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Daigle, Mary Charlene
May 226, 1950
December 4 1972
Our Lady of Good Council
Our Lady of Good Council Cemetery;
Dagerhardt, Henry
      Married Mary Magdalena Liebtrau Dagerhardt April 20, 1843 in
Palatka by Y. F. Halliday.
Dagerhardt, Magdalena Liebtrau
      Married Henry Dagerhardt on April 20, 1843 in Palatka by Y. F.
Dall, William
  November 9, 1886.
  born in England, Lands End, place of residence St Augustine, 1886
St. Augustine Death Certificates;
Dana, J. Edward
February 21, 1842
  Madison County, New York, died of consumption.(SANews);
Dancy, Benjamin Boykin Dancy
      Husband of Mordina Jane Boog Floyd.
Dancy, Mordina Jane Floyd
April 20, 1856
March 13, 1878
Dancy Family Burying Grounds
Daughter of Henry Hamilton and Mordina Jane Boog Floyd; husband
of Benjamin Boykin Dancy.
Daniels, Lincoln
April1, 1882
  pulmonary consumption, 1882 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Dardis, Mary Jenings
      Married Robert Dardis on July 18, 1842 in Palatka
Dardis, Robert
      Married Mary Jenings on July 18, 1842 in Palatka.
Darley, James
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Darling, G
      High Constable 1821, City Council Minutes;
Darling, John J.
    San Lorenzo
Private, Co D, 10 Fl Inf (CSA)
Darling, Mary
Tolomato Cemetery
Inscription on tombstone says born in St. Augustine.
David, J. W.
      clerk r Christopher st, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Davis, Charles O.
      Corporal 1st Regt, Co G. Spanish American War
Davis, Edmund J.
October 2, 1827
Texas State Cemetery
Born in St. Augustine, General in Civil War (USA), Governor of Texas
Davis, L. O.
      mechant, Washington st, r Christopher st, 1904 New Augustine
Davis, Jerry
      clerk, bds Christopher st, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Davis, Geo F
  born Mass, residence St. Augustine, remittent fever, lived in city 3
1886 St. Augustine Death Certificates;
Davis, Margaret
  October 30, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Davis, William G.
  after 1827
  St. Augustine City Marshal 1823 Council Minutes;
Dawkins, Calvin
      driver, r Chapin st w of Palm ave, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Dawson, Leman L.
  October 28, 1907
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Dawson, Solomon
April 9, 1884
  died of meningitis, 1884-85 St. Augustine Burial Records;
Deane, Willie
  July 25, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Deavor, Mameduke
      St. Johns River 1830 Census;
DeCottes, Edw A.
      Petition to U. S. Congress 1845
de Dios, Juan
March 8 1845
    slave of Antonio Casnova, Cathedral Parish Records
African-American Baptisms;
de Entralgo, Juan
      last Spanish Clerk of the Council 1820-21? City Council Minutes;
Delancy, Ben
  June 16, 1880
DeLancy, Matlida
December 23, 1875
Delany, Theo Bruno Lillian Canova
October 6, 1889
October 30, 1955
San Lorenzo Cemetery
Daughter of Alexander and Helen Canova; Husband of Thomas
Adolphus Delany; Children Thomas Earl Delany and Gladys Helen
Delany Usina
Delespine, Joseph
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
De Mier, Antonio Fernandez
Tolomato Cemetery
Born in Valenciana, Spain
DeMedices, E. J.
      St. Augustine Clerk of City Council, 1854; Petition to U. S. Congress
de Medicis, E. P.
      hunter, r e side, Tomoka ave; 1904 New Augustine Directory;
DeMedicis, Francis A.
Private, Co H, 2nd Fl. Inf Reg (CSA)
Denham, Alexander Stephen
Private, Co A, 27th Bn, Ga Inf (CSA)
de Oca, Monets
      Received apporval from the Governor to retain the stall on October
31, 1821
City Council Minutes;
de Regla, Jose
      Shop LicenseTax Collection 1826
De Robles, Maria de las Nevives
Hertas Vinda
February 26, 1854
Tolomato Cemetery
Devineau, E
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Devlin, Joshua
Dewees, Catherine M
      Jacksonville, daughter of Philip Dewees, married Captain Uriah
Poinsett of the Steamer Santee by Rev. Mr. Doyle (SANews)
Deweese, Mary
      North River 1830 Census;
Dewhurst, William Whitwell
      Attorney and Notary in St. Johns County, Mayor 1888, Wrote The
History of St. Augustine, Florida.
