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Ragina, Mary
    Sister of Mercy (1860 Census);
Rahn, Edward
      Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Rampon, Father Claude Rampon
      Priest at the St. Augustine Roman Catholic 1836.Belonged to the Society of
Mercy, first president of Springhill College,
Rante, Felix
      Married Jeronima Redin Rante on November 13, 1844;
Rante, Jeronima Redin
      Married Felix Rante on November 13, 1844
Rantel or Rantez, Felix
      Married Antonia Andreu Rantel on June 6, 1842 by Rev. C. Rampon (SANews);
Rantez or Rantel, Antonia Andreu
      Married Felix F. Rantez on June 6, 1842 by Rev. C. Rampon.
Rantez , Felix F. Sr.
    San Lorenzo
Private, FL Marion Lt Arty; Married Antonia Andreu Rantez on June 6, 1842.
Raulerson, James
Private Co I, 3rd Fl Inf Reg (CSA)
Raulerson, Johnnie
  September 16, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Rawlings, Fred
  January 13, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Rebres, Catarina Graba
      Mother of Ynes Buenaventura Rebres and wife of Jaime Rebres,  Golden Book;
Rebres, Jaime
      Father of Ynes Buenaventura Rebres and husband of Catarina Graba
Golden Book;
Rebres, Maria Antonia Buenaventure
September 15, 1768
    daughter of Jaime Rebres and Catarina Graba, Estevan Sant and Antonia
Mercadal godparents, September 15, 1768 baptized.
Golden Book;
Rebres, Ynes Buenaventura
September 14, 1768
    Daughter of Jaime & Catarina Graba Rebres, Golden Book;
Reddick, Maria
    Free black (1870 Census);
Reddick, Josiah
    Free black (mulatto), son of Maria Reddick (1870 Census);
Reddington, George
      Sgt. 1st Rgt., Co G, Spanish American War
Reed, Arthur M.
      Married Harriet N. Douglas Reed on December 23, 1838 by Rev. R. A.
Trinity Episcopal
Reed, Harriet N. Douglas
      Married Arthur M. Reed on December 23, 1838 by Rev. R. A. Henderson,
Trinity Episcopal;
Reed, Henry
  December 29, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Reed. Mary Catherine Benet
      Married Robert R. Reid on December 23, 1850 (Ancient City);
Reid, Hattie May
  August 15, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Reid, Raymon J.
      Free School September 1846
Reid, Robert R
      from Palatka, married Mary Catherine Benet Reid on December 23, 1850
(Ancient City);
Reyes, Antonio G. Reyes
April 1860
San Lorenzo
Son of John and Juana Reyes; Husband of Julia W. Pellicer Reyes
Reyes, Mary Carreras
      Married William J. Reyes on January 19, 1852 by Stephen Sheridan (Marriage
Book A);
Reyes, Maria Garcia Ponce
June 1824
May 8, 1876
married John Reyes on August 17, 1844; mother of Antonio G. Reyes
Reyes, Mary
      Married Florence Baya on February 11, 1850 (Ancient City);
Reyes, John
October 25, 1875
Husband of Maria Garcia Ponce Reyes on August 17, 1844
Reyes, Julia W. Pellicer
March 1866
San Lorenzo
Daughter of Siladonia and Urbana Pellicer; wife of Antonio G. Reyes
Reyes, Mary
      mother of Philip Benjamin Watson (father Benjamin Watson), Cathedral Parish
Records African-American Baptisms;
Reyes, Rosalie
      Married Robert Mickler  on January 8, 1850 by Rev Aubriel (Ancient City);
Reyes, William J.
  November 9, 1908
  Married Mary Carreras Reyes on January 19, 1852 by Stephen Sheridan
(Marriage Book A);
Death Records 1907-1908;
Reynolds, Ella Bond
April 23, 1811
November 28, 1877
Huguenot Cemetery
Reynolds, William
      Commissioner of Pilotage 1821, City Council Minutes;
Rhode, James H.
