Klan Background
The Klan was found in Pulaski, Tennessee by six ex-Confederate soldiers in 1866. Soon the group was being organized
by ex-Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forest. The Klan began in November 1867 at Welatka as the Constitutional
League of Florida organized by Charles Fenwick. In December Thomas Shalley created another chapter in Palatka. The
Klan was in Florida to stay. The Klan was supposedly disbanded by General Forest in 1869.

The second incarnation of the Klan occurred in 1915 with a cross-burning ceremony on Stone Mountain, Georgia by
Imperial wizard William J. Simmons. In 1922 Hiram Wesley Evens became the imperial wizard and gained three million
members nationwide. It was anti-black, anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish and anti-immigrant. By 1928 this to passed as the
membership shrunk to no more than several hundred thousand. In Florida the Klan continued to thrive.
Jacksonville held
one of the most powerful klaverns in the state. In Florida labor organizers were added to the list of targets. The IRS in
1944 gave a $685,000 lien against the Klan for back taxes.

Today's Klan is descended from the revival of Dr. Samuel Green in the post war era. It showed itself in the 1948
campaign of the Dixiecrats. In Georgia and Florida complains were received that African Americans were beaten up or
threatened with violence for union activity. Floggings were reported to the U. S. District court for the Southern District of
Florida had occurred every year since 1943.

In the 1953 Eldon Lee Edwards organized a klan in Atlanta called the U. S. Klans of Georgia, Knights of the Ku Klux
Klan. He objective after the Supreme Court decision of
Brown v the Board of Education was: "maintaining segregated
schools at any and all cost."  The Florida Ku Klux Klan was organized in 1955. The Klan kept splintering into more and
more groups until in the 1960s it became possible to belong to any of 15 different Klan organizations. By 1966 you could
belong in Florida to the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Militant Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, United Florida Ku Klux Klan, or
the United Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The dominant KKK organization since 1961 was the United Florida KKK under
Jason E. Kersey. In
Jacksonville the United Klans of America had a strong organization in the fall of 1964 under Donald
Cothran. In 1964-66 there were 27 different klaverns operating in Florida. However, by 1967 it was thought that only 400
members were left in Florida.

Modern Klan in St. Johns County
On June 25, 1961 the Florida KKK and the United KKK joined forces to become the United Florida Ku Klux Klan with
Jason Kersey of Samsula as grand dragon. By 1963 Stoner and Lynch had worked northern Florida over and
reorganized it into a regional Klavern called "Providence No. 41." In 1963 its membership was 400 but by 1964 it had
climbed to 1,000. The Klavern No. 519 part of the United Florida Ku Klux Klan (most members in St. Augustine,
Jacksonville and Lakeland --- the group continued to be part of the National Association of KKK under the chairmanship
of James R. Venable) would be St. Johns County Klavern known also as the Ancient City Gun Club. The face of the
Ancient City Gun Club was Manucy's Raiders organized by Holstead "Hoss" Manucy...a hog farmer and convicted
bootlegger. Many of his raiders had been deputized by St. Johns County Sheriff L. O. Davis. In the beginning they held
weekly meetings on the lot of the St. Augustine Civic Center.

In the sixties there were three individuals that were the powers behind the Klan: J. B. Stoner who was a lawyer from
Atlanta. He had joined the Chattanooga unit of the KKK in 1942 and was made a kleagle by Imperial Wizard James
Colescott. He was expelled from this organization in 1950 when he was expelled from Sam Roper's Associated Klans of
America. By 1958 he was a member of the National State' Rights Party. In 1959 he was the imperial wizard of the
Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from Louisville Kentucky. The National States Rights Party admitted Catholic and
foreign-born members provided they accepted the National States Rights Party program that called for shipping all
Negroes to Africa and deporting all Jews to an "isolated island."

Connie Lynch, a "minister" from California was part of the United Florida KKK. He was their best speaker and could whip
crowds into an emotional frenzy. In 1962 he held membership in Jacksonville Klavern 502 of the United Florida Ku Klux
Klan. The Florida state legislative investigating committee would attribute to the National State Rights Party that both
Lynch and Stone represented to a key role in the racial tension and violence which had plagued the area.

The third individual was Holstead Manucy the head of the Ancient City Gun club and a front for the Klan. Manucy had
served time in the Federal pen for illegal whiskey manufacture. He had been released in 1963.

