Executive Department East Florida
St. Augustine
February 1, 1822

Florida Territorial Papers
Executive Department East Florida
St. Augustine Feb. 1st 1822

Sir -- I enclose you a Register of the officers in this Province, since my assuming, the duties of the station, to which the
President & Genl. Jackson appointed me ---

I also enclose an account of Wm. Reynolds, whom, I found here on my arrival employed as private Secretary, to the
Officer commissioned by General Jackson, to administer the affairs of this Government, till I should reach this place. As I
was appointed Acting Governor, virtually, and was convinced that, it was impossible for me without employing a person
to copy & translate papers for me, to organize the temporary Government & carry on the double correspondence which I
deemed necessary, with the different Heads of the State & War Departments at Washington & with the Captain General
at Pensacola, I continued Mr. Reynolds; But told him candidly, that I was not authorised or empowered to appoint or
employ a Private Secretary, the risk of receiving any compensation from the Government of the United States as I, could
make no agreement or guarantee on the subject --- He said it was not so much the pecuniary compensation, as the
benefit which might result to him, in being continued that made him anxious on the subject --- it might have the effect of
bringing him into public view & be introductoryto something profitable & permanent --

Under all views, I thought it best to continue him all the month past --- And should liked to have still kept him in office ---
But as the duties of my situation since I have, within a few days discontinued writing Pensacola; & this Government being
organized; leaves me, perhaps with a little assistance, sufficient time to discharge all the duties which devolve on me,
without employing, formally a private Secretary, I have requested Mr. Reynolds, to wind up his office, and he has
enclosed me this account Marked A. --- I have made a few observations in the account itself --- A view to public
economy has induced me to take this step --- and until ex [missing] authorized to fill it, shall [missing] leave the office of
private Secretary, vacant.

With distinguished consideration &c

W. G. D. Worthington
Secretary & acting Governor of East Florida

The Honorable John Quincy Adams Secretary of State Washington

Register of Public Officials of East Florida (Territorial Papers)
February 1, 1822
The Civil and Military Government of East Florida, as it was at and since the 20th August 1821, on which day W. G. D.
Worthington, Secretary and Acting Governor, assumed the Administration of the affairs of that Province up the 1st
February 1822.

Executive Department
Andrew Jackson
Gov of the Floridas &c &c -- Born S. Carolina, last from Tennessee. I have heard of his resignation
but I know nothing of it officially ----

W. G. D. Worthington Sec. and Acting Gov. of East Florida Born Maryland. He has never received one cent as fees or
emmoluments he expects all in his salary.

Wm Reynolds Private Secretary. Born Pennsylvania. Mr. Reynolds was employed by the provisional Secretary Captain
Bell, and continued by Mr. Worthington and no salary fixed --- & discontinued by Mr. Worthington so soon as he found
his services not indispensible -- On which he claimed $1 50/100 per day while employed.

Judicial Department
William P DuVal, District Judge. Born Kentucky

James G. Forbes, Marshall. Born Florida. Fees little or nothing -- Col Forbes tho' Born in St. Augustine East Florida,
has resided for a long time in New York

John G. Bird, District Att. Born Georgia. Dead.

Greenbury A. Gaither, District Att. Born Maryland. Pro. tem. vice Mr. Bird dec. appointed by W. G. D. Worthington with
the approbation of Judge DuVal--He comes from Ky -- but I believe was born in Md.

James S. Tingle, Clerk. Born Virginia.

Antelmo Gay, Interpreter and Translator.  Born France. Fees as per Ordinance.

John Law, Bailiff. Born England.

David Walker, Crier. Born Scotland.

Court of the County of St. Johns
Thomas Fitch
, Presiding Justice. Born Massachusetts. Dead. The Judges for every order in decree out of court 50 cts
and for trying a cause and entering Judgment each $1.00 as p' ord. [Editor's note: Thomas Fitch was a lawyer,
plantation owner, and slaveholder. He lived in St. Augustine when Florida was ceded to the United States. A yellow fever
epidemic came to St. Augustine in 1821, and within days of his appointment as Judge, Thomas Fitch, his wife and
children died of the yellow fever.]

John Beckley Presiding. Born S. Carolina
Justice vice
Fitch dec.

Philo Andrews, Presiding Justice vice Beckley removed out of the Province. Born Mass. Resigned.

Thomas H. Penn. Born Florida. Presiding Justice vice Andrews -- according to Seniority under the ordinance last from

Greenbury A. Gaither. Born Maryland. Resigned. He is from Kentucky.

George Murray. Born Virginia. vice Gaither.

Thomas Reynolds

Farquair Bethune
, Born Florida

George Murray Pros. Att. Born Virginia. Five dollars for each conviction - resign'd.

John Rodman, Pros. Atty. Born New York. Pro tem vice Murray.

George Gibbs, Clerk. Born England. Fees according to Gen Jackson's ordinance.

James R. Hanham, High Sheriff. Born England. Appointed by Gen. Jackson. fees according to Ordinance &c [U. S.
Army officer, appointed 1st Lieutenant, Nov 1, 1806. This appointment would make him the first Sheriff of St. Johns

Gamaliel Darling, High Constable. Born New York. Fees as per Ordinance -- resign'd

William Dawson, High Constable. Born Georgia. Fees &c. vice Darling.

