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Picture of the Fountain in front of the hotel. Note that it is the
design of a sword inserted in the ground. Also there are 12 frogs
surrounding the fountain that makes for a rather large sundial.
Pictures of the Ponce de Leon Hotel Courtyard
St. Augustine, Florida
Basic Themes of the hotel - Spanish heritage, ocean, Ponce de Leon, sea shells, lobsters,  Greek/Roman  
Water tower - copper tanks have been removed. Water tower
held sulfur water from the artisian well. For opening day ceremonies
a cannon would be fired from the tower to announce that the Ponce
de Leon was open for business.  In the beginning the season was
from January through April or May. Remember: no air conditioning.
Main Entrance - You can sense the detail from the main entrance into the hotel. In the original architect's
drawing your carriage would have gone through this arch and up to the main door. Something changed this idea
and it became a walking entrance. On your first entrance to the hotel you would have come by carriage to the
back and walked up to the main hall while your luggage was processed beneath the building.
For full view pictures
Rotunda Pictures
Dinning Hall Pictures
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