Henry Morrison Flagler – Outline


1828        Sept 15        Isaac and Elizabeth married


1830        January 2      Birth of Henry Morrison Flagler to Isaac Flagler (died July 1876)                   and Elizabeth Caldwell Morrison Harkness (died 1861)


Dropped out of 8th grade


Deck hand on Erie Canal Boats


1844                            arrived at Republic Ohio to live with half-brother and worked at L. G. Harkness and Company.


1849                            moved to Bellevue for a job at Chapman, Harkness and Company


1852                            became a partner in Harkness and Company – company was also a                                                                          distillery


1853     November 9    Married Mary Harkness


1855    March 18         Jenny Louise Flagler born (died March 25, 1889)


1858    June 18            Carrie Flagler born.


1861                            Elizabeth Harkness Flagler (mother) dies


1861   December 7      Carrie dies  (Carrie-3 year old)[1]


1865                            Went bust with Salt production moved to Cleveland


1867                            Partnership of Rockefeller, Andrews and Flagler


1870 January 11           Standard Oil Company incorporated as a joint stock company


1870 December 2        Birth of Harry Harkness Flagler


1876  July                    Isaac Flagler (father) dies


1878                            Trip to Jacksonville Florida


Marriage of Jenny Louise to John Arthur Hinckley


1881 May 18               Mary Harkness Flagler died


1882    January 2          Standard Oil Trust Formed


1883    June 5              Married to Ida Alice Shourds (born July 4, 1848, died July 10,   1930)


1883                            December honeymoon to Florida through March 1, 1884 stayed in part at unknown St. Augustine location


1885    February 17    Returned to St. Augustine stayed at San Marco Hotel witnessed the celebration of the landing of Ponce de Leon in March 1885


1885    December 1    groundbreaking on the Ponce de Leon Hotel


1885    December 31  purchased railroad between Jacksonville and St. Augustine


1887 May or June[2]     Alcazar Hotel


1887  May                   Henry Flagler sells land to Franklin Smith to build the Casa Monica[3]


1887   May 30             Ponce de Leon finished


1887    October 6        Jenny Louise married Frederick Hart Benedict


1888    January 10        Ponce de Leon opened


1888    April 20            Henry Flagler buys the Casa Monica Hotel with all furnishings, renamed the Cordova.[4]


1888    May 22            Henry Flagler assembles women at Ponce de Leon to discuss plans to build a hospital.


1888    December 25   Alcazar Hotel opens[5]


1889    February 9       Jenny Louise gives birth to a baby girl


1889    March 25         Jenny Louise Benedict dies.


1890    January 20        completed bridge across the St. Johns River at Jacksonville


1890    March 1           Alicia Hospital opened.


1890    March 16         Memorial Presbyterian Church dedicated


1892                            Charter from the State of Florida to allow building of railroad to Miami


1892    Feb 3               Grand Ball – Hermitage Ball commemorative of Andrew Jackson


1892    May 28            incorporated the Florida Coast and Gulf Railway Company.


1893                            The Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Indian River Ry. – trademark of pineapple


1892    March 1           moved into Kirkside


1892    August              Town of West Palm Beach laid out


1894    February 11     Royal Poinciana opened in West Palm Beach


1894    March 22         railroad reaches Lake Worth


1894    March 31         Henry Flagler gives control of the Ponce de Leon, Alcazar and Cordova hotels to Harry


1894    April 2              railroad completed to West Palm Beach


1894    April 25            Harry Harkness Flagler marries Miss Anna Louis Lamont in New York


1895    September 13   railroad name changed to Florida East Coast Railway


1895    October 24      Alice placed in the House of Dr. Choate


Date uncertain - Henry has major argument with Harry.  Never talks to Harry again.


1896    April 16            railroad completed to Miami


1897    January 6          Royal Palm opens in Miami


1897    March 23         final commitment of Ida Alice


1901    April 9              bill introduced to allow divorce on grounds of insanity in Florida


1901    April 25            bill signed into law


1901    August 13         divorce of Henry Flagler to Ida Alice Flagler granted in Florida


1901    August 21         Henry Flagler engaged to Mary Lily Kenan (born June 14, 1867).  He was 71 she was 34.


1901    August 24         married Mary Lily Kenan


1901    Sept. 15           Mary  Harkness Flagler born (Harry’s)


1902                            Whitehall finished


1903    March 11         Elizabeth Lamont Flagler born (Harry’s)


1912    January 22        first official train arrives in Key West Florida


1913    January 15        Henry Flagler falls down stairs at Whitehall


1913    May 20            Henry Flagler dies


1913    May 23            body lies in state at Ponce de Leon before removal to Memorial Presbyterian


1916    November 16   Mary Lily married Robert Worth Bingham


1917    July 27             Mary Lily dies


1925    March 18         Breakers Hotel burns for the 2nd time (also Hotel Palm Beach caught fire from the Breakers).


1928   March 30          Harry Harkness Flagler becomes Chairperson of the The Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York, Inc.,


1930    July 10             Ida Alice dies


1932                           Alcazar Hotel Closes/           Cordova closes


1952                            death of Harry Flagler


1967    March             Hotel Ponce de Leon closed.



1999 December 10    Casa Monica reopens




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