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Ration Request
Fernandina Florida Area
March 1866

Freedmen's Bureau Records
Fernandina March 27th 1866


I have the honor to respectfully request that a supply of rations be sent to this post for the use of the Orphan Asylum. I think about (1200) rations would
supply the Asylum for the month of April “and other infirm and destitute persons.”

Respectfully Yours
Thomas Leddy

One of the least recognized missions of the Bureau was to provide food after the War of Rebellion. This food prevented starvation until the disrupted food
supply of the war torn south could be fixed. Throughout the war food had been in short supply in the south and with some harvesting failures after the war the
need for rations was critical. The orphan's asylum was located in Fernandina at this time and would be under Captain Thomas Leddy as the sub assistant
commissioner of the Fernandina area.
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