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Sarah Mather's
School For Young Ladies
St. Augustine Florida
Miss Mather's School for Young Ladies,

At St. Augustine, Florida.
The Fourth Year of this School will commence on Monday, the 15th October.

Miss Mather has secured the valuable assistance of Miss M. L. Wright, a lady of superior attainments,
and formerly a teacher in the Female College, Greensboro', Ga., and the Judson Institute, Marion, Ala.

In addition to the English branches, and Latin, French and Music, instruction will be given in Drawing and
Painting, in various styles, oils, water colors, etc.

It is needless to call attention to the great salubrity of this climate, which renders St. Augustine a healthful
and delightful residene, in Summer as well as Winter.

Invalids coming to St. Augustine with their families, will find this a desirable home for thier children, where
special attention will be paid to their moral and mental training; and for those not intending to remain
throughout the year, satisfactory arrangements can be made.

This place is easy of access from Steamers from Charleston and Savannah to
Tocoi, and from thence by
railroad to St. Augustine.

Pupils under 12 (including board and tuition in English), per annum $200.
Over 12 years of age, $300
Languages, each $25.00
Music $50.00
Drawing and Painting $50
Day scholars from $30 to $40
Washing, extra,
half the Annual Payment to be made in advance.
Each pupil is expected to bring a spoon, fork and napkins.
The scholastic year commences 15th October, and closes 15th July.

Rev. Dr. Myers, St. Augustine Fla
O M Dorman Esp St Augustine Fla
Dr. Jno E Peck St Augustine
P Bent, Esq. St Aug
B. E. Carr, Esq., St Aug
G Burt, Esq., St Augustine
Mr. Andreau Po. Master, St Aug
Dr. Benedict, Magnolia Fla
Col Dancy - Orange Mills Fla
Rev E P Crane Palatka Fla
Judge Forward
Col Hemming Jacksonville

C Cooper Gibbs, Esq Lake City
Rev Mr. McNeil, Fayettesville NC
Rt. Rev. Bishop Meade, Va
Rev D. V. Moore, D. D., Richmond VA
Rev Theo Pryor DD Petersburg, Va
Rev R. C Galbraith, Govanstown, Md
Rev Mr. Patton, Philadelphia
Rev J. P. Ripley Philadelphia
Rev Walter Powell, Lancaster Pa
Rev Nathan Hoyt DD Athens Ga
Rev Homer Heendee, Pres. Female College, Greensboro Ga
Col Wm Mitchell, Athens, Ga.
Hon Stephen Fairbanks Boston
Joseph S Ropes, Boston
Moses H. Baldwin, Park Row New York
John Baldwin Park Row, New York
Dr. Oliver Bronson New York
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