William G. D. Worthington
to the Secretary of State
January 7, 1823

Florida Territorial Papers
Baltimore 7th January 1823

Sir In compliance with the request of Mr. Maury's letter of the 3rd Inst, received last night, I do myself the honor to
Report to you, on the case of Antelme Gay, as follows

On the 2d day of October 1821, I appointed Mr. Gay & Mr. Bird Clerks to the Commission of J. R. Bell, J. G. Forbes &
Edmund Law Esq to demand and take into their possession the public Documents & Archives withheld by the Spanish
Escribano & Governor of East Florida -- He (Gay) attended first at the Escribano's which was about 4 o'clock in the
afternoon & also at the Governor's which took him a walk of about 400 yards & about two or three hours attention, for
the papers were taken into possession, pretty much in bulk & very little clerkship done about them--The next day early in
the morning, I superceded Messrs. Gay & Bird by appointing, three Secretaries Messrs Bethune, Lynch & Reynolds --
So that for his Clerkship, Mr. Gay ought not to be entitled to more than half a day's pay, say $2.

His Stationary account, was to the best of my memory $13.50 -- perhaps one dollar more or less-- But to cover two or
three small charges, brought by other persons for removing the Archives &c I put down, on some paper, sent to the
Department of State, to the best of my recollection "Stationary $20 --

Next, as to Mr. Gay's Secretaryship --- on or about the 12th day of October, Mr. Bethune, one of the Secretaries having
determined to leave St. Augustine & return to Amelia Island where he lived, I supplied his place by appointing Mr. Gay ---
So that from the taking possession of the Archives say from the 3rd day of October to the 12th of the same month, Mr.
Bethune acted as Secretary --- Mr. Gay from that last date to the close of the Commission, on the 5th day of November

I have to rely for the aforegoing Report entirely on my memory having neither papers nor Memoranda on the subject:
But I repose with much confidence in this statement --- Whence it results that Mr. Gay stood on the same ground as Mr.
bird one of the Clerks (since dead) and Mr. Bethune one of the Secretaries -- And may be entitled according to my
recollection to be paid the following items --

1st half a day's clerkship say .................. $ 2.00
2nd Stationary say ..................................  13.50
3rd Secretaryship 22 --- days at $5.00
    per day being from the 12 of Octr to
    the 5 of Novr ---- .............................  100.00

Total                                                       $125.50

I found Mr. Gay in Florida --- He is a Frenchman, a merchant, of good sound talents & I think went to Florida about the
time of the Apollo's business on the St. Mary's.

He had become under the Spanish Government, the holder of at least ten or twelve pretty choice tracts of land
amounting to upwards of ten thousand acres--- He spoke the English, French & Spanish languages well --- I appointed
him an Alderman, afterwards Clerk & Secretary as above, & lastly Public translator; the three former rather as places of
confidence & trust, than as matters of profit --- He had become a Spanish Subject, but was naturalized an American
Citizen under General Jackson's 3rd Ordinance. ---

Mr. Gay, in his letter, seems to me, taking all things into consideration, to make more fuss about his services & his small
stationary account than was necessary --- All the papers & claims were instantly forwarded to the proper Department by
the late Secretary & Acting Governor, who thinks Mr. Gay, unjust, in impugning his conduct in this particular, in the
slighest manner ---

If any further explanations be necessary I am willing & ready to give them at any time --- with distinguished consideration

W. G. D. Worthington

The Honble Mr. Adams, Secy of State.
John Quincy Adams
Secretary of State
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