Executive Mansion,
Washington, Dec. 23, 1861

Major general David Hunter.
My dear General

I have appointed Hon. James N Lane a Brigadier General, and he will report to you for orders. I have promised him
to request you to so place him and Gen. Denver as that they may not come in contact with each other and this not
as an effront to Gen Denver, but simply to avoid a possibile colision which might be unpleasant and injourous. It is
insisted by some that Lane should be kept out of Missouri, which is doubtful with me; still I wish, if you should think
of sending him then, you will consider of it well, as you will have the means of doing---He has all confidence in you;
and, with his knowledge of the country and the men, I expect him to be a valuable officer.

Present my regards to Mrs. H. and believe me as ever

Your friend
A. Lincoln

This appointment did not take place at this time. James Lane. a noted Jayhawker, and Senator from Kansas could
not be confirmed at the time over questions of whether a sitting U. S. Senator could also be a General. He would
be confirmed in April 1862 after Hunter had left for the
Department of the South. Lane was most noted for his
sacking of Osceola, Missouri earlier in the war which would explain the reference in the letter to Missouri.
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Lincoln to David Hunter
Appointment of General James Lane
December 23, 1861
Abraham Lincoln
General David Hunter
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