Juan de Entralgo, one of the Judges. Born Spain. Objected to take the Oath to support Constitution United States &c
and declined. [Last Spanish mayor of St. Augustine] [

Ruperto Savedra, one of the Judges. Born Spain. Objected to take the Oath &c and declined.

Corporation Appointments for St. Augustine.
James G. Forbes,
Mayor. Born Florida. He is last from New York. [Son of Rev. Forbes of the British period.]

Daniel Copp. Born Connecticut. Dead [Died January 10, 1822]

Antonio Trayai [Triay]. Born Florida

Antelme Gay. Born France. Resigned.

Bernardo Segui. Born Spain

Philo Andrews. Born Massachusetts. Resigned.

Charles Robion. Born St. Domingo. Resigned.

Francisco Reyes. Born Spain.

John du Bose. Born South Carolina.

Fran. J. Fatio. Born Florida. Resigned gone to Cuba.

George Murray Clarke. Born Virginia. Resigned.

Willliam Robinson. Born Scotland.

Edmund Law. Born District of Columbia.

John Rodman. Born New York.

Edward R. Gibson.
Born Maryland.

Alden. Borne Maine.

John du Bose. Born South Carolina. Resigned as Alderman & apptd Clk vice Murray.

Abm Eustis. Born Massachusetts. Declined accepting.

Peter Mitchell. Born Scotland. Declined.

Chester Sully. Born England. Declined.

Wm M. Gibson. Born Georgia. Declined.

Justices of Peace for St. Johns County
John duBose.
Born South Carolina. Fees as per Ordinance

William G. Davis. Born Pennsylvania.

Evaristo Mauri. Born Italy. Removed out of the Province.

Francis P. Fatio. Born Florida.

James Hall. Born New Hampshire.

Ezekiel Hudnall. Born Virgina. Commission recalled by Gov. Worthington.

John Edwards.

John Addison. Born Ireland. Refus'd to act

A. H. McGilvary. Born South Carolina. Declin'd acting.

Wm Drummond. Born Florida

Wm. Reynolds. Appointed on being discontinued as Private Secretary to the Acting Governor.

Board of Health
M. Stone
-- Resd. Physician and Pres. of the B of Health. Born Massachusetts. Dead.

Wm. H. Simmons, Pres Bd of Health. Born S. Carolina. Declined acting.

J. P. C. McMahon, Pres B of Health and Resd Physician. Fees as pr Ordinance &c

The board of Aldermen Ex-officio-members.

Richard Murray, Health Officer. Born Ireland. Fees as pr Ord &c.

Board of Pilotage
John Rodman
, Pres. of Bd of Pilotage. Born New York.

William Reynolds, Member Pilots for the Bar and Harbor of St. Augustine. Born Pennsylvania.

George Gibbs, Member Pilots for the Bar and Harbor of St. Augustine. Born England.

Officers of the Customs
John Rodman
, Coll. of the Customs. Born New York.

Rd. S. Hackley, Inspector. Born Virginia. Not yet come in.

Geo. Gibbs, Inspector. Born in England. Pro-tem vice M Hackley --- Long time in N. Carolina, but last from New York.

Geo K. Gibbs
. Born N. Carolina. Dead.

Patrick Lynch. Borne Ireland.

Charles Vignoles. Born Ireland.

Alfred W. Hynes. Born Kentucky. Vice Gibbs ---

Translators and Interpreters of the Spanish & French languages
F. J. Fatio
. Born in florida. Resigned.
Antelm Gay. Born in France.
Charles Gobert. Born in France.
Charles Vignoles. Born in Ireland

Edmund Law,
Alcalde &c. Born in the district of Columbia. He is by Genl jacksons Ordinance Notary, Register of wills,
Recorder of Deeds, Judge of Probates, Keeper of the Archives, Justice of the Peace &c.

Notaries Public
Thomas H. Penn
, in St. Augustine. Born in Florida

Farquair Bethune in Amelia Island. Born in Florida.

A. H. McGilvary.
Born in South Carolina. Resigned.

Peter Menard. Born in France.

Charles Robion. Born in St. Domingo.

Harbour Master

Port Warden

Peter Farnham,
Keeper of the Light House St. Augustine. Born in Connecticut. Resigned.

William Brown, Keeper of the Light House St. Augustine. Vice Farnham.

Postmaster of the United States
Thos H. Penn
Vice.        Born in Florida
Beers.   Resigned.

Military Establishment at St. Augustine
Abraham Eustis
, Lt Col. Comm.

Mr. Worthington, offered the Mayoralty & places of aldermen to the Spanish Subjects whom he found in office -- But they
declined it, because, they were not prepared to take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States --- with the
solitary exception of F. J. Fatio, whom he immediately reappointed, the others retired of their own accord--- He
afterwards offered to put half Spainiards [Minorcians] Mr. Segui, Trayai & Reyes --- They declined for the same reason
--- Not prepared to take the Oath &c.
John Quincy Adams
Secretary of State
Judge William P DuVal
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