Return to General David Hunter
Letter from Salmon Chase to Abraham Lincoln
General Hunter's Proclamation
May 16, 1862
Library of Congress
Washington, May 16. 1862.

My dear Sir,

Obliged to go to Philadelphia this afternoon I cannot confer with you as I wish in relation to the Military order of Maj.
Gen. Hunter expanding the laws in his Department.

Of course I do not assume to judge of the Military necessity: but it seems to me of the highest importance, whether our
relations at home or abroad be considered, that this order be not revoked. It has been made as a military measure to
meet a military exigency, and should, in my judgment be suffered to stand upon the responsibility of the Commanding
General who made it.

It will be cordially approved, I assume, by more than nine tenths of the people on whom you must rely for support of
your Administration.

Pardon this brief & hurried note & believe

Most Cordially & respectfully Yours

S P Chase
Abraham Lincoln
Salmon Chase
Secretary of the Treasury
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