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Warrant for Randal Irving
In the name and by the authority of The Territory of Florida to the Marshal of the Eastern District of
Florida greeting:

You are hereby commanded to take the body of Randal Irving (a colored man) if he be found in your
district and then safely keep so that you have his body before the Judge of the Superior Court for this
District of East Florida now sitting at the Court House in the City of St. Augustine to answer the
Territory of Florida in an indictment found and preferred against him, the said Randal Irving, for
attempting to incite and inciting a resurrection of slaves -- and how you shall execute this writ and make
due return.

Witness Kingsley R. Gibbs Clerk of our said court at the Court House aforesaid this 13th day of
October 1838

K. B. Gibbs

Thomas Douglas district attorney

Served 13th October 1838 by taking the body of the within named Randal Irving who is now in custody.
F L Dauay
Deputy Marshall