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William McClue to Rev'd S. S. Jocelyn
November 18, 1862
AMA Records Roll 1 South Carolina
November 18, 1862

Beaufort S. C.
Rev'd S. S. Jocelyn

Revd Sir,

I left New York on board the steam ship
Accession on Friday 17th October  I found many good friends
which made it very pleasant on board the Steamer, we have two services upon the Sabbath one of
our Brothers the name is Mr. Brown he Preached in the saloon on the forenoon, in the afternoon we
had a very warm discourse on deck from a Colonel on board, so on Monday we arrived at Hilton
Head, at noon of the 20th Oct. I came up here with our Brother Mr. McCrea that is to Beaufort that
night on Wednesday I went down with Brother McCrea and his wife to his plantations, when I found
that my friend and brother on each of these Plantations had a very good school of children and like-
wise adults, all very anxious to be taught, I found that some of them could read there lesson very
precise, which thank God in making our Brother Mr. McCrea the Instrument in teaching those in whom
the light of Gods goodness has dawned ”I have been engaged pretty much with Mr McCrea on his
Plantations Three days in the week, other days teaching in Beaufort. I am teaching them that are
young and old their letters and spelling, likewise in learning them to sing--on the Sabbath we have
school at nine in the morning it numbers one Hundred and Sixty children and you my dear brother if
you but heard and saw the little colored faces it would very much delight you. Indeed, then Brother
McCrea Preaches at ten and half o'clock morning, then again three o'clock afternoon---then at 7
o'clock evening we have a very large prayer meeting numbering about four Hundred men and women
when very great number of our colored brothers take part in this Prayer Meeting so dear sir you will
see that my time is well spent in doing all the Good I can. Revd Sir allow me to inform you that Brother
McCrea has been removed from his Plantations to Beaufort to look after the colored people of
Beaufort, he looks to all their wants both in regard to their Spiritual and Temporal Wants, he is now
engaged going from house to house doing all the good in his power, and allow me to state that his
Heart and Soul is in the work he is about---Allow me here to say the Revd Mr. French has placed me
on Brothers McCreas Plantations to teach the young and the old when I hope I will receive that help
from above that will enable me to go on in the work of him that sent me---Revd Brother it is with much
Pleasure in reference to the Meetings here in Beaufort when our Colored Brothers address God in
Prayer, I may here state more fervent Prayer with that devotion of becoming simplicity that it would
melt down into tears some of our hardened friends in the North---Allow Me to state my Intentions how
my time will be occupied I commenced my plantations on Monday 17th Nov, on Monday I go down the
River the first Island is Cain the other is Cat Island there is on both Plantations about 160 men women
and children I take the first Plantation go on it remain there about 3 Hours teaching and Instructing
both the young and the old then get into my boat and am off to Cat Island on Plantation remains
sometimes these 4 Hours teaching and Instructing and looking to the wants of both Plantations
Tuesdays in Beaufort teaching and learning to sing on Wednesday I go to the Plantations then return
about 6 pm Thursday teaching in Beaufort Friday at the Plantations Saturday teaching and in the
evening I intend to have a practice for Singing in the Church to prepair (sic) them for the Sabbath  on
Sabbath Sunday School 9 am Preaching by Mr. McCrea @ 10½ and 3 afternoon prayer meeting @ 7
evening, but I intend to go to the Plantations every second Sabbath, so my Revd Brother I have given
you a outline of my work as it is in rotation. I am stopping with Mr. McCrea allow me to state to you my
Incidential expense all, five dollars Hoping you are well, as this leaves me in good health thank God
for his Goodness

I am
My Revd Sir
Yours very Respectfully
Wm McClue

P.S. I am to receive no pay from the Government
Wm McC
The punctuation and capitalization is this letter is William McClues.

Rev Jocelyn was an assistant to Rev. Whipple as Corresponding Secretary.