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Superintendent of Freedmens Schools - Florida
to Brvt Major S. L. McHenry
School Report
June 30, 1866
Page 1
Freedmen's Record
Fernandina Fla June 30, 1866
Brvt Maj. S. L. McHenry

Dear Sir

In response to your request, I respectfully submit the following brief report. There have been
established in the State of Florida under the auspices of the N. F. R. [Editor: National Freedmen's
Relief] Association, thirteen (13) schools and one (1) asylium for Orphans with twnety seven
teachers. By the accompanying table of school statistics, it will be seen that the number of children
reported for the month of May is sixteen hundred and sixty-three. While this is an apprximate result
for the month it by no means reaches the llimit of the number of persons brought within the means of
instruction. It must be borne in mind, that during the school year just closed, the Freedmen have been
very transient. Large number of children and adults have been compelled to change their localities and
numbers have removed beyond the reach of the schools, while others have taken their place and been
received into schools, so that it may be stated with considerable certainty that the number actually
reached by our schools, with more or less are regularily of attendance is double that reported for the
month of May.

Our teachers have generally been faithful and efficient. Their labors have been appreciated by the
freedmen and the few friends who have cared for them as well as by those who have had our interest
sufficient to induce them to (?) them in their work. To claim that every teacher has reached the
measure and magnitude of her office would be to exalt them above the Apostles, one twelfth of whom
betrayed his Master and so greatly grieved his faithful followers.

With considerable sacrifice of the social and (?) discouragements, and against much opposition have
these teachers labored in the accomplishment of a great good to a large number of those, who till
recently have never been permitted the privilege of schools.

In several of the localities where our schools were in operation, we were occupying churches which
have been called for by those who formerly (continued on page 2)

1. Report does not mention the American Missionary Association which was operating in either
Jacksonville or St. Augustine in 1866.

2. There are no know reports with the names of students. All reports only use numbers.

3. Brvt Major S. L. McHenry was the adj General to Osborne the Assistant Commissioner for the
State of Florida.