Telegram to
President Lyndon Banes Johnson
From Wyatt Tee Walker
Executive Director
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
June 9, 1964

Lyndon Banes Johnson Library
June 9 1964 11:04 PM

The President
The White House

Dear Mr. Johnson: I have been empowered by the board of SCLC to register with you our utter dismay that the
Department of Justice has taken no precautionary measures to safeguard the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Staff
of SCLC now on assignment in St. Augustine, Florida. In the wake of documented lawlessness the armed attack on our
staff cottage and its subsequent burning on Sunday night, not a single inquiry or contact has been made with any
officials of SCLC in St. Augustine or here in the Atlanta office to establish the whereabouts or movements of Dr. King. It
seems crystal clear that despite Dr. King being a distinguished American and religious leader, not very much concern
for his life is evidenced by the Federal government merely because he is a negro. It is a sad commentary to know that
alleged members of the Mafia have FBI surveillance while any negro, no matter how significant his position must fear for
his life if he pursues the simple full exercise of his Constitutional privilege as an American Citizen.

It is our sincere hope that this deplorable situation will be immediately corrected our office stands ready to cooperate in
any manner that we can.

Wyatt Tee Walker Executive Director Southern Christian Leadership Conference
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