Acting Governor Worthington (East Florida)
to the Secretary of State
January 8, 1822

Florida Territorial Papers
Executive Department of East Florida, St. Augustine
January 8, 1822

Sir --- The emigration to this Province does not prove so abundant as might have been expected --- The Spaniards will
mostly leave it, for various considerations ---This is a trait in their national character, an invincible disinclination to
amalgamate with or become a part of a foreign nation: and would have happened sooner or later under any
administration, under any system of things, provided the Spanish Sovereignty in the Province was not suffered to prevail
--- The Spanish Government have used pains to induce them to emigrate to the Island of Cuba & they have availed
themselves of facilities offered and advantages held out to them ---I have no right to countervail their inclinations, except
by acting with justice & uprightness in the administration of the affairs of this Province agreeably to my best judgment &
the orders given me --- Hoping, that the superiority of the American mode of Government & its honest & plain character
would induce them to prefer it ---

There are three or four hundred Minorcans & their descendants who will remain, they are a good, quiet, industrious
people --- The remainder of this population will be American, French &c ----

I sent the enclosed Communication to the Mayor & the new Council & they will send on to Congress a memorial to have
the gift of the Public Property for the use of this Territory ---

I wish it to be distinctly understood by the Government, that if in the reorganization of the Administration for the Floridas,
it shall be deemed better either in a Territorial or National point of view that I should be superseded or left out --- that all
personal considerations in my favor, shall be waived --- Conscious of having done my duty here & that I have the
approbation of the Government & the American nation so far as my humble services, call for their notice ---

Yet, if I could be transferred, from this Province to some fit employ at home or abroad, I should feel the highest
obligations for such a continued mark of distinction --- I have as yet, bought not a foot of land here --- & therefore have
no local predilections --- There is one remark I will beg leave, to be excused for making, to you as one of the Cabinet ---
That in the selection of all officers for the Floridas, men of the strictest & most inflexible honesty should be chosen ---
Men, firm and decided, fearless of all consequences in discharging the duties of their stations --- and above all, not
connected with, linked in & tainted with the land claims & speculations either of the old or new inhabitants of the
Province --- I have no favourite to recommend nor adversary to opposed & I hope I may be better provided for, than
continue here --- Therefore nothing but a sacred sense of Duty Could have induced me to hazzard the imputation of
obtrusiveness in offering these observations ---

If the Floridas be consolidated, this will in time become an important Southern Slave-holding state ---- producing as it's
staples, Cotton, sugar, rice & fruit --- But I fear the whole of it, with the exception of small & dry islands directly on the
sea coast, willl ever be unhealthy for white people emigrating from High, & healthy lattitudes ---

With distinguished consideration ---

W. G. D. Worthington
Secretary & Acting Governor of East Florida