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St. Augustine Run Aways
June 30, 1821

Ran Away
From the subscriber on the 12th inst. A negro wench named Milly. Had on when she went away a
blue and white plaid home spun frock and plaid handkerchief. She is about 5'6" very plausible in
speech. A reward of $5 will be given for her delivery to the Subscriber. All persons are forbid
harboring her and masters of vessels are cautioned against taking her out of the city.
John Ayles

Oct 20, 1821
Is hereby given that the following described Negroes were apprehended in East-Florida and brought
to the Creek Agency by a detachment of Indian warriors under the command of Col. William Miller a
half breed Indian of the Creek nation. All persons interested are hereby notified to attend at
Thlecatch-ca, near Fort Mitchell, on the first Monday in November next and prove their property
otherwise they will be sold for the benefit of the captors.
John Crowell
Indian agent

Nov. 24, 1821
A negro wench warranted to be sound sober and honest an excellent Cook, washer and ironer and
the only fault she has is running away to avoid trouble. The price is $450 cash. Apply to the printer.

NB  To a planter who has a family she would be invaluable.

Dec. 22
Whereas a number of runaways and Negroes were taken in East Florida in June last by Col Miller
acting under orders of the chiefs of the Creek Nation and carried to Fort Mitchell -- we, the
subscribers, Agents of the owners of said runaways having gone to Fort Mitchell to substantiate their
claims, take this method to acquaint the public that we received from Col Crowell Indian Agent
General McIntosh and other chiefs of the Creek nation every aid and honorable efforts for the
recovery of said property.
James Darley
Frank Sanchez

20 dollar reward
Ran away from the subscriber on Sunday night 23d ult his negro woman called Eulaha aged about 28
of reddish complexion, middling size, stout, and rather clumsy, walking with a sort of difficult as if
lame of one foot, slightly marked on the face with African marks which at first appear like pock
marks, a whole in the middle of the upper lip made probably to wear a ring. She speaks French,
English and Spanish but having been raised in a French family her pronunciation of both English and
Spanish is incorrect. She carried a large bundle of clothing of her own consisting of some muslin,
calico, and checkered homespun dresses, blankets, handkerchiefs, and together with some utensils of
blue Liverpool china. She always wears a coloured handkerchief around the head and will probably
wear on her way a cloak of fine gray bath coating. All persons are warned against harboring or taking
out of the territory said wench or they will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

The above reward will be paid to any person catching the said negro wench and all expenses for
sending her or going after her and returning her to subscriber, will be cheerfully compensated. Also, a
reward of $5 to any person that give any information by which she may be recovered. From the
circumstances of a negro man named Ben, the property of Captain James R. Hanhan and a Negro
woman Tomasa of Mrs. Trentes having run away on the same day, it is probable that these three
Negroes are together and it is supposed their intention is to cross over to Havana or retire to the
Indian nation.

Louis Latouche
St. Augustine March 1, 1823

The owners of plantations round St. Augustine will much oblige the subscriber by making known to
the Indians the reward above mentioned and the marks by which she may be recognized.

Taken Up as a Runaway Slave and Brought to this jail by Constable Bellows.
Ansel, a black man, about 5'9" high, rather a good looking negro, says belongs to Mr. Habersham of
Savannah, and has a certificate from Capt Chase, of the Steamboat
Ponsett, that he was discharged
from that boat at Charleston on the 18th of last month, to go to Savannah. The owners thus notified,
so that he may prove his property, pay the expenses and take him away.

John Carreras, jailor
St. Augustine 1st August 1838
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