide travelers an enjoyable experience in using their product.

We’re guessing that this one is absolutely an option for a stylish way of traveling, whether you’re flying or transporting by land. And by the looks of it, you can efficiently pack light with this travel backpack luggage. It’s a keeper!

📌 Approved for IATA flights
📌 Water-repellent polyester material
📌 Multiple interior slip pockets for various personal items
📌 Multiple exterior compression buckle straps with adjustable length
📌 Available in six color designs and packages with 3-piece packing cubes

🚫 The thin waist strap is a downside for long walks/hikes


Witzman Men Travel Backpack

witzman travel backpack

If you have a taste for vintage travel backpacks, then you’ll have your eye on this one. Witzman Men Travel Backpack captures the old-school travelers who want the genuine experience.

This travel backpack is also harnessed with multifunctional carry options, compartmentalization, sizing, and design. You can choose from the three-way carry options: as a backpack, duffel bag, or tote bag. Like the previous bags we reviewed, there are different compartments for your electric gadgets and other accessories that are separated from your clothing. You can learn to organize like a pro! And as a small tip for this product, you should divide your laundry using thin laundry bags so you can still maximize the rest of the space for cleaner change clothes. As per the sizing, select whether you prefer 18.5-inch or 22-inch in length, which are quite good options for both men and women. Lastly, for the design, you have five color options and everything with combined thickened canvas fabric and PU leather.

Is this calling out to you? Why don’t you try it, and you’ll be surprised by the craftsmanship performed in every bag.

📌 The ultimate vintage multifunctional Canvas and Leather rucksack
📌 Fits in overhead chambers in airplanes, buses, and trains
📌 Comfortable for long walks and transport transfers
📌 Convertible carry-on options for all kinds of travelers
📌 Comes with unique features like the zippered pockets and padded straps

🚫 Organizing your clothes is going to be a challenge


Teton Scout 3400 Travel Backpack

teton sports backpack

If you constantly go outdoors for a hiking trip or even if you simply love to travel with large backpacks, the Teton Scout 3400 is a great choice for that matter. It has a sporty look that perfectly matches with those who love to complete a snazzy rugged get-up.

As their tag line goes, this is not your basic backpack. It does not qualify for daily use or business travels. However, the versatility is still at the peak level, which is something that we want you to expect in this review, and nothing less. In that case, if you’re preparing for either a quick or long trip, you can efficiently pack your gear with Teton Scout 3400, and that’s without a doubt.

The design of this travel backpack is intended for hiking, trekking, or camping trips, which means that your comfort in carrying your pack for hours is of extreme importance. And with the trusted quality of Teton, that won’t be a problem for you.

📌 Can carry up to 55L maximum capacity in 3400 cubic meters
📌 Designed for strategic packing to support rough adventures
📌 Includes bungee storage area on the front portion of the bag
📌 Sewn-in rainfly that can be tucked away when not in use
📌 Loaded with multi-purpose pockets for gear organization

🚫 The sizing is not suitable for short men or women (approximately 5’ or shorter)


Yorepek Travel Backpack

yorepeck travel backpack

You got yourself a practical and convenient travel backpack made of superior materials with extra-large capacity. There’s a pocket for every travel accessory. If you’re going for a short trip, this bag can accommodate all the stuff you need to bring. It’s useful not only for business trips but for your leisure as well.

To those who regularly travel international flights, you will find this travel bag conducive when going through airport security checkpoints. It fits overhead compartments in airplanes and other modes of public transportation. The whole time you’re on the road, you can easily access your belongings through the organized zipper pockets. You can even use the external USB port for charging and insert your headset wire in the extra port to listen to music while walking or when you’re stuck on a very long ride.

📌 TSA-approved, multipurpose travel bag
📌 Amazingly large capacity
📌 Water-resistant and anti-tear fabric
📌 Smooth, anti-theft lockable zippers
📌 Rugged handle and padded shoulder straps
📌Comfortable and breathable airflow back design
📌 Available in six color combination selections

🚫 You’ll only have a problem carrying if you overload with heavy items


Volher Laptop Travel Backpack

volher anti theft travel backpack

This travel backpack is an efficient daypack where you can keep your electronics apart from your clothes and shoes. Here is where you can put accessories and other gear for your getaway.

The extraordinary design of this backpack is the anti-theft back pocket, which is the best spot to put valuable things such as your mobile phone, a few cash, passport, tickets, etc. Aside from this, added security in the whole bag is backed by having rigged with high-density and water-repellent polyester fabric and durable metal zippers.

And for your luxury, the shoulder straps and the back portion are padded with a smart airflow system. You’ll find relief having this feature when you’ve gone walking and been carrying your travel backpack for hours.

Do you think this one’s a steal?

📌 Huge organizer and main compartments
📌 Elastic luggage band at the back part
📌 Functional and safe for backpacking
📌 Comfy and sturdy baggage for long travels

🚫 Not designed for a single carry-on travel bag


There Can Only Be One Winner: Let’s Go!

woman with backpack

We couldn’t have been too obvious about our winner for the best travel backpack from this outstanding collection. As we get to the end of this roundup, we owe you our champion.

After hours of individual assessment, we have decided that the Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack is the winner of them all.

Three distinguishing features made the Matein Mlassic stand out from the rest. You will have exactly everything you need for a travel backpack. Even though it’s not particularly suited as a single carry-on bag for long-term trips, it can surprisingly hold more than you expect. It’s independently suitable for a 3-day trip and a fantastic companion for longer trips if you use it as a daypack. And for its price, we can highly recommend that it’s a practical, and possibly the smartest choice for every traveler out there.

Of course, we review products with not only the coolest features but superb quality as well. Nevertheless, we don’t expect you to just agree with our choice for the best travel backpack from this selection. We’re very open to your recommendations. Don’t hesitate to drop them off down here in the comment section!

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