L O Davis, the St. Johns County sheriff, appeared at rallies, loaned cars to out-of-town knights, allowed Klan meetings in
the county jail. Davis employed at least four members of the Jacksonville Klan as full-time deputies. J. B. Stoner verified
in 1976 that there was some overlap of membership between the Ancient City Gun Club (this particular gun club opened
in 1952 according to Manucy) and the KKK. Congressional investigators called the Gun Club a front for St. Augustine
Klavern No. 519 of the United Florida KKK (HUAC Report, p. 149)

Is the Klan still active in Florida?
The United Northern & Southern Knights of the KKK is headquartered in Englewood, Fl near Port Charlotte. In 2010 it
was actively trying to recruit members from Flagler County.

2009 James Elkins resigns from the Fruitland Police Department. He was the district Kleagle and staff sergeant in the
local KKK.

Lake Wells John Paul Rogers former Grand Dragon runs for mayor in 2011.

Jacksonville is home today (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center) of the following white hate groups: American
Aryan Reich, American Third Position, Confederate Hammerskins, European-American Unity and Rights Organization,
League of the South. The Klan has groups in Homosassa Springs (Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan), Highland City
(True Invisible Empire Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan), Hampton and Englewood (United Northern
and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan).

Witness to a St. Augustine Klan rally where Dr. Hayling and three others were beaten

[Editor's note: This typewritten document was turned over by Adam Clayton Powell to Lee White. The writer of the
document is not identified except as the person who called the beating in. The reader will note that some of the writing is
highly stylized and self serving. I do not know if this document was published elsewhere. The Klan was a key factor in the
St. Augustine Civil Rights struggle providing the violence that overwhelmed the city and exposed the Klan influence in
the City of St. Augustine Police Department and especially in the St. Johns County Sheriffs Department. L. O. Davis had
been sheriff since 1949. He had served in the Army in WWII, special agent for the Florida East Coast Railway and a
member of the St. Augustine Police department. Even today after several revisions the St. John's Sheriffs website says
"... with Sheriff Davis' leadership the community held together." Governor Claude Kirk removed Sheriff Davis from office
in 1970.

Virgil Stuart, St. Augustine's chielf of police had been on the force since 1934. Originally hired as a motorcycle
patrolman he was promoted to the rank of captain in 1936 and named chief in 1958. He held that position until 1981.His
badge, an old badge from St. Augustine, was inscribed on the back "Commemorating the triumph of the white primary
June 15, 1909." In August 18, 1965 he would write to Ed Strickland in Montgomery Alabama:  "I am enclosing herewith
two booklet-type reports by the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee entitled:---"Racial and Civil disorders in St.
Augustine"-----------it would look like "the blackbirds have come to roost" after Los Angeles, Chicago, Springfield,
Washington, D. C. etc. How much longer before they announce officially that they have taken us over?"]

Cover letter was from the Committee on Education and Labor
U. S. House of Representatives and Lee White's name is written in the upper right corner

To: Chairman Powell
From: Odell Clark

It was a murky September evening. The sky was dismally overcast and a strong wind blew in off the Atlantic ocean.
Handbills had been distributed throughout St. Augustine inviting "all white people" to attend a rally of the Ku Klux Klan. I
was asked to attend as an observer.

With a sense of mingled anticipation and apprehension I made my way to the site of the evening meeting. The place
chosen was outside the city, approximately one-half mile off U. S. Highway #1, down a narrow dirt woods roads. The spot
selected was a clearing at the edge of the woods.

On turning off the highway, I noticed a number of robed and hooded men most of whom were directing the parking of
cars. No law enforcement officer was in evidence, either at the highway for directing traffic, or at the meeting to insure
orderly procedure. A dozen or more children, ranging in age from eight through twelve years, were positioned at
irregular intervals along the lane. They were selling Confederate automobile tags.

