Return to St. Augustine and the Civil War
Troops in the Department of the South,
Brig. Gen. Quincy A Gilmore, U. S. Army Commanding,
August 31, 1863
                                                            Morris Island
Brig. Gen. Alfred H. Terry

                                                             Engineer Corps
1st New York Engineers (nine companies), Col. Edward W. Serrell

Terry's Division

First Brigade
Col. Henry R. Guss

9th Maine, Lieut. Col. Zina H. Robinson
3d New Hampshire, Capt. J. F. Randlett
4th New Hampshire,
Col. Louis Bell
7th Pennsylvania, Maj. Galusha Pennypacker

Second Brigade
Col. Joshua B. Howell

9th Illinois, Col. Thomas O. Osborn
5th Pennsylvania, Maj. Edward Campbell
2d Ohio, Col. Francis B. Pond
7th Ohio, Maj. Lewis Butler

Third Brigade
Brig Gen. Thomas G. Stevenson

7th Connecticut, Col. Jos. R. Hawley
10th Connecticut, Maj. E. S. Greeley
24th Massachusetts, Col. Francis A. Osborn
7th New Hampshire, Lieut. Col. J. C. Abbott
100th New York, Col. George B. Dandy

Fourth Brigade
Col. James Montgomery

54th Massachusetts (colored), Col. Milton S. Littlefield
2d South Carolina (colored), Lieut. Col. William W. Marple
3d U. S. Colored Troops, Col. Benjamin C. Tilghman

Davis' Brigade
Col. W. W. H. Davis

47th New York, Maj. Christopher R. MacDonald
Independent New York Battalion (Enfans Perdus), Capt. M. Schmitt
52d Pennsylvania, Lieut. Col. Henry M. Hoyt
104th Pennsylvania, Maj. Edward L. Rogers

3d New York, Battery B, Capt. J. E. Ashcroft
3d New York, Battery F, Lieut. Paul Birchmeyer
3d Rhode Island Heavy, Company B, Capt. Albert E. Greene
3d Rhode Island Heavy, Company C, Capt. Charles R. Brayton
3d Rhode Island Heavy, Company D., Capt. Richard G. Shaw
3d Rhode Island Heavy, Company H., Capt. A. W. Colwell
3d Rhode Island Heavy, Company M, Capt. Joseph J. Comstock, Jr.
1st US, Battery B, Lieut. Guy V. Henry
1st US, Battery C (detachment), Lieut James E. Wilson
3d US, Battery E, Lieut. John R. Myrick

11th Maine (detachment), Lieut. Charles Sellmer
1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Company I (detachment), Lieut. Charles V. Holt

      Folly Island
Vogdes' Division
Brig. Gen Israel Vogdes
Alfords Brigade
Col. Samuel M. Alford

3d New York, Lieut. Col. Eldridge G. Floyd
89th New York, Col. Harrison S. Fairchild
103d New York, Col. William Heine
117th New York, Lieut. Col. Alvin White

Foster's Brigade
Brig. Gen. R. S. Foster

13th Indiana, Col. Cyrus J. Dobbs
112th New York, Col. Jeremiah Drake
169th New York, Col. Clarence Buell

African Brigade
Brig. Gen. Edward A. Wild

55th Massachusetts (colored), Col. Norwood P. Hallowell
1st North Carolina (colored) Col. James C. Beecher
2d North Carolina, colored (detachment), Col. Alonzo G. Draper
3d North Carolina, colored (one company), Capt. John Wilder

1st Connecticut Battery, Capt A. P. Rockwell        

Gordon's Division
                                                    Brig. Gen. George H. Gordon

First Brigade
Brig. Gen. Alex. Schimmelfennig

41st New York, Lieut. Col. Detleo von Einsiedel
54th New York, Capt. C. Knipschild
127th New York, Lieut. Col. S.L. Woodford
142d New York, Col. N. Martin Curtis
74th Pennsylvania, Capt. Henry Krauseneck
107th Ohio, Capt. William Smith.

Second Brigade
Brig. Gen. Adelbert Ames

17th Connecticut, Col. W. H. Noble
40th Massachusetts, Lieut. Col. Joseph A. Dalton
144th New York, Col. D. E. Gregory
157th New York, Maj. James C. Carmichael
25th Ohio, Capt. Nathaniel Haughton
75th Ohio, Col. Andrew L. Harris.

Port Royal Island
                                                        Brig. Gen. Rufus Saxton

Massachusetts Cavalry Battalion (two companies), Lieut. Albert F. ray
1st New York Engineers, Company K, Capt. H. L. Southard
56 New York, Col C. F. Van Wyck
115th New York, Col. S. Sammon
55th Pennsylvania, Col. Richard White
1st South Carolina (colored),
T. W. Higginson
3d Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, Company A. Capt. William H. Hamner
1st U. s. Artillery, Battery D, Lieut. John S. Gibbs
1st U. S. Artillery, Battery M, Capt L. L. Langdon

Hilton Head Island
                                                       Col. De Witt C. Strawbridge

6th Connecticut, Capt. L. C. Allen, Jr.
8th Maine, Capt. Charles C. Perry
Massachusetts Cavalry Battalion, Company I, Capt. L. Richmond
Massachusetts Cavalry Battalion, Company M., Lieut. L. H. Morrill
76th Pennsylvania, Lieut. Col. John C. Campbell
3d Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (four companies), Lieut. Col. John Frieze
1st South Carolina (two companies), Capt. William J. Randolph
3d South Carolina, colored (five companies), Lieut. Col. A. G. Bennett.

                                                          Col. H. M. Plaisted

11th Maine, Col. H. M. Plaisted
4th South Carolina, Company A., Capt. Thomas J. Robinson

Fort Pulaski
                                                          Maj. William Ames

48th New York, Company G, Capt. Anthony Elmendorf
3d Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, Company G, Lieut. George L Smith

Saint Augustine

48th New York (eight companies), Maj. Dudley W. Strickland