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Telegraph Comes to St. Augustine
We have lived to see what many never expected to see --- a telegraph to St. Augustine. After three
hundred years of existence, the Ancient City is at length able to extend instantaneous greeting to her
sister cities. We are now in direct communication with Calcutta by the way of England. The wires
reached us from Jacksonville last week and in a few days they will be in active operation. The cCity is
to erect the office for the operator upon the vacant lot in front of the City Hall. What we want now, to
bring us up to the full dignity of a City, is a Rail Road. A road to Jacksonville would pay well, if it could
get the usual appropriation from the State of every alternative section of land; and this would
undoubtedly be allowed, if applied for. Why woill some of our monied men, use their influence and
means to forward this project? It would be the making of the old town and would cause it to extend
indefinetly on the road to Jacksonville. One or two large first class Hotels would be well supported
here, even now, without the advantage of a rail road. If some one of our money making northern friends
would take advantage of this fact and come in and erect, a suitable house, he would please us and
himself too, we are very sure.

St. Augustine Examiner
December 7, 1867