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The Sunnyside Hotel
St. Augustine Florida
Oldest Remaining hotel

West Augustine
T. F. House built the Sunnyside Hotel in 1876 on property that had been part of Dr. Anderson's estate.
Originally on the site of the
Ponce de Leon, Flagler moved the hotel across the street (to the present site
of the Casa Monica) and gave it to Franklin Smith, encouraging him to run the Sunnyside rather than
build the Casa Monica. The hotel had a capacity of 40 guests and rented for $2.50 per day. It was
renamed "Villula" by 1884 (Sanborne map) and "Villa del Sol"  by Franklin Smith when it was annexed
on December 15, 1886
. It's location was directly on the site of the future Casa Monica. It had a bath
house which had an artesian well with enough force to pump water to the third floor of the hotel.

Demps House
Reverend Moses. Demps of the St. James Baptist Church lived in this house.

Important West Augustine Building Today
This is one of the remaining sections of the Sunnyside Hotel. It is the oldest hotel in town and is older
than the concrete Flagler and Smith hotels.
Sunnyside Hotel
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Sunnyside Hotel
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