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Ponce de Leon and
Cordova 1889 Opening
St. Augustine Weekly News
January 16, 1889

With Trumpets Sounding
The opening of the
Ponce de Leon and Hotel Cordova will be a scene of great brilliancy and
elaborate preparations are being made to make the occasion a memorable one. Joyce's Military
Band Cordova Mandolin Orchestra and singers.

January 17
The season of 1889 was begun at exactly 3 o'clock the sound of a trumpet from the east tower of
the Ponce de Leon was the first note of awakening from the long nine months of slumber. An
answering call was made from the picturesque round tower of the Hotel Cordova where a
trumpeter like a knight of old stood with his uniform glistening in the sun. Then in the loggia a drum
sounded followed by a clash of symbols and the opening notes of Joyce's Band were
harmoniously blended in the strains of the National Air...The hall boys in neat uniforms were
drawn up in front of the hotel entrance and the hotel porters under the direction of Wm.
McDermott were ