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Old Protestant Cemetery
St. Augustine Florida
(Huguenot Cemetery)
1901 picture from the Library of Congress. Distinct lack of tomb stones today.
The City Government established the cemetery in 1821 for the burial of yellow fever victims and
non-Catholics. It was owned by the Presbyterian Church since 1832. The Huguenot Cemetery was
established soon after Florida became a U. S. territory. The cemetery is  located just outside St.
city gate, The cemetery property was acquired by the Rev. Thomas Alexander and then sold
to the
Presbyterian Church in 1832. By the 1884 concerns for sanitation and public health the city
government required that all public and religious burying grounds in St. Augustine city limits be closed.

The Huguenot Cemetery is significant because it was the first cemetery in St. Augustine dedicated for
Anglo-American civilians. The burial traditions and funerary materials expressed at Huguenot, compared
with the nearby Tolomato Cemetery (established by the Catholic Church in 1777), demonstrate both the
differences and commonalties in funerary practices and religious attitudes of two distinct groups residing
in 19th century St. Augustine. The gravemarkers at Huguenot Cemetery display a range of funerary art
popular in the 19th century, including false box tombs with inscribed ledgers and finely carved headstones
by highly skilled stone carvers in vogue during the 1820s-40s, and the more elaborate monuments that
were favored during the Victorian period. The work of several important stone carvers in the
southeastern United States has been identified at the cemetery, including Thomas Walker and members
of the White family who had shops in Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.

There were clean-up and restoration efforts by concerned citizens (1946) and the City of St. Augustine
(1951); and a Cemetery Restoration Committee of Memorial Presbyterian Church formed in 1989. It's
members documented gravemarkers, obtained historic preservation grant for preservation plan, began
restoration efforts. Friends of the Huguenot Cemetery Organization has continued restoration, published
history, developed tours of cemetery for visitors.

Vol. XLVII (1893), Page 300 Communicated by B. Frank Leeds, Esq.

This graveyard is just without the old north gate of the town. It has for its southern boundary the town
ditch or moat, eastwardly the shell road, a continuation of George St. northward, and north and west the
grounds of the large (Saint) San Marco Hotel. Two lots outside (west side of its north-west corner) of
the nearly square area of the yard proper are burial lots (one or both) for Jews, but containing no
inscribed stones. The fence of the graveyard proper is of posts and boards the entrance gate on its east
side being mainly of wrought iron and upheld by cement posts.

A hedge, additionally, of low cedars runs along and inside its east line. Scattered about within are various
planted trees, the cedar predominating, some of which are hereafter mentioned as occurring close to
graves. The yard and its contents are in very fair condition, though I am told without a care taken. The list
following, of the occupants of graves covered with inscribed stones, is complete. I have also noticed the
graves indicated by fencing, or uninscribed boards, or stones, whenever such occur.

The rows are somewhat irregular - being out of a straight line so that they allow of the insertion of half
rows. A good many of the graves are without monuments, some of which must contain several bodies, if
one may guess from the quite long list of interments between 1877 and 1884. During the latter year, the
yard was finally closed as a place of interment. The previous list, or lists, of burials, I am told by Mr. G.
T. Bunting, a resident of the town, was, or were, destroyed during the war.

Many colored people, their graves unmarked with an exception or two, lie in this yard. Since this yard
was closed Protestants have buried in the cemetery on the outskirts of New, or West, St. Augustine. The
old Catholic cemetery on Cordova St. within the ancient town lines is perhaps about the size of the old
Protestant yard, but how it can contain the dead of 300 years, almost or quite, without placing them from
2 to 10 deep, I can hardly see. The new Catholic cemetery is outside the old gate, some distance, and to
the east of the shell road. Near the Army Barracks (on St. Francis St.), south end of town, and
connected therewith, a walled graveyard holds the victims of the Dade massacre, and a number of
soldiers that have died at this post. An old graveyard, supposed to have been used by the Indians,
perhaps those converted by the Catholic missionaries, is now covered by the Lynn House, south side of
the Plaza. This ran out into the street, bounding the plaza on the south side. In making the following list I
began copying at the south end of the rows and worked northwardly. The commencement of Row 1 is in
the yard's south-east corner. The work of copying was done early spring, 1892, and was reviewed
February, 1893. B. Frank Leeds. St. Augustine, Fla.

Row 1. Cromwell G. son of William and S. A. George died in Palatka, Fla. Oct. 20, 1881. Aged 5
years 18 days. This grave is about 7 feet from the south fence of the yard.

Godfrey Foster, born Mch. 4, 1818, died Sep. 3, 1879. This and the preceding stone near each other
and nearly alike.

Flora Fairbanks, daur of C. & G. Foster, died Feb. 10, 1879, aged 25 years. Marble upright head and

My husband P. O. Craddock born Sep. 22, 1824 - died Jan. 8, 1884. White marble head and footstone
and wooden curbing. The four above graves are in the south-east corner of the yard - lot apparently one
- 36 to 40 feet north and south, 9 to 10 feet east and west, paling fence partly down.

Row 2. Mrs. Mary T. Smith a native of Liberty Co., Georgia, died at St. Augustine April 27, 1860.
Aged 77 years. Stone erected by her daughter. Marble upright head and footstone.

Row 3. An enclosed child's grave with four substantial posts and 3 rails on each side - no monument.
Mary Almyr Mickler, died Augt 7, 1882. This grave has a wooden headboard, and stands north-east of
the two Meckler graves in the adjoining row, 4.

Row 4. Doctor Wm Robertson - by his only child. Mrs. Ann Robertson - by her only child. Lot close
against the south fence of the yard - 9 feet by 9 feet, raised a foot above the general surface and entirely
covered with coquina and cement. A cast-iron railing enclosed the two raised tombs each with a broad
white slab placed horizontally atop. Next the above lot northwardly a wooden curbed grave - no

Captain Robert Mickler - who was born at St. Mary's, Georgia the 7th of May 1800, and died at St
Augustine, Fla., 9th Dec. 1848. Aged 48 years, 7 mos., 2 days. A horizontal marble slab on cemented
foundation - a cedar at north-east corner.

James A. Mickler, died Jan. 29, 2878. Aged 53 years. A native of St. Mary's, Georgia. Upright wooden
head and footboard adjoins preceding northward.

Mrs. O. Howes of New Haven, Conn., died May 29, 1883. A headboard in a lot with slatted curbing 2
feet high.

Row 5. A large lot with cemented curb and paling fence above enclosing 3 graves - two adults and a
child between; each grave with a cemented curbing and 3 cemented horizontal stones (apparently) at
head. No inscriptions.

Nancy Pinkham, died Jan. 31, 1876, aged 73 years. Erected by her niece S. J. Mitchell. Sallie Pinkham,
died Sept. 11, 1875, aged 69 years. Erected by her niece S. J. Mitchell. Each of the Pinkham graves has
erect marble head and foot stones on brick foundation. A large osage orange to the north of the S.
Pinkham grave.

George H. Emery, died July 30, 1880, aged -0 years. Only one figure of the age decipherable -
doubtless an adult. Wrought iron fence in good condition, set in a cement foundation, under gate an iron
plate with the name Emery. Lot 10 by 15 with paling fence around, contains several graves - one marked
by a large cross another by a small headstone with the letters A. T. on it. Two large cedars, one at the
north-east corner of the lot, the other at the foot of the cross-marked grave. A 3d small cedar at the lot's
north-west corner.

To my husband John Manucy, born Dec. 24, 1820, died Oct. 20, 1879 - aged 59 yrs. 9 mos. 27 days.
White marble head and footstone and white marble curbing. (Third Florida Inf. Co. B CSA) An adult's
grave with coquina head and footstone, both low. 6 feet north of the Manucy grave and east of the
Whilden grave.

Dr. J. Hume Simons. Lot with paling fence around - the size of one grave, and nailed to paling at head of
grave a heart-shaped shield with zinc plat nailed to it containing above name.(from Charleston, South
Carolina [1])

A fond father and mother have caused this stone to be erected to the memory of their dutiful and
affectionate son Edward S. Robinson, who departd this life 21st Oct. 1821 agd 20 y. 1 m. 8 d. A large
cedar west of the broad marble upright headstone.

Samuel Fleischman, son of Dirk and Elizabeth Fleischman born 6th Feb. 1807, died 18 Oct. 1821.
Horizontal marble slab broken in two at centre, rests on brick foundation with marble corners. North of
the above a coquina block with a depression for vertical headstone which is absent.

Row 6. Robert Johnson Gibbs, obit Sep. 12, 1830. AEt. 23 years. Upright marble head and footstone
within a brick walled enclosure - 7 by 9 feet. Grave in north portion of lot, and the lot is close against
south fence of yard.

Mrs. Ann Campbell, who departd this life May 3, 1836, aged 60. A marble horizontal slab on a brick

Daniel W. Kissam, who departd this life on the 22d of March, 183-, in the 24th year of his age. He was
a native of the City of New York. Inscription on a marble slab 3 feet 6 inches high and 2 feet wide,
which rests against a large cedar. The trunk of this cedar has flattened out and at both __ upper corners
overlaps the headstone. A large cedar also just outside of footstone - both trees apparently planted at
one time.

Freeman Foster, died Nov. 12, 1877. An upright marble head and footstone. Grave adjoins that of
Daniel W. Kissam.

Ella M Foster, died Augt 26, 1877. White marble upright head and footstone. Adjoins preceding.
Maria Carman, who departd this life April 8, 1833, aged 40 years. Marble head and footstone - 2 feet
high and wide.

John B. Stickney, born in Lynn, Mass., May 25, 1832. Graduated at Yale College 1856. Died in
Washington, D. C., Nov. 5, 1882. A blue and red marble monument of a number of pieces - nine to ten
feet high.( Captain- 35th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry[4]U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of
Florida, 1876-82[5]re-interred Washington, D.C.)

Mrs. A. W. Bradford, born in Charleston, S. C., Mch. 31, 1816, died in St. Augustine, Feb. 9, 1881.
Wooden head and footboard, with wood curbing around the grave. An acacia by the headboard.

William R. Whilden, son of Elias and L.E. Whilden, Christ Church Parish, So. Car., who departd this life
23rd day of Oct. A. D. 1821. Aged 4 years 10 mos. 17 days. A horizontal marble slab on a coquina

Row 7. Alfred Arnold, born in Ironstone, Mass. [?], May 1820, died in St. Augustine, Fla., April 1880.
A white marble tablet set inside of a coquina obelisk, which with its supporting stones is 5 feet high.
I. G. Happoldt, who departed this life 15 August 1821. Aged 53 years 3 months and 10 days. He was a
native of Germany and long a respected citizen of Charleston. A white marble uprights slab - the roots of
a large cedar pressed against the base of it.

Ten feet south of the McKinney footstone in row 8, an enclosed grave with paling fence around in good
condition. No stone.

Row 8. Hectorina Kennedy Honfleur, daughr of John Grant, of Inverness, Scotland, died at St.
Augustine, April 12, 1854, aged 43 yrs. Upright marble headstone - inscription on scroll.(born January
20, 1807 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland[6])

J. E. Knowlton, died Augt 5, 1877, St. Augustine, aged 69 years. White marble headstone. This last
tribute placed here by the bereaved children of Josias Campbell, who departed this life 3rd day of Sep.
1830, in the 52 yr. of his age. A native of Ireland.

Also, Elizabeth Campbell, consort of Josias Campbell, who died 5 day of July 1830 agd 39 y. 6 m. 23
days. A native of Camden, So. Carolina. Also, in memory of their son Josias, who died on the 4th day of
July 1830, agd 3 yrs. 3 mos. 7 days. A large horizontal marble slab containing the above - slab tilted and
the south-west corner in the ground.

Helen A. Hasseltine, died June 3, 1881, aged 46 years. A coquina obelisk on two base stones,
inscription on marble tablet set in one of the faces east of the obelisk.

A coquina horizontal block without inscription east of the north line of the Stanbury lot. Covering perhaps
a child's grave.

Alexander McKinney, born 1818, died Feb. 28, 1882. Erected by his beloved children. Upright white
marble head and footstone. Close to footstone a red cedar, and 3 feet north of centre of grave another.
Mrs. Mary C. Furguson, of Charleston, S. C., who died 3d day of Novemr 1830, aged 34 years. Stone
erected by her bereaved husband. Horizontal marble slab - directly adjoining the Josias Campbell tomb.
Joseph Lord, born in New York, Mch. 1832, died in St. Augustine, Jan 12, 1880. White marble vertical
tomb of 3 pieces, also footstone. These last two graves are between the Campbell and the Hasseltine

Row 9. Captain Edmund Hart, of New York, who died on the 24th of December, 1830, aged 26 years
and 4 months. A marble slab on a raised foundation.

Dear Adell (perhaps Triay), died Oct. 29, 1877, aged 10 years. A marble head and footstone.

Captain Giles Tenker, from Adams, Mass., who died Jan. 1, 1833, aged __ years. Head and footstone.
A large hawthorn with ob-ovate leaves having a rusty ___ surface close to headstone. '

Mary Page Hinckley, died Dec. 2, 1877. Otis Hinckley, died Nov. 17, 1877. Each marked by a large
coquina cross and coquina footstones - a square marble tablet set in face of the latter.

Gustavus Beall, a native of Washington City, D. C., born Sep. 20, 1823, died Feb. 9, 1848. A
horizontal marble slab which has been moved to one side, and the coquina foundation has fallen out. A
locust at west end of tomb.

J. Downing Stanbury, died Nov. 23, 1877. Vertical marble head and footstones with coquina bases.
Downing Haydn Stanbury, died Jan. 10, 1878. Small marble cross and footstone - a child's grave.
Manuel Crespo, died June 30, 1859; aet. 63 yrs. Head and footstone.

Annie A. Lewis, born 1837, died Sep. 29, 1881, 44 yrs. old. A tall post - the board containing
inscription, completing a cross.

Rev. Wilbur F. Nields, who died Mch 2, 1867, aged 26 years. He was elected to the rectorship of
Trinity Church, St. Augustine, Fla. He came but God called him before he assumed the duties of his
office. A marble headstone. A rose shrub at foot and a cedar against the edge of headstone, planted, to
judge from its size at time of interment.

Elizabeth M. Lewis, born Feb. 9, 1880, died Aug. 27, 1881, agd 1 yr. 6 mos. 18 d. A three feet high
cross - inscription on cross-piece. Row 10. A raised tomb of coquina - one of the blocks forming its roof
broken from place. Against this tomb there is an old and large sized oleander. No inscription.

George Bartlett, a native of the State of New Hampshire - and a member of the fraternity of Ancient
York Masons - who died in the city of St. Augustine, of which he had been for ten years a respected
inhabitant, on the 29th of June, Anno Domini, 1844, aged 40 years. This tribute placed for his sleep'g
remains by his bereaved and affectionate mother, Martha P. Bartlett. A broad horizontal marble slab on a
coquina base - 24 inches high.

Lillie S. Johnson, died Aug. 8, 1879, aged 4 years. Wooden head and footboard enclosed within a
paling fence. An oblong cement block, covering perhaps a child's grave - without inscription - to the
eastward of the Carpenter grave. East of the centre of the Dummett-Madison lot of Row 11 there ___ a
water oak, 14 or 15 inches in diameer, and 8 feet eastward of ___ centre of a depression, 4 feet across
and 8 or 10 inches below the surface. East of the north line of the D.-M. lot a youngish cedar, with a
group of lilies at its base, and 7 feet still further east a large magnolia grows there with a trunk 18 inches
near the base, and in a circle around that narcissi or jonquils. Here we have, without doubt, one or two
graves without other mark. The magnolia is 10 or 12 feet slightly east of north of the oblong cement

East of the mound, north of the Wm Thomas, Jr'., grave, there is a wooden headboard, but the
inscription is absent.

Israel A. Smith, who died Sep. 1, 1830 aged 20 years and 6 mos. A heavy white marble monument on a
raised brick foundation.

Maria Frances, daut of Jackson Browne French of Burlington, New Jersey, who died Feb. 4, 1832 aged
29 years. Head and footstone.

Mrs. Lydia Boyce, a native of Newberry District, So. Car., who departed this life on the 27th day of
September, 1830, aged 40 years. A white marble monument.

John Scobie, a native of Perthshire, Scotland, who departed this life August 31, A.D. 1841, aged 64
years. Margaret Westry, wife of Nathaniel C. Scobie, born March 25, 1810, died Dec. 6, 1850. These
two horizontal slabs on raised coquina foundation.

Carpenter, ____ 1883. This inscription on marble tablet which is let into the upper face of a moulded
slab of coquina. The slab is slightly titled and lies east of the Margaret W. Scobie slab.

Thomas H. Dummett - Thomas H. Dummett, who departed this life the 31st of Aug. 1839, aged 64
years. (Colonel British Army, from Barbados: former owner St. Francis Inn, plantation owner, son
Douglas Dummett)

John Houston M. J. Madison, born May 5, 1820, died Dec. 20, 1853 and his son John Ripley Madison,
born March 26, 1851, died May 6, 1852. The slightly depressed lot containing the above two horizontal
stones is curbed, and midway of the east curbed line there is a block inscribed with the names
Dumett-Madison. Two children's graves directly adjoin preceding, the western one with glazed brick
edging to it, the other with wite marble edging and headstone containing the name Willie.

North of this line of graves and southeast of the Douglas Pacetti grave are the two following: Single grave
with cement curb and head and footboard but no inscription - an evergreen enonymus with curbing. A
grave with palings around in very shaky condition - no mark. Directly adjoining above north -

Rebecca Nattiel, died April 11, 1879, aged 72 years.
Another similar headboard contains simply the letters J.N. Perhaps husband of R.N. A nicely curbed lot,
the ground within depressed. No stones. The north side of lot two feet from the north fence. Southeast of
the just-mentioned curbed lot, the corners touching, there is a large lot filled with lilies, not yet in flower,
surrounded with a paling fence. Also a single grave north of this with fence surrounding it - a large water
oak against its north side. No monuments in either enclosure.

Wm Thomas, Jr., of New York City, who departed this life Dec. 27, 1840, aged 23 years. Marble head
and footstone.

North of and directly adjoining the above a mound, and adjoining this mound northwardly another and
shorter - Neither marked. As the Thomas grave and these two are so close together, the interred may be
related. These succeed, through some distance - 10 feet north - from the two children's graves mentioned
above on this page.

Row 12. A mound with two graves covering the east end of it - the more southerly has a cedar tree
against its footstone. - No Inscriptions. The adjoining lot with coquina curbing has an obelisk at its centre
- this of granite on several foundation stones - the lowest of coquina 6 ft square. Its inscription as follows;
Mrs. Julia G. Smith - who died in New York December, 1861. Erected by her husband
Smith, who died in New York Jan. 1871. A cedar in this lot has pushed one of the stones of the curbing
aside. A headstone - broken - remnant 18 inches square, simply rests against the inner face of curbing of
Julia G. Smith lot.

Contains following inscription: William C. Kent, of Utica, New York, who died Hannah Smith, wife of
late Josiah Smith, who died in November, 1857, aged 80 years. Marble head and footstone.

Anita Amelia Smith, wife of Dr. John E. Porter, surgeon U.S. army, and daughter of Josiah and Hannah
Smith of St. Augustine, born Feb. 18, 1815 - died July 25, 1850. A 6x10 marble table on raised coquina
foundation, with marble slab containing inscription resting on the former.

Sarah S. Williams, wife of John Williams, and daughter of Lemuel and Sarah Williams, of New Bedford,
Mass. She died 25th Feb. 1839, aged 27 years. Vertical head and footstone. Cast iron fence around lot
in good condition.

Charlotte Smith, Daut of David Smith and Laura Ufford, born at Pitcher, Chenango Co., New York, 8
May 1833. - Died at Saint Augustine 6th Dec. 1877. Upright heavy granite headstone with two granite
foundation stones below.

Oscar Ashton, born Jan. 21, 1839, died May 8, 1960. Vertical head and footstone - a water oak 14
inches in diameter west of headstone.

Douglas D. Pacetti, born March 11, 1862, died June 12, 1879. Wooden headboard with paling fence
around grave - an Acacia Farnesiana within fence. The wooden headboard has been replaced by marble
head and footstone. A child's grave with paling fence around, a cherry laurel within 6 ft of stone.

Matlida DeLancy, died Dec. 23, 1875, aged 77 years. Erected by her affectionate daughter. A low
vertical head and footstone of marble on cement foundation.

Row 13. A raised tomb of coquina and cement - a child's perhaps - half the top is missing. No inscription.
Charles Burt, died Jan 4, 1877, ae. 22 y. 7 m. 3 d. Alice Burt, died July 25, 1854, ae 2 years, 3 mos.
Lucy Rockwell, wife of Geore Burt, and daut of Dr Seth S. and Sarah Peck, born at Whitesborough, N.
Y., July 8, 1827, and died in this city March 27, 1857. The above has marble slab on raised marble
foundation - an orange tree against latter. A curb surrounds lot with wrought railing. Adjoining lot to
above has curb and iron rail, with at least one sunken grave, but not stone.

W. E. Luddington, of New Haven, Connecticut., died May 1, 1884. Wooden headboard and light fence

John H., son of Arthur Milliken, of Troy, N. Y., who died Apr. 23, 1839, aged 24 years. Upright head
and footstone.

Mrs. Rachel Gerty died May 2, 1863. Vertical headstone.

J. W. S. McNeil, of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons. He was killed in the 21st year of his age in battle
with the Indians of Florida on the morning of the 10th of September, 1837, by Uchee Billy, a chief of the
Seminoles. He was the son of Gen. John McNeil, of new Hamphsire - late of the U.S. Army, and
grandson of the late Gov. Pierce of the same state. (Reinterred St. Augustine National Cemetery Gov.
Benjamin Pierce:; father-in-law of Gen. McNeil) A marble slab lying horizontally on a raised coquina
foundation - a good sized water oak between this and the grave to the eastward of Oscar Ashton.

Nancy Townsend, of Sherburn, Mass., wife of Rev. S. B. Townsend, and daughter of Josiah Hunt of
Seekonk. She died Feb. 4, 1832, aged 36 Vertical head and footstone.

Marie Antoinette, daughter of Robert and Rosa Mason, born Dec. 17, 1879, died Dec., 4, 1880.
Marble head and footstone. A grave marked by coquina head and footstone - no Inscription.

A grave adjoining the above with board. 10 feet from north fence.

Row 14. Mrs. Sarah Peck, died Aug. 16, 1879. Mother. Aged 88 yrs. 10 mos. Vertical marble head
and footstones resting on granite bases.

Dr. Seth S. Peck, born Aug. 9, 1790, departed this life July 21, 1841, aged 50 yrs. 11 mos. A marble
horizontal slab on raised cement base.

A horizontal marble slab, resting upon raised coquina foundation, has its face so worn away that but a
few letters are faintly seen - apparently these: _______ _____ __________ ______ derick ________
70 or 60 ___________1830 These graves are surrounded by a cement curb in good condition. Two
raised brick tombs in lot adjoining that of Dr Seth and Sarah Peck - the tops of these have fallen in - the
covering stones perhaps removed.

A third grave, perhaps, to south of these with cedar to head and foot. The curbing around these of
coquina 30 to 36 inches high.

James H. Bradford, M.D., born in Philadelphia, Nov. 4, 1802, died at St. Augustine, Apr. 9, 1859.
Elizabeth Caldwell, wife of Edward Florens Rivinus, M.D., born at Philadelpphia, Jan. 15, 1814, died at
St. Augustine, Apr. 22, 1856. This stone set midway of the lot, a cedar standing at the head of the grave,
probably planted when interment was made. Lot including 2 above graves 7 feet by 9. The marble stones
in this lot in good condition. Iron fence around.

Edward M. Walker, a resident of Troy, N. Y., died Feb. 19, 1851, aged 34 years. Vertical head and

Benjamin Franklin Tracy, a native of the State of Connecticut, and a merchant of Painesville, Ohio, who
died at this place on the 6th of January, 1834, aged 37 years, 2 mos. 21 days. A vertical headstone.
James Burr Griswold, son of Zachariah Griswold, of New York, who died of consumption May 3,
1829, aged 22 years. A vertical headstone.

Catherine Burrell, born at Old Gretna, Scotland, January, 1803, died at St. Augustine, Fla., May 28,
1878, aged 75 yrs. 5 mos. Wooden head and footboards. The grave next to Cath. Burrell's contains a
small wooded cross, and is surrounded by a wooden curbing. Two large oleanders within the curbing
and at diagonally opposite corners.

Daniel A. White, born Mch 22, 1817, at Brockport, New York, died Augt 16, 1880, at San Mateo,
Fla. This grave has marble head and footstones and marble curbing.

Row 15. Absalom H. Valentine, of Brooklyn, Long Island, who died on a tour for his health at St
Augustine, May 2, 1835, aged 42 years and 16 days. His tender care will long be remembered by his
bereaved widow and mourning friends. Part of inscription. An upright marble slab - and headstone and

Mrs. Mary Moody, wife of Dr. Moody, of Burlington, Vermont, who died at St Augustine the 9th of
March, 1829, agd 22 years. - Portion of inscription. A horizontal slab on a brick foundation raised 24 to
30 inches.

Charles H. Allen, died A.D. 1870, agd (10 or 15) years. A wooden headboard in lot enclosed by paling
covered with Smilax laurifolls or Stamnoides.

Jane Frances Winfred Murray, consort of George Murray, Esq of St Augustine, E. F., and daughter of
George and Sarah P. Anderson, born Sept. 6, 1801, at the Grand Caicos, one of the Bahama Islands,
Died Apr. 7, 1826. An inscription of 12 lines following the above. A horizontal marble slab on raised
marble foundation, with pillard corners. South side and two corner pillars of this tomb recently thrown
down and slab moved.

Gad Humphreys, obt. Augt 31, 1859, aged 73 years. Requiescat in pace. A tribute of Filial affection. A
flat slab on marble faced raised foundation. Mother - on marble headstone. M.S.H. (monogram) on
footstone. Large lot. The two above graves within 18 inche high curbing of cement.

Zenas Clapp, of Salina, Onondaga Co., New York, who died 29 January, 1837, aged 41 years. Five
lines of inscription below. A vertical marble head and footstone. Quite a number of graves, unmarked, in
this row.

Row 16. Mr. Jesse Baldwin, who departd this life on the 14th of March, 1835, aged 34 years. - 5 lines
of inscripn below. A vertical marble slab. This grave close to the following.

Mrs. Ann S. Putnam, who departd this life the 31st of August, 1831, aged 68 years. Mrs. Putnam's
grave with posts at 4 corners connected by slats.

