The 8 Best Places To Travel In South America: Traveler’s Guide

South America is brimming with travel-worthy places that should make it to the bucket-list of your impending vacation plans. This part of the continent can stir the enthusiasm of all kinds of travelers. Some seek thrills and adventure, others who would go crazy for an escape in a different city, there are those who would always pick the beach over anywhere else, and the rest want to be entirely overwhelmed by scenic views.

Here are eight of the best South American countries to visit. Probably not this year, but certainly as soon as we can get back to our traveling feet again!



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Let’s start with one of the most popular and highly visited places in South America– Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The place has a rich cultural history, lively beaches, and breathtaking scenery.

Their festivities are undeniably inviting to the tourists and even the locals. There’s no wonder why it’s the second most populated municipality in Brazil. Because of the nice weather, people enjoy soaking up the sun while partying on the streets or drinking cocktails by the beach. However, if you want to look at the place from a different perspective, you can try hiking on one of their mountain trails. You can take a moment to steal a glance, grab a photo, and keep a memento of how Rio de Janeiro looks like from the highland.



Machu Picchu, Perú


machu picchu peru

Since its establishment in the 15th century, Machu Picchu stands as one of the most famous archaeological cities in South America. The ruins have been preserved as proof that there were earlier civilizations who were able to create something as beautiful as this sacred place.

On the eastern side of the Peruvian Andes, you will find yourself captivated by how the stone walls stand out over the green mountains, especially during the day. You might even think twice if you’re still in America because of the spectral architecture that somehow resembles the structures in the oldest cities in Europe. Everything about the place is just filled with history and mystery.



Angel Falls, Venezuela


angel falls venezuela

The remarkable Angel Falls is found in Canaima National Park. It’s only the world’s highest and deepest uninterrupted waterfall. If you dare anything to take your breath away even just for a second, looking at the magnificent Salto Angel (as they call it in Venezuela) would let you experience that multiple times.

Witnessing the flow of water falling from the mighty mountain is absolutely a unique experience you can ever find during your travel in South America. Don’t even bother keeping up with your lungs. Do your lungs a favor and save your breath. Just enjoy the view, and if your camera can ever give justice to what your naked eye can see, try to keep a souvenir to make you remember. Not that it’s that easy to forget but because you will certainly want to look back.



Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


lake titicaca bolivia

The Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, is preserved with history and culture that represents a lot about the whole country. The languages and traditions of the natives are living evidence of America’s national heritage.

Indigenous communities surround the massive lake. The inhabitants reside peacefully and live simple lives. They maintain their agriculture in abundance to provide for their daily needs. But knowing them and seeing the place where they’re spending their lives is nothing but simple. It’s as if they have the clearest of waters and the bluest of skies, and they truly do. It’s astonishing and inspiring at the same time. They celebrate religious festivities that show how they keep their culture alive. Entertaining the tourists is more like a bonus, and it’s a privilege to witness them embracing their customs.



Santiago, Chilé


santiago chile

Prepare your best set of shoes as you wander through Santiago on foot. You’ll enjoy exploring the parks and restaurants in the middle of sophisticated architecture that’s full of vibrance and positive energy.

The Hilly Parks in Santiago, Chilé, probably has the best-highlighted tourist spots as it is the highest viewpoint in the city. Here, you can almost see beyond the rest of the place. You will also find a lot of impressive staircase structures with fountains as if you’re in one of the scenes in a “Gone With The Wind” movie. The designs are intricate with an elegance that will take you to a time when the world is full of nothing but warmth and indefinite charm.



Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador


Ecuador is uniquely recognized by its colorful capital city, Quito, the Galapagos Islands, and of course, as one of the entryways to the Amazon forest. But there is a hidden travel place within the exquisite beauty of this country.

Those who seek adventure as if their life depended on it will truly find the Pailón del Diablo or “Devil’s Cauldron” as your next challenging crusade. You can find it in Baños de Agua Santa at the foothills of the Ecuadorian Andes. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s very less likely a walk in the park. So, come prepared to brave a little part of the forest before you reach for another heart-stopping view. And to make the hike so much more worth it, you have to try the swing above a heavily fogged canyon abyss. It’s known as “The Swing at the End of the World” because of the amazingly terrifying view.



Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


cartagena colombia

If you’re up for a romantic getaway, put Cartagena, Colombia, on top of the travel places you should visit in South America. The place is screaming with colonial architecture, which you can trace back from when the Spaniards left their mark many years ago. Horse-drawn carriages are still visible on the lovely Cartagena streets, and the romantic lights at night will raise the flutters of your heart to the point of excitement.



Iguazu Falls, Argentina


iguazu argentina

Buenos Aires has always been known as a must-visit city in Argentina, Mendoza has the best wineries in the countryside, and Ushuaia is the farthest city you can go to in the South of America and of the world. But what you shouldn’t miss when traveling to this part of the US is the Iguazu Falls. The entire waterfall trails from Argentina to Brazil, which means it’s doubtlessly ginormous. South America is lucky to have such a landmark, or watermark if you prefer it.


Map Out Your Travel to South America

Make sure that you can cover all the best places to travel in South America. Pick the ones that will spark the side of you that’s always up for a new adventure. Whether you’re more inclined to conquer your limits or prefer to relax and unwind throughout your vacation, South America truly has a lot to offer, and you will never run out of options. If you want, you can visit all of these and more.

Were you able to visit other places in South America? Let me know all about it in the comment section below!

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