Return to St. Augustine Civil Rights
Staff Report on St. Augustine from the
U. S. Commission on Civil Rights
May 18, 1964

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
United States Commission on Civil Rights, St. Augustine Florida, St. Johns County, Mrs. Malcolm Peabody, Ku Klux
Klan, Hill-Burton funds, Dr. Robert B. Hayling, Mrs. F. L. Fullwood, Herbert E. Wolfe, Frank Harrold, James KaLivas,
Representative D. R. Matthews, William C. Cramer, George A. Smathers, Spessard L. Holland, Charles Patrick Clark,
Henry Ford II, J. Peter Grace, Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, Dr. Edward W. Litchfield, Bruce C. Roberts, Earl W.
Newton, Vice President Johnson,
President Lyndon Banes Johnson
Mrs. Malcolm Peabody
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,
Photographed on July 23, 1964.
L-R: Don Cochran, Bart Griffin.
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