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Worries about Slave Revolts
May, 1837

Emanuel Squair being duly sworn, that on the night of the first of May about 8'oclock in the evening he
overhead some negroes conversing in the streets near his store (there being 4 amongst them a slave of Mr.
Gibbs was one) and amongst other observances that were made ? saw that -- let them go on -- let them ..
our time will come I have got things fixed. From all the observations that were made he believes that they
the negroes were preparing to rise.

And affiant further says that this morning being the 2nd day of May, whilst in bed he overheard several
persons which he believes to be negros consorting together. Amongst other observations he heard them
say "that now was the time so soon the Steam boat goes it will be our time." On getting up he saw several
negroes but that they soon dispersed. Did not recognize any, but there were several of them together.
Affiant believes that the conversation that he heard this morning was connected with that which he heard
last night; and from all that he has heard he believes that the Negroes are preparing to do some offensive
acts against the white population of this city.

And he also says, that he has repeatedly heard conversations among the negroes altogether accidential
similar to what he detailed above. The Jim to which he refers is a slave the property of Geo Gibbs, Esquire.

Francis N. Andrew being duly sworn says that last night between eight and nine o'clock he observed a
number of negroes being six or seven negroes with large sticks or clubs in their hands who were gathering
by Capt. Livingston's gate in conversation. Affiant had a suspicion that there was something wrong, and
took a turn around and agin met them between the corner and Selan's corner going north. He did not
overhear their conversation or understand anything that they said.
Francis W. Andrew

Sworn before me the 2nd day of May 1837
E. B. Gould
MayorCity of St. Augustine

Emanual Gaudo saw them late at night till 1 o'clock did not hear anything. Thinks Jim of Gibbs is ok.

Betsy being examined says that she belongs to Jos S. Sanchez Esq and that she stays with Mr. Dencey
where she has been four or five months. Says she has a husband named Davy who also belongs to Mr.
Sanchez. She knows Jim belongs to Mr. Gibb. Saw Jim last night a little after nine o'clock, it being after
the drum beat. Met him at ? Gate at which time he was by himself affident went with Jim down the Street
to Col. Sanchez where she  ? and at Minarys corner they met with Peggy and Louise who both live with
Mr. Albra. They had been taking a walk and after having met with affiant and Jim they started and went
down to Mr. Sanchezs and on the way stopped at Mr. Gus and Jim went in and bought some almonds,
raisins and cakes. After being at Mr. Sanchez's they stayed but a a very few minutes and then she, Jim,
Louisa and Peggy left the house to go home. On the way to Mr. Sanchez's Jim conversed with them about
religious matters and the gospel. She did not hear him talk with anyone about the steam boat. Affiant is a
member of the Methodist Church but has not lately acted up to her profession. Jim and affiant was in
conversation last night as they passed along the street about his wife and complained to Jim about her and
how she was always by her talk hurting people's feelings. Jim's wife does not treat her well, neighter does
she treat her husband well. When affiant and Jim pased by Mr. Aguaus corner last night they were then
talking about religious affairs and also about Jim's wife.

Also interviewed Jim
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