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Beginnings of St. Augustine Electricity
Thomas Edison displayed the first electric light bulb on December 31, 1879. On September 4, 1882,
Thomas Edison put a six-generator plant into operation in New York City. When the Ponce de Leon
Hotel plant was finished in 1888 it was the largest isolated incandescent lighting plant ever constructed
--- an 8,000 light plant.  The building housed four direct current Edison dynamos. Coal-fired boilers
powered the dynamos and the artesian well had a generator powered by the foot-wide, twenty-foot
high gushing well. An article in the
Manufactures and Builders Magazine  stated that the
10,000,000 gallons of water a day was applied under a turbine water wheel that covered the well and
operated the dynamos that provided electricity for the hotel.

The lights were turned on in the dining room on January 6,  four days before the special dinner on
opening night. The lights throughout the hotel were ready for the opening ceremonies.

The electrical system in the Ponce de Leon, Alcazar, and Casino was upgraded in 1894. The upgrade
included rewiring through brass conduits, cabinets, and marble junction tablets designed by Albert T.
Best, electrician of the Flagler system. There were 2,000 lights at the Alcazar and 1,200 at the Casino.

Also in 1894, the St. Augustine Electric Plant applied for incorporation for the plant to produce light,
heat and power; it would take St. Augustine until 1899 to get its own electric plant with the St.
Augustine Gas and Electric Company.
Flagler Construction 1885 to 1890
Flagler Era 1890 to 1900
Ponce de Leon Hotel
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Signor Jovine - 1889 Singer
The Fame of the Ponce de Leon Hotel
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Harry Flagler Takes Charge of Hotel
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Artists Who Created Hotel
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Cuban Giants at Ponce de Leon Hotel
Reception for Mrs. U. S. (Julia) Grant at
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Electricity in St. Augustine
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Alcazar Hotel
Casa Monica or Cordova
Flagler Hotel Competition
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Coast Guard Alters the Ponce de Leon Hotel
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