Stanton Normal School
The Florida Institute
Jacksonville Florida
Randall to Whipple
Nov 2, 1869

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Jacksonville, Florida
Nov. 2d 1869

Geo Whipple Esq.
New York

My dear Sir -

I am in receipt of a note from Mr. C. T. Chase State Supt. of education requesting me to send you a copy of the
"description of the Normal School property, in whose name it is held, the book and page where the deed is recorded."

I have furnished it several times for him heretofore and he ought to have it at his finger's end (?)

The deed is executed by O. B. Hart, a son, heir and executor of I. D. Hart the original proprietor, dated Feby 14, 1868,
recorded Feb 22, 1868 in Book P, page 214 to 216 of Deeds in Duval Co. Florida and conveys to C. Thurston Chase,
Geo J. F. Garvin, John R. Scott, Samuel Spearing and Edwin M. Randall, as Trustees of the Florida Institute at
Jacksonville Fla, and to their successors in office in trust for Educational purposes that certain block of land on the
Western outskirts of the City of Jacksonville delinated on the map or plan of part of said City made by Isaiah D. Hart now
deceased, as Block No one hundred and twelve (112) containing six lots each 105 feet square, or 1 1/2 acres, bounded
north by Beaver Street, east by Clay St. South by Ashley St, and West by Bridge Streed. Consideration $850, paid. The
Florida Institute was incorporated by voluntary articles of association by the aforesaid Trustees under the general laws of
Florida on the 30th January A. D. 1868, and thse articles are duly recorded in Duval county in Book P. of deeds pp 62,
63, 64 on the 3d Feby 1868.

The Trustees chose C. Thurston Chase as President, E. M. Randall, Secretary, Geo. C. Ward of N. Y. as treasurer on
the 30th January 1868. On the 8th day of July 1868, Mr. Ward declined to accept the office of Treasurer and George
Whipple of New York was chosen treasurer. May 3d 1869 W. L. Coan was elected a Trustee in place of Mr. Galvin decd
and Mr. Coan was chosen asst Treasurer.

On the 10th April 1869 a school house was completed upon the lots, having been erected under the direction of Lt. Col.
Geo W. Gile U. S. A. Asst. Comm. of the "Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands," and was dedicated on
that day at a public meeting held therein, as "The Stanton Normal School."

The legal corporate name is "The Trustees of the Florida Institute."

Very respectfully yours
obt servt  E. M. Randall
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