Putnam and Sons, New York, 1885.
Dewitt, Pheoba
  January 22, 1879
  asthma and organic disease of the heart, 1878-79 St. Augustine
Burial Permits;
Dexter, E.
      Married Sarah Charlotte Philips Dexter on June 14, 1841 in Key
West, Florida by Judge Marvin (SANews);
Dexter, Horatio S.
      Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Dexter, Sarah Charlotte Philips
      2nd daughter of George L. Philips, married E. Dexter at Key West,
Florida on June 14, 1841 by Judge Marvin (SANews);
Dickinson, Joel
      rented the St. Augustine Central Hospital 1822 Council Minutes
Dieguez, Ismael S.
July 11, 1926
February 5, 1990
Mission of Nombre de Dios
Diehl, Mrs. Anna
  January 29, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Dismukes, Ann Logan Monroe
  Mother of John Thompson Dismukes, Jr, Wife of John Thompson
Dismukes, Sr.;
Dismukes, Elizabeth Elcan “Bessie”
March 23, 1848
August 14, 1942
Evergreen Cemetery
.Daughter of Col George Couper Gibbs and Elizabeth Bolling Elcan.
Charter member of the Maria Jefferson Daughters of the American
Dismukes, John Thompson, Jr.
May 13, 1847
December 4, 1925
Evergreen Cemetery
Private, Kilcrease's Co, Fl. Lt. Arty (CSA) Married Elizabeth Elcan
Gibbs on April 7, 1870. President First National Bank and St.
Augustine Board of Trade. Children: Roberta L. Dismukes Wylly
Miller (1871 - 1963), George Woodson Dismukes (1873 - 1898),
Julia Alice Dismukes Green (1875 - 1974), Emma Renee Dismukes
Malette (1877 - 1970), Minnie Bolling Dismukes Puller (1879 -
1939), John Dismukes (1881 - 1885), William T. Dismukes (1887 -
1887), and Elizabeth Gibbs Zalesky Johnson (1909 - 1982.)
John Thompson Dismukes Sr
  Father of John Thompson Dismukes, Jr,, Husband of Ann Logan
Monroe Dismukes;
Devineau, Emitte
      Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Dixon, General Jackson
Hughes Cemetery
Son of John Jackson and Mary Franklin Dixon; Husband of Jane
Elizabeth Blue Dixon
Dixon, Jane Elizabeth Blue
    Hughes Cemetery
Wife of General Jackson Dixon
Dominguez, Diego
Nov. 16, 1811
Donaldson, Wm. S.
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Dora, Mary
    Sister of Mercy (1860 Census);
Dorn, Nellie Van
October 10, 1875
Dougherty, Constantine
      Endorsement of Joseph S. Sanchez for US Marshall;
Douglas, Eliza H. Tucker
      Married William W. Douglas on August 7, 1845 by Charles C. Adams
Trinity Episcopal;
Douglas, Harried N.
      Daughter of Thomas Douglas, Wife of Arthur M. Reed
Douglas, Thomas
  U. S. Attorney for East Florida, Served in Militia Seminole War,
Judge of Circuit Court, Judge of Florida State Supreme Court;
Daughter, Harriet N. Douglas; Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Douglas, William W.
      Married Eliza H. Tucker Douglas on August 7, 1845 by Charles C.
Adams at
Trinity Episcopal;
Douglass, Eiuna
July 31st 1886
  colored, eighteen, female, Richmond NC (place of birth), diarrhea
and exhaustion, one year and one half in city.
1886 St. Augustine
Dowling, Robert
      paid $3 by City Council 1821 City Council Minutes;
Down, James
  February 23, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Downing, Col. Charles
November 24, 1841
Huguenot Cemetery
Barracks Ward 1830 Census;Congressmen, lawyer, Territorial
Legislator. Served in Seminole War
Downs, Hiram P.
      Married February 2, 1843 to Rachel Smith.
Downs, Rachel Smith
      Married  February 2, 1843 to Hiram Downs by Y. F. Halliday.
Doyle, Susan
  June 10th 1886
  Cause: pneumonia, 1886 St. Augustine Burials;
Dummett, Col. Thomas H
August 31, 1839
Huguenot Cemetery
Colonel British Army, owner of St. Francis Inn.
Drees, N. H.
      Married Sarah Hedrick Drees on October 23, 1844 by Father H.
Rutledge at
Trinity Episcopal.
Drees, Sarah Hedrick
      Married N. H. Drees on October 23, 1844 by Father H. Rutledge at
Trinity Episcopal.
Driggers, Henry
      hickman, r n side Chapin st, 1904 New Augustine Directory;
Drysdale, Ann
June 22, 1823
January 14, 1844
Huguenot Cemetery
Daughter of John and Lois H. Drysdale
Drysdale, Irvine
    San Lorenzo
1 Lt, Co B, 3rd Fl Inf (CSA)
Drysdale, John
May 24, 1845
Huguenot Cemetery
husband of Lois H. Drysdale. Children John, Thomas and Ann;
Commissioner for Health Department 1822 Alderman,
City Council
Drysdale, John
      Got marriage license on January 14, 1851 to Melinda Floyd, no
certification that the marriage took place (Marriage Book A);
Drysdale, John
      Hospital Ward 1830 Census;
Drysdale, Lewis
December 2, 1857
Huguenot Cemetery
Drysdale, Lois H
      Wife of John Drysdale, Mother of John, Thomas W and Ann.
Drysdale Mary Adele
February 18, 1841
February 24, 1860
Tolomato Cemetery
Drysdale, Thomas W.
October 11, 1841
Huguenot Cemetery
Son of John and Lois H. Drysdale
DuBose, John
      Added to City Council by Governor Jackson September 10, 1821,
Clerk of the Council, 1821, Acting City Treasurer Oct 15 to July 15,
City Council Minutes;;
Dudley, Ellen Connel
      Married Thomas Dudley on April 4, 1845
Dudley, Thomas
      Married Ellen Connel on April 4, 1845
Duke, James
  May 25, 1908
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Dumas, Peter B.
  Clerk of St. Johns County Circuit Court 1850, (Ancient City); owner
of Yallaha Grove House 115 Bridge Street, Commissioner claims of
Patriot War.
Dummett, Douglas
      Son of Thomas H. Dummett.
Dummett, Thomas H
August 31, 1839
Huguenot Cemetery
Colonel British Army from Barbados, former owner St. Francis Inn;
Custom House Ward 1830 Census;
Duncan, Robt F
      boiler maker R R shops, r n side King opp Bravo, 1904 New
Augustine Directory;
Dunham, David
August 25, 1881
Huguenot Cemetery
Infant son of David Lewis and Sara Lilly O'Hearn Dunham. died of
Tubercular meningitis by Dr. J. H. Pabski
Dunham, David
      Free School September 1846
Dunham, David Lewis
January 18, 1840
October 25, 1922
Evergreen Cemetery
2nd Lieut, Co H, 2nd Fl. Inf Reg (CSA)President of the Historical
Society, clerk of election Hogarth's precinct, 1874. Married to Sara
Lilly O'Hearn Dunham. St. Johns County Justice of the Peace 1876.
Ran the Dunham House on 131 Marine Street. Son Donald Dunham.
Dunham David R
      Clerk of Courts pre civil war; married to Mary M. Dunham; For the
division of Florida East-West (
SANews); Custom House Ward 1830
Dunham, Fatio
March 8, 1906
San Lorenzo Cemetery
St. Augustine Alderman 1866, St. Johns County Clerk of Courts
1867. Committee to establish free school after Civil War.
Dunham, Francis Philip
Private Co B, 3rd Fl. Inf Reg (CSA)
Dunham, Leonora Sophia
November 28, 1838
  Daughter of David R. and Mary M. Dunham.
Dunham, Mary M.
      wife of David R. Dunham; Mother of Leonora Sophia Dunham (St.
Aug News)
Dunn, Earl Linden
  October 31, 1907
  Death Records 1907-1908;
Dupont, Abraham
      Mantanzas River 1830 Census;
Dupont, Abram
      Barracks Ward 1830 Census;
DuPont, Cornelius
August 7, 1824
November 27, 1877
Huguenot Cemetery
Son of Abraham DuPont; Married Savina Crespo Dupont on
February 9, 1847.
DuPont, Savina Crespo
      Married Cornelius DuPont on February 9, 1847.
Dutton, Joseph L
      Marriage license issued December 28, 1841 to Sarah Ann Guinn but
no certification that marriage took place.
Duval, Gov. William P.
  Appointed Governor in April 17,1822 by President Monroe through
April 24, 1834.
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