I was told by a hooded man that I might drive all the way to the end of the road or park alongside the road. I chose to
park half way between the highway and the meeting place, backing into my parking place in case a hasty exit were

No sooner had I arrived at the clearing than a red-robed Klansman ordered the lighting of the cross. It was my first
experience at seeing this well-known desecration of the time-honored Christian symbol, and I felt a sense of revulsion at
it. A huge cross, possibly twenty feet high, had been wrapped in burlap, soaked in a flammable liquid, and placed in an
upright position. A match was applied and the cross immediately was covered with flames. Robed klansmen and
klanswomen, two dozen strong, walked in a circle around the burning cross, giving a sort of sloppy, left-handed sign of
obeisance. It was vaguely reminiscent of the sig-hail salute of the Nazis.

As this procession occurred, one could hear the faint strains of "The Old Rugged Cross" floating across the crowd. A
group of girls, early teen-agers, were humming and singing as the fire became more and more intense.

Before this ceremony was to have been concluded, large chunks of flaming burlap were carried by the high winds into
the nearby grass, and small brush fires were started. It was necessary for the klansmen to push the cross to the ground
and to stamp out the fire.

It was mildly amusing to note that this extreme racist group was robed in three colors, white, red and black. It seemed
ironical that white and black should be mixed so freely in such a meeting, though one sensed that the black was coldly

The meeting was called to order. "Our Brother Klansmen, Gene F. (the surname is not firmly fixed in my mind, though I
think I remember it) will lead in the invocation." Then came the ? draw, "O God, we thank you for this occasion which
brings these good white people together. We know it is your good will that we be here, that we be stirred to the fact that
we've got to fight for what you've given us. All we want is to do your precious will. Help us to be ready to fight, to shed
blood if necessary, to maintain our way of life. In Jesus' precious name we pray, Amen."

Without further preliminaries, the presiding officer said, "Brothers and Sisters;- our speaker of the evening is a man who
has been a minister of the gospel-for more than 35 years. It is my pleasure to introduce to you Brother Connie Lee,
Editor's note: This should be Connie Lynch not Lee] of Alabama." No further biographical information was presented.

"My friends," Lee began, "I want to share with you something of the history, the glorious history, of the Klan. The Klan
was born out of bloodshed, out of a real need to protect the southern white man from the carpetbaggers---the Jew
Carpetbaggers. You know, of course, that the carpetbaggers was Jews, and they come down here and teamed up with
the Niggers and tried to take away everything that the white man had. But they learned that the white man would not
take all this lying down. He organized. He organized into Klan's. He 'rose up to defend his honor and his interests. And,
I'll tell you that to this day, the Jews, the Niggers and all the rest of the colored people are not afraid of anything else,
but they are afraid of the Klan.

"For the last thirty years, the Klan has not been strong, has not been militant. But the Klan is on the move again, and it
is not going to let the Niggers and the Jews take over our country.

":Now, some of you say, 'But Jesus was a Jew.' That just goes to show you how these cotton pickin', half-witted
preachers has fooled you. Jesus wasn't no Jew, he was a white man. Jesus said that the Jews was descended from
Cain, the cursed side of creation. He said that they was children of the devil. So don't let no sentimental fool tell you that
Jesus was a Jew.

"I've been through a lot of battles in my time, and I am still battling for what I know is right. I'm speaking for God and
you'd better hear what I say.  ? ?  me if they can. So I kill'em all, and if there's four less Niggers tonight, then, I say,
'Good for whoever planted the bomb. We're all better off.  [
Editor's Note: Another version of this portion of the speech
is published in
The Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America by Wyn Craig Wade "I'll tell you people here tonight, if they
can find these fellows (responsible for the bombing), they ought to pin medals on them. Someone said, 'Ain't it a shame
that them little children was killed?' In the first place, they ain't little. they're fourteen or fifteen years old---old enough to
have venereal diseases, and I'll be surprised if all of 'em didn't have one or more. In the second place, they weren't
children. Children are little people, little human beings, and that means white people. There's little dogs and cats and
apes and baboons and skunks and there's also little niggers. But they ain't children. They're just little niggers. And in
the third place, it wasn't no shame they was killed. Why? Because when I go out to kill rattlesnakes, I don't make no
difference between little rattlesnakes and big rattlesnakes, because I know it is the nature of all rattlesnakes to be my
enemies and to poison me if they can. So I kill'em all, and if there's four less niggers tonight, then I say, 'Good for
whoever planted the bomb!' We're all better off....I believe in violence, all the violence it takes either to scare the niggers
out of the country or to have 'em all six feet under."]

"Some people say that we'll all be in heaven together. The hell we will! Only God's family will be in heaven, and Niggers
and Jews ain't God's family. Ain't gonna be no animals in heaven, and ain't gonna be no sons of perdition there. It's just
a shame some people brought these black animals over here, animals highly enough developed so that their seed can
mix with your seed. But they won't be here much longer, because the Klan is getting stronger. People up North are
begging us to come up there to help them organize. Imagine that! They've decided they don't like the Niggers too well,
either, and they want help. And we are busy and growing in the South.

"I believe in violence, all the violence it takes either to scare the Niggers out of the country or to have 'em all six feet
under, My old Daddy told me never to trust that old kicking mule we had, and never to trust a Nigger. That was good

"Some of the Niggers say, 'We want to go to your churches.' There ain't but one manly, Christian thing to do when they
try, and that is to meet 'em at the church house door with a baseball bat and to beat their brains out.

"I'll tell you something else. You've got a Nigger in St. Augustine ought not to live.....that burr-headed bastard of a
dentist. He's got no right to live at all, let alone walk up and down your streets and breathe the white man's free air. He
ought to wake up tomorrow morning with a bullet between his eyes. If you were half the men you claim to be you'd kill
him before sunup."

At this point an elderly bystander shouted, "Tell us about King!" Lee screamed, "Oh, you mean Martin Luther Coon.
That's the biggest enemy we've ever had. He's crocked as a snake. He ought to have been killed a long time ago. I
heard him on TV the other night saying, 'The Negro is not satisfied.' Well, he never will be, because before they are
satisfied they all will be six feet under the ground. That Elijah Mohammed said the other day that they were ready to
sacrifice 10,000,000 Niggers in their fight. Well now, that's just fine, because if they are willing to sacrifice 10,000,000 I'll
be more than happy to help them sacrifice the other 10,000,000.

"They want to mix with you, do they? Well listen, if you mix ice cream and axle grease, you don't hurt the axle grease
much as all, but you play hell with the ice cream. In spite of what those numb-skull idiots on the Supreme Court say, they
ain't got no right to mix with you and don't you let 'em. If you have to fight and shed blood, theirs or yours, do it! You
won't hear the white man whining when he has a few casualties like the Niggers do. They scream and cry about those
dead animals in Birmingham. The Niggers started the war and when you start a war you expect some to die. More will
die, and you'd better be ready to see to it that they do. I'm speaking for God, and you'd better listen. [
Editors note: The
reference to Birmingham is to the 16 Street Baptist Church Bombing where 4 young girls Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia
Wesley, Denise McNair and Carole Robertson, were killed on September 15, 1963.The bomb exploded during Sunday
services. The same day James Robinson a 16 year old was shot in the back by Birmingham Police officer and a 13 year
old Virgil Ware was shot by a sixteen year old . Birmingham had become a killing field for African American children.]

"We've got guts enough to do something about the situation and no other organization has. We need a good strong
group in St. Augustine. You come and sign up. But don't come if you are weak or a coward. This ain't no peaceful
organization. We aim to do whatever is necessary to put the Nigger back in his place, preferably in his grave."

The Speech lasted an hour and a quarter. It was met with frenzied, screaming approval and rebel yells, especially
throughout the first half. The crowd, largely young adults and children with but few oldsters, had been at fever pitch
emotionally. However, after an hour, some began to drift away and the crowd dwindled to about two-thirds its original
size of 250 persons.

Following Lee's address, Gene F. again was introduced, and this time he was identified as being from MacClenny. He
was a singularly dull, inept speaker and the crowd shrunk rapidly until it numbered about 100. The earlier speaker tried
to inject enthusiasm and life into his address by shouting his approval of what was said and by calling for the crowd to
do so. Two or three times he met with some success, but finally only he was clapping and shouting. The crowd had
become restless and inattentive. Having stamped and shouted approval for so long, they now seemed bored.

At this point, there came shouts from the bushes. "Niggers! Niggers! Niggers!" Frantically, Connie Lee jumped from the
platform and jerked a gun from his coral-colored Cadillac, cocking it as he handed it to a younger man. Another gun
appeared as if from out of the air and large knives, sticks and brass knucks appeared on all sides. Twenty or more men
went into the bushes to the north and in a few moments, they brought four Negro men to the platform. Each Negro was
prodded by a knife or a gun in his back.

There were all sorts of taunts, vile, vicious, frantic. "Boy, what're y'all doing out here?" "We just came out to run our fish
lines," came the reply. Inasmuch as the spokesman wore a short-sleeved white shirt, a tie and neat slacks, the crowd
screamed their unbelief. One of the Negroes was snatched around and ordered, "Wipe that smile off your face," which
he attempted to do immediately. I marveled

page 8 is missing

Having observed the confusion and cowardice written in the men's faces, I had a fleeting impulse to step forward and to
say, "All right, I am a white Southerner, too, but you've lost your minds. Shoot these men if you wish, but shoot through
me. Come on, fellows, let's go," and then to take them to my car. I still wonder if calling their bluff in this way might not
have worked. I must say, however, any plan to follow such a course was short-lived.

The beating continued, the women persisting with, "Castrate the bastards!" "Kick their balls out!" "Knock their heads
off!" "Kill 'em. Come on, do something!" "They had to trespass to get here, they've got no right to live. String 'em up."

Nearby, a robed woman spoke in a semi-whisper to her husband. "Go get the head chopper....and get the rope, and for
God's sake, take off your robe and leave it in the car. You don't want to mess it up." It was then I knew I had to leave the
crowd, make my way to a telephone and summon police help. But I was almost in the middle of the mob, and to get away
was extremely precarious. My automobile was a quarter mile away. The people had been reminded repeatedly that
"spies" doubtless were present. No one else was leaving at this time, and there was no certainty that a person leaving
would not be shot.

At each blow of the fist and responding shout from the crowd, I managed to take a few steps through the mob, and to
take up a new position for a few seconds. Finally, after an eternity of seconds, I had worked my way to the extreme edge
of the gathering. There then was nothing to do but to saunter casually toward my automobile, kicking aimlessly in the
sand as I walked along. Once in my car, I left quickly but not at excessive speed.

Stopping at a nearby bowling alley, I noticed at least two men who earlier had been at the rally, so I casually asked the
manager for enough change for three packages of cigarettes and a couple of phone calls. I had only a five dollar bill
and two pennies with me. Then I learned that the sole telephone booth in the bowling alley was occupied. I waited two or
three minutes, drinking a soft drink so as not to appear too anxious. When the telephone was not released, I drove north
in search of another toll telephone.

First I called the sheriff's office and reported the incident. The way in which I was answered with, "Is that so? Thank you,"
left me with the feeling that he almost had been expecting such a call and again I wondered if perhaps i had become
unnecessarily excited. But with the shouts, the blood, the weapons still vividly in my mind, I knew the beatings were not a
show. Aware that local law enforcement had been reputed to be somewhat inequitable along racial lines, I still feared
that nothing might be done in time to save the four Negroes. I had known that Negroes recently had been arrested and
sentenced for "littering" when they passed out handbills. I know also that the Ku Kluxers had not been arrested for doing
the same thing on that day, or rather than some had been brought in and released, the police saying, "but they weren't

Having this anxiety, my next step was to call the state Adjutant General's office. I was required to give considerable
information about myself before making a report on the current fracas, but someone in that office did take the
information from me.

Still wondering if enough had been done, I then placed a long distance call to the F.B.I. in Jacksonville. I fully identified
myself by name, profession and address and I made a report on the current mob action. It seemed to me that both
federal and local laws were being flaunted and that each agency at least should have the information, beginning on the
local level and going to the top.

At the time I had left the meeting, I had decided that to call the authorities was about all I could do to alleviate the
situation and that it would be dangerous and foolish to drive along back down the narrow, dark road into the woods. So
far as I know, I was the only person to have left the meeting during the fever pitch of excitement. I knew a few within the
crowd had seen me leave and that if I rejoined them, my own safety might be in jeopardy. Yet I could not leave the area
without knowing that the men either were safe or dead.

I then drove back to the bowling alley (which was by the entrance to the woods road) and parked in front of it. A small
group of young men from the rally had gathered by the corner of the bowling alley. They were about forty feet from me.
After waiting for about 10 minutes, I saw a green, unmarked automobile pass, in which were two officers and the four
Negroes. With this I felt free to leave, and I headed for home.

Since then I have learned that four white men from among the mob were arrested on a charge of assault and battery,
and that they were released on $100 bond each. (This, incidentally, is as small as the smallest bond exacted of the
Negroes in recent demonstrations. Some have been as high as $750). The sheriff is reported to have said that by the
time of his arrival, the crowd had dwindled to nothing. However, as I left the bowling alley to return home, I looked down
the lane and there were many more than four cars still parked along the way to the meeting place. Perhaps some of
these brave klansmen and their vocal women had made for the bushes, and perhaps only four people still were in
evidence, but I have no doubt that a minimum of effort would have revealed others.

I also have learned that while I was telephoning, the beatings became more brutal than any which I had witnessed and
that three of the Negroes are hospitalized at this writing. To give proper credit to the sheriff, I must say that he arrived
on the scene within a very few minutes after he was called.

Editors Note: When the sheriff arrived the crowd was getting ready to pour gasoline over the four men and light them
on fire. One Klansmen excitedly asked, "Did you ever smell a nigger burn? it's a mighty sweet smell." (from Wade's
Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America,
327.) After Sheriff Davis after conferring with Gene Fallow arrested four white
men, they swore out charges against Hayling, saying he jumped out of his car and pointed a gun at them. It was alleged
that those responsible for the actual beatings were Lynch and Fallaw, assisted by Robert Sylvester Arant, Joseph H.
Bedford and Albert T. Massey. In February 1966 before the House UnAmerican Activities Fallaw and Arant, officers of
the United Florida KKK , (Arant was the exalted cyclops of the
Palatka Kavern of the UFKKK.) invoked the fifth
amendment in response to questions regarding their part in the violence attending this rally.

The next night the crowd swelled to 2,500 participants.

On October 16, 1963, Dr. Hayling was convicted and fined $100. On November 4, the four whites were acquitted.]
Speakers at a KKK rally - Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Photographed on March 23, 1961.
L-R: Bart Griffin, Connie Lynch and Don Cochran.
(Editor's note: This is the date given by Florida Memory but I don't think that its
Cross burning by the KKK north of the Dobbs Brothers Book Bindery -
Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Photographed on July 23, 1964.
Ku Klux Klan recruiting rally - Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Photographed on July 23, 1964.
Ku Klux Klan recruiting rally - Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Photographed on July 23, 1964.
Ku Klux Klan rally - Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
L-R: Grand Dragon of the United Klan Don Cochran and J. B. Stoner.
Ku Klux Klan rally - Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Photographed on July 23, 1964.
L-R on truck: Don Cochran, Connie Lynch and Bart Griffin.
(left) Ku Klux Klan rally -
Saint Augustine, Florida
Florida Memory
Standing in bed of truck L-R: Don
Cochran, J. B. Stoner.
Return to St. Augustine Civil rights
St. Augustine Ku Klux Klan Rally
September 18, 1963
Eyewitness Testimony
(Beating of Dr. Robert Hayling, James Hauser , James Jackson,
and Clyde Jenkins)

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson
President, 1963-1969
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Connie Lynch June 9, 1964 St.
Augustine: "I favor violence to
preserve the white race...Martin
Lucifer Coon! That nigger says its
gonna be a hot summer. If he
thinks the niggers can make it a
hot summer, I will tell him that
one-hundred-forty-million white
people know how to make it a
hotter summer! ...If it takes
violence to preserve the
Constitution, I say all right. I favor
violence to preserve the white
race anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
Now I grant you, some niggers are
going to get killed in the process,
but when war's on that's what
Adam Clayton Powell
Lee White
Special Counsel to
John F. Kennedy and
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Klan Structure

Exclted cyclops - chief officer
kaliff - vice president
klokard - lecturer or teacher
kludd - chaplain
kligrapp - secretary
klabee - treasurer
kladd - conductor
klarogo -inner guard
klexter - outer guard
klokan - investigator
night kawk - custodian of the fiery cross
kleagles - klan organizers

klectokon - initiation fee into the Klan

The four basic kloranic degrees of a KKK organization are
1 the Order of Citizenship or K-Uno
2. Kinghts Kamellia or K['Duo
3. Kinghts of the Great Forest or K-Trio
4. Knights of the Midnight Mystery or K-Quad

There are klan kolors and a klan kalendar with secret
handclasps and spoken greetings to help members recognize a
brother member of the order.