A vertical marble slab. This stone of same height as the above, but outline at top different. They however
seem to belong together. Louisa Charlotte Izard, daut of Ralph and Elizabeth Izard, of South Carolina,
who died on the 22d of January, 1825, etatis 31. Vertical marble slab on raised brick foundation.

Underneath this stone are deposited the remains of Col. Charles W. Bulow, of Charleston, So. Car.,
who died on the 1st of May 1823, aged 44 years. Horizontal marble slab on raised marble-faced
foundation. The flat slab out of place, and one corner marble post loosened.

Ellen Isabella, daut of John Wheeler, D.D., of Vermont, wife of Rev. Joseph H. Myers, died Augt 11th
1854, agd 30 years. Three lines of inscription below. A vertical marble headstone on stone base. Lot
enclosed with broad cement curbing surmounted by wrought railing and cast iron posts.

James Holt, of New York, who died Feb. 19, 1835, aged 37 years, 1 month. A vertical headstone 26 to
30 in. broad, and footstone. These between the fences of preceding and following.

Helen Porter, daughter of Moses H. Baldwin, departd this life March 16, 1859, in the 16th year of her
age. A vertical headstone. A fine white marble box, seven feet high, with considerable carving on it. Lot
enclosed with a fence of nine granite posts with lines of wrought iron bars uniting them.

Joseph Hunter, Esqr., a native of Ballymore, County Antrim, Ireland. For a long time a respectable
planter of Mosquito, Died May 14, 1836, aet. 30 years. This memorial is erected by his only child,

A marble horizontal slab on raised marble faced foundation. Lot enclosed with iron fence. Mrs.
_________, 1841. A bit of stone with this inscription. In a lot with cement (over coquina) curbing level
with the ground without it.

Harry Wilbur, son of James and Carrie Goss, who died Sep. 3, 1874, aged 10 years. A marble head
and footstone James Goss, died Nov. 20, (or 26), 1877, aged 37. A wooden head and footboard. Each
of these two lots enclosed in a paling fence now in weak condition L. B. A narrow headboard a foot
high. The footboard between the graves of Harry W. and James Goss.

Rachel T. Goodrich, Feb. 19, 1842; Apr. 27, 1869. A low broad granite stone. The grave directly
adjoining, northwardly, that of James Goss. M. R. Castle, son of Martin Castle, of Connecticut, died
Nov. 28, 1878. aged 4 mos. 16 days. A marble vertical headstone.

Lizzie McDonald, who died May 7, 1875, aged 36 years. This grave is west of the preceding; has a high
marble headstone; and is enclosed with four posts single uniting rails.

Row 17. John Drysdale, who died 24 May, 1845, aged 62 years. Ann Drysdale, daur of John and Lois
H. Drysdale, born on the 22nd of June 1823; died at St. Augustine, 14 January 1844. Forty lines of
inscription, the last words of which are "beloved friend and pastor, Rev. Joseph H. Rutledge, of Trinity
Church of St. Augustine." Thomas W. Drysdale, who departd this life at St. Augustine, 11th day of
October, 1841,in the 17th year of his age. Thirteen lines of inscription follow.

The above, each covered with horizontal marble slab on raised cement foundation, differ only in length.
The middle slab is quite a foot longer than the other two. A low coquina curb around the three.

Elizabeth Mary Hanson, wife of J.M. Hanson, obit May 14, 1838, aged 82 years. Eleven lines of
inscription follow. A horizontal marble slab on a brick raised foundation. Space for another grave. This
lot cement curbed.

Henry V. S. Frey, son of Henry and Elizabeth Frey. He was born at Palatine, in the State of New York,
27th day of Dec. 1807, and died at S. Augustine, 8th day Jan. 1830, aged 22 years, 12 days. A high,
vertical headstone.

Erected to the memory of Lieut. Stephen Tuttle of the United States Corps of Engineers, a native of the
State of New Jersey, who departd this life Jan. 21, 1835, aged 36 years. This stone, perhaps once erect,
now lies horizontally, partly covering the raised cement grave. (Reinterred St. Augustine National

Lucy, wife of F.E. Mitchell, died Feb. 18, 1884, aged 42 years. A low marble headstone and footstone.
Rev. Parker Adams of New Hartford, Oneida Co., New York, who died in St. Augustine, 10th day of
June, 1835, aged 56 years. A vertical marble head and footstone.

Marian Anita and John Cobb, infant children of George and Louisa H. Washington. (No dates.) (On the
footstone there are 3 initials, M. A. W., J. C. W., and J. A. W.) Low marble head and footstone within a
fence of posts and light square rails.

Jonathan Olivar Whaley, born Oct. 18,1879: died June 11, 1880, aged 8 months. A wooden headboard
and wooden curb to grave.

Edward McGraw, born May 18, 1863; died Nov. 16, 1877. A low wooden headboard. A low wooden
headboard two feet away from above with inscription destroyed: perphaps a relative of E. McG.

*Venice Johnson, born 1859; died Nov. 23, 1874. The inscription just decipherable. The head and
footboard painted black; perhaps grave of colored man or woman.

Lewis Drysdale, died Dec. 2, 1857, aet. 27. Perhaps other persons buried in western part of lot. A
horizontal slab considerabley moved. This grave is in the western part of the Drysdale lot, the wall of
which is in a ruinous condition.

Row 18. A sacred Dedication by an affectionate mother to the memory of her son, Alfred Robinson,
born at Richmond, Virginia, Oct. 26, 1815; died 1st of Decem. 1834, aged 19 years, 1 mo. 5 d. A
vertical slab and footstone.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Rev. Aaron Warner, of Medford, Mass., who died June 12, 1834, aged 45 years. A
vertical head and footstone.

Andrew J. Peck, son of G. D. Peck, M.D., and Mrs. S. F. Peck, of Milford, Mass., drowned near Saint
Augustine, Apr. 19, 1835, aged 20. An upright head and footstone.

Erastus Nye, of Onodaga Co., New York, who died January 12, 1835, aged 35 yrs. 6 mos. An upright

John Lyman, of Southampton, Mass., died January 20, 1835, aet. 26 years. An upright headstone.
John Gifford Hull, of Dutchess Co., New York, born May, 1808; died January 1835. An upright

David Merriman, of Watertown, Conn. A vertical headstone buried so that balance of inscription cannot
be copied.

Nellie Van Dorn, died Oct. 10, 1875, aged 8 years, 10mos. 11 days. Wooded headboard with paling
fence around lot in frail condition.

Row 19. Col. Lucious D. Mower, of Granville, Ohio, who departed this life whilst on a visiti to this city
for the benefit of his health on the 19 day of Feb. 1834, aged 41 years. An upright head and footstone.
Hardinia M. Burnley, daughter of Hardin and Mary Burnley, of Hanover Co., Virginia, died 6 March
1834, of consumption, aged 24 years, 7 mos. An upright headstone. (A grave with heavy wooden
curbing, but no inscription adjoining the above.)

Matthew Peck, a native of Berlin, Conn., who died after a lingering illiness June 5, 1834, in the 39th year
of his age. A square column with capital and base, and obelisk above, of coarse grained marble.
Ella Bond Reynolds, born Dec. 10, 1862; taken home Nov. 28, 1877. A vertical marble headstone. A
grave enclosed with iron railing adjoining above, but no tombstone.

Row 20. Eliza C Whitehouse, who died in this city (St. Augustine) 3 June, 1838, aged 52 years. A flat
slab on the marble faced raised foundation.

Charles Downing, who departd this life Nov. 24, 1841, in the 45th year of his age. A native of Virginia,
he removed to Florida and early became identified with the prosperity of the Territory. He frequently
served in the Territorial Legislature, and was twice elected to the Congress of the United States. Ardent,
bold, and generous to a fault, he was beloved in life and died universally regretted. A marble slab on a
raised coquina foundation.

Eliza Archer, died Nov. 20, 18(73) or 78, aged 45 years. A wooden headboard.

Joseph L. Smith, died May 25, 1846, aet. 69. A colonel in the army of the United States in the War of
1812, and sometime judge of the Superior Court in the Territory of Florida. To great assiduity in the
performance of his duties he united a dignity and learning which adorned his office, and to a commanding
presence were added the higher attributes of distinguished ability. Marble upright head and footstones
with iron railing.

Dr. Samuel Robinson, a native of Attleboro', Mass., and during 18 years a celebrated physician of
Indiantown, N.C. From early life he was a sincere and consistent Christian, and a number of his last
years were much devoted to the Bible cause chiefly in the southern States. In 1824 he removed to
Providence, R.I., where he became eminent as a mineralogist. He died in this place Feb. 17, 1826, in the
44th year of his age. Marble vertical head and footstone. A large cedar tree close to the footstone. A lot
with two graves marked with cement headstones, but no inscriptions thereon. A smaller lot to north of
above without stones. Both these are fenced.


Grave not marked during Leed's 1893 survey:

George C. Bowers: 1827 -1884, captain 10th Florida Infantry, Company I.
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