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Ponce de Leon Hotel
The following three pictures show the intricate work of George Maynard and associates. Standing
ladies are the elements and seated are the classical conquest, civilization, knowledge, etc.  The rotunda
is a rotunda within a rotunda. At the top darkened area there was a place to sit and a special purpose
room. The top would not have appeared dark because it was open to allow light to flood the entrance
to the hotel.
The Lion's heads with light bulbs were a later addition to the hotel.
No lack of cheribs - Grand Hall
Above one of the many caritides supporting the
rotunda designed by Thomas Hastings -  in his
words Spanish dancing maidens.
Full view pictures
Courtyard Pictures
More decorative view of dome. Center of dome was
open so that natural sunlight filled the entrance hall.
Lining the walls of the entrance hall are
placques honoring the Greek kharites -
the social graces: beauty, mirth and
festive good cheer.

"And Eurynome, the daughter of
Okeanos, beautiful in form, bare him
[Zeus] three fair-cheeked Kharites
(Graces), Aglaia, and Euphrosyne, and
lovely Thaleia, from whose eyes as
they glanced flowed love that unnerves
the limbs: and beautiful is their glance
beneath their brows." -Theogony 907