  March17, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Rhody, Francis
      Hospital Ward 1830 Census;
Ribault, Jean
October 12, 1565
French Explorer killed by the orders of Menendez
Rice, Virginia Douglas
  July 8, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Richard, Lewis
      St. Johns River 1830 Census;
Richards, Mrs. M. E.
  July 4, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Richards, Mary Ann Porter
      Married Thomas Richards on September 17, 1839
Richards, Thomas
      From New York, Married September 17, 1839 Mary Ann Porter Richards
Richardson, Pierce
      driver, r e side Palmer Ave, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Richie, Henry J.
  October 8, 1907
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Ridell, Theodore
  April 9, 1882
  disease of the heart, 1882 St. Augustine Death Records;
Ridge, Robert Duke
Private Co B, 18th Tn Inf Reg (CSA)
Ridgely, Thomas P.
      Barracks Ward 1830 Census;
Riggs, John
      Hospital Ward 1830 Census;
Rivinus, Edward Florens
      M. D., husband of Eizabeth Caldwell Rivinus;
Rivinus, Elizabeth Caldwell
January 15, 1814
April 22, 1856
Huguenot Cemetery
wife of Edward Florens Rivinus, M. D., born in Philadelphia
Riz, James
  father of Louisa Riz (SANews); President Board of Aldermen, 1823, ran stage
Picolata; Barrack's Ward 1830 Census;
Riz, Louisa
      only daughter of James Riz; married Joseph C. Ferreira on June 16, 1841 by
Rev. Rampon (SANews);
Robertson, Ann
      Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Robertson, Dr. William
    Huguenot Cemetery
Father of Ann Robertson, Appointed as Alderman 1821 City Council Minutes;
Roberts, Jas
      laborer, r Chapin st, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Roberts, Josiah
4th Corp, Company I, 8th Fl Inf (CSA)
Roberts, Rosa L.
  February 15, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Robinson, Dr.
      Committee to regulate selling of meat 1822, City Council Minutes;
Robinson, Alfred
October 26, 1815
December 1, 1834
Huguenot Cemetery
bornin Richmond, Virginia
Robinson, Edward S.
October 21, 1821
Huguenot Cemetery
Robinson, E. F.
      Board of Pilotage 1821 City Council Minutes;
Robinson, Dr. George A.
  February 22, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Robinson, J. C.
      carpenter, r w side Savage ave, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Robinson, Jessie L.
July 22, 1886
  born St. Augustine, typhoid fever, 1886 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Robinson, Dr. Samuel
March 19, 1783
February 17, 1826
Huguenot Cemetery
Native of Attleboro, Mass, Physican, Surgeon, Wrote a Catalogue of American
Robio, Joseph
      Castle Ward, 1830 Census;
Robion, Charles
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Robiou, Charles
      Alderman 1822 Council Minutes;Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Roda, Mary
    free black, (1860 Census);
Rodes Francisco
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Rodman, Charles
February 28, 1851
June 9, 1883
Mission of Nombre de Dios
Rodman, John
      Board of Pilotage, 1821, Alderman 1822, Appraisers for government land and
house 1822,
City Council Minutes; Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Rodriquez, Maria A.
      Hospital Ward 1830 Census;
Rogera, Bartholome
      father of Maria Famanias Rogera and husband of Catarina Rogera, Golden
Book of Minorcans;
Rogera, Maria Famanias
August 25, 1768
    daughter of Bartholome Rogera & Catarina Rogera, baptized August 25, 1768,
Golden Book of Minorcans;
Rogero, Albert
      Married Lorenzo Pervis Rogero on July 16, 1851 by Rev. A. Pellicer (Ancient
City); (Marriage Book A);
Rogero, Albert C.
    St. Ambrose
Private, Co H, 2nd Fl Cav (CSA)
Rogero, Albert D.
May 23, 1812
April 2, 1900
San Lorenzo
Married Eulogia Solana Rogero April 28, 1839; Son of Ramon Juan and
Manuela Christoval Josepha Nicolichy Rogero.Sheriff St. Johns County
1857-61 and 1866-67;
1860 Democratic Meeting;
Rogero, Anna.
  lived in Tocoi, bowel disease, 1886 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Rogero, Antonia
      Married Paul Weadman on July 2, 1849
Rogero, Catharine F. Leonardy
      Married Nicholas Rogero on October 8, 1849;
Rogero, Emanuel
      Son of Raymon Free School September 1846;
Rogero, Eulogia Solana
September 13, 1818
November 7, 1902
San Lorenzo
Daughter of Bartolome and Maria Solana; Wife of Albert D. Rogero
Rogero, Lorenza Pervis
      Married Albert Robero on July 16, 1851 by Rev. A. Pellicer (Ancient
City);(Marriage Book A);
Rogero, Nicholas
      Married Catharine F. Leonardy Rogero on October 8, 1849.
Rogero, Nicholas S.
    San Lorenzo
Private Fl Hopkins Arty (CSA)
Rogero, Raymon
      Father of Emanuel Free School September 1846;
Rogero, William H.
  March 11, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Rogers, Mary Bowers Jenckes
September 29, 1857
Rogers, N.
      Grocier 1854
Rolling, Geo
      porter, r Chapin st, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Ros, Francesca Gans
      wife of Juan Morro Ros and mother of Pedro Jaime Juan Ros Golden Book;
Ros, Juan Morro
      father of Pedro Jaime, husband of Francesca Gans Ros Golden Book;
Ros, Pedro Jaime Juan
October 28, 1768
    child of Josef Ros and Francesca Gans with Juan Morro and Ysavel Mors,
godparents. Baptized October 29, 1768,
Golden Book;
Ross, William B.
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Rousse, E.
    Catholic Priest (1870 Census);
Rossi, Anna Maria
December 9, 1771
    daughter of Pompeo Rossi and Maria Blau Rossi, godparents Joaquin Mattoqui
and Maria Magdalena Gelevert, Baptized December 16, 1771,
Golden Book;
Rossi, Margarita Angela
      mother of Margarita Angela Rossi and wife of Joseph Rossi, Golden Book;
Rossi, Maria Blau
      mother of Anna Maria Rossi and wife of Pompeo Rossi, Golden Book;
Rossi, Pompeo
      father of Anna Maria Rossi and husband of Maria Blau Rossi, Golden Book;
Rossi, Joseph
      father of Margarita Angela Rossi and husband of Francesca Sans Rossi,
Golden Book;
Rossi, Margarita Angela
  December 31, 1770
  daughter of Joseph Rossi and Francesca Sans Rossi, Sebastian Etiem and
Juana Etiem godparents, Baptized January 1, 1771,
Golden Book;
Rowley, Robert
      3 coffins 1821 City Council Minutes;; Shop LicenseTax Collection 1826

Russell, Edward
March 6th 1885.
  cause of death was pneumonia, 1884-85 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Russell, Eusebia Aguiar
      Daughter of Manuel Aguiar, Married on August 26th, 1840 to Thomas Russell
Russell, Thomas
      From Beaufort, South Carolina, Married  August 26th, 1840 to Eusebia Aguiar
Russell (SANews);
Russell, William
  June 14, 1900
  son of Albert J. Russell, State Superintendent of Education, worked at Gents'
furnishing store of Brannon & Russell
Rutant, Antonio
      Mantanzas River 1830 Census;
Rutant, Antonio
      Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Ruth, Mathew J.
      Mantanzas River 1830 Census;
Rutledge,Bishop Rev. Francis Huger
April 11, 1799
November 6, 1866
South Carolina
Rector at Trinity Episcopal, 1st Bishop of Florida Episcopalians
Ryals, Edith
April 29th 1885
  latent pneumonia following rebella, 1884-85 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Ryder, Mrs. Iris C.
      teacher elecution and music, r w side Arenta av, 1904 New Augustine Directory;