Will McFadden Is Now in Jail
The Florida Star
February 12, 1909

Crime Stories
Will M'Fadden is now in jail
Sheriff Brown Captured Him Several Weeks Ago in Duval County

Locked up safely in the county jail in St. Augustine is Will MacFadden, the negro who, it is alleged, commited a criminal
assault on Mrs. Waters a year ago last August at Pineda, a few miles from Eau Gallie, at a lonely dwelling in the woods,
where she resided. The negro was taken to St. Augustine Monday from the town jail here by Sheriff Brown and lodged in
the St. Johns county jail, on account of the Brevard county jail not being completed.

MacFadden has numerous aliases, but his correct name is Jim Robinson. He was positively identified by his victim after
his arrest. Mr. Waters alsoidentified the negro as the man he met on the road after the crime was committed, and as he
was returning home from his work at the close of the day.

Sheriff Brown arrested the negro three weeks ago seven miles from
Jacksonville, having found him at work at a camp on
St. Johns river. He brought his prisoner here and locked him up, but never breathed a word as to the identity of the
man and the people were unaware that MacFadden had been captured. While taking him to St. Augustine Sheriff Brown
had his prisoner handcuffed and kept vigilant watch over him. A loaded rifle in the hands of the officer was ready for an
emergency, but nothing happened to warrant the use of it. At Espanola Deputy Sheriff Guy White joined Sheriff Brown
and accompanied him and the prisoner to St. Augustine and to the county jail.

MacFadden maintains his innocence, claiming that a mistake has been made, but our sheriff is satisfied that he has the
right man. Mrs. Waters was positive that this man is her assailant, and others who met him later, not knowing at the time
of the crime, have also identified him.

The crime with which the negro is charged is one of the most heinous in the state's annals. Many will remember the story
of the crime, as it was published all over the country. Mrs. Waters is the wife of a section foreman, and was at home
alone when the negro came along. He treated her in the most brutal manner remaining at the house nearly the entire
day. He left shortly before dark and on the road was met by Mr. Waters, the latter all unsuspecting the horrible crime.
the brute entered a box car at a railroad station, and the officers learned of this move and wired the agent at New
Smyrna to hold the car until they arrived. The agent being somewhat over-zealous and officious, opened the car to
investigate and was confronted by a big revolver in the hands of the negro. The latter then escaped and fled through
the woods. From that time the officers were unable to locate him or find the trail again until Sheriff Brown caught him
three weeks ago.

Mrs. Waters, as the result of the horrible ordeal to which she was subjected, became a wreck physically and mentally,
but her mental condition has improved of late, and she was able to identify the negro so positively that there seems to
be not the slighest doubt but that this is the right man.

Brevard has cause to be proud of her sheriff. Even some of the closest of Sheriff Brown's friends thought he had given
up the search as hopeless, but he has been continuously on the alert, neglecting other duties and at his own expense,
to capture the criminal, not for the reward, but for the welfare of the people; and our worthy sheriff states he would never
have felt satisfied had he not captured MacFadden while in his present office.

MacFadden will remain in the St. Augustine jail till his trial, which will take place in next session of circuit court,
commencing the fourth Tuesday in March.
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