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The Season at the Champlain
The Season at the Champlain.
Hotel Champlain, Clinton County, N. Y., Sept. 28. - The most successful season in the history of the
Champlain closed today. Manager
O. D. Seavey and Mrs. Seavey, with a party of friends, will leave
early next week on their annual hunting trip through the Adirondacks.

They will return in time to see that the hotel, with all its elegant appointments and expensive machinery,
is in proper shape for Winter, when it will be left in charge of watchmen and caretakers. Mr. Seavey,
who a year or so ago resigned the management of the
Ponce de Leon and other hotels in the St.
Augustine system, will probably spend this Winter in California.

Northing but good has been said of the Champlain this year. Many rooms have already been engaged
for next Summer, and of the five cottages connected with the hotel four have been rented for the
season of 1896 by their present occupants.

New York Times
Sept 29, 1895

[The hotel was opened on June 17, 1890.[1] The original hotel was badly damaged by fire in 1910.[2]
A new building was constructed and used from 1911 until it was closed in 1951 and converted into a
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