Return to Dr. Bronson's St. Augustine  
Sheriff Perry and Robbers
Sheriff Perry and his reliable deputy Ed Turner quietly took a wagon and drove away recently. This
morning in Justice Crocker's court the object of their drive was disclosed. By the evidence of S.
Larsen and his friend, Louis Jensen, two Swedes, journeying from
Jacksonville to St. Augustine for the
purpose of making a living. Sevin Larsen carried the financial wealth of the pair of honest toilers; it
amounted to $21 and was wrapped in a pocket-book and carried many miles. When the wayfarers
reached the trestle which crosses the swamp between Clarkesville and Durbin two negroes halted
them, inquired the business of the Swedes and offered to lighten their load as the day was hot. One of
the negroes, Robert Taylor presented Mr. Larsen with a Winchester rifle, but discourteously held the
trigger himself, and told him to "give up."

Times Union Dec. 9, 1891
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