St. Johns County
Public Schools and
Teachers 1884-85
St. Johns County Public Schools and Teachers 1884-85
1884 Oct 1  School No. 13 - Moccasin Branch - Sister Clotilda

Oct 3  School No. 14 - Cowpen Branch - ?

School No 22 - Bakersville Miss Lula Nessler

Oct 6  School No 1 - Principal Walter E Kinblo, 1st assistant Miss Elizabeth H    Allen, Primary
department Miss Fannie Rogero, Miss Alice Costumra, Miss Lightfoot Watkins

School No 2 - St. Augustine Principal Miss Emma R Canghey, 1st    Assistant Miss Helen Barton, 2d
Mrs. Dima Grant, Miss Ema Caughey

School No 4 - Fruit Cove - Miss Eugenia D Grove

School No 6 - Sampson Branch - Miss Maggie Mullin

School No 8 - Coxcetterville  - Miss Anta Relf, resigned Miss Millanie    Rogero

School No 10 -
N Picolata - Mis Sandy M Alvarez

School No 11 -
Tocoi Creek - William Craft

School No 12 - St. Augustine - sister M Magdalin, Gertrude Capo,    Theresa Hernandez, Aloysia

School No 15 Mantanzas Mrs Mary Rose Graves

School No 16 Pellicer Creek - Miss Ida Parkes

School No 17 Monthie Creek - M E Greenwood

School No 26 Diego - John David

School No 27 - Durbin Swamp - Miss Emiley V Mullin

School No 28 Casecola - Mrs. M. C. Clark

School No 29 Red House Branch - Miss Nellie O'Hern resigned, Miss    Mary Pomar

Oct 12  School No 9 -
Picolata - Mrs M B Powell

Oct 13  School No 25 - Moses Creek - C. E. Stubbs, resigned Miss Nellie Pellicer

Nov 3  School No 30 - Hewlette Branch - Miss Grace Elliott

Dec 1  School No 3 - Fruit Cove - Miss Mary Francis Dixon

1885 Jan 12  School No 18 (col) Florence - W A Flemming

1885 Webbs
Blacks School colored No. 2, Located on Spanish Street w/115 pupils
Principal:  Miss Emma R. Caughey, Teachers: Miss Helen Barton
Miss Mary E. Howard
Trustees De Dewitt Webb and Benjamin Riley

High School, No. 1 (St. Augustine)
Located at Hospital Street w/145 pupils
Principal Walter E, Knibloe, Teachers Miss Mary Brown, Miss Hortensia    Rogero, Miss Grace Elliott
Trustee Dr. J. K. Rainey

Board of Public Instruction
County Supt.
Peter Arnau
Commrs:  A Lopez (Chairman), John Allen, L. A. Colee, M. S. Usina, W. S. M.Pinkham, C Pomar
was treasurer for the Board of Public instruction.

By March 1, 1883 all county school boards had to have uniform texts for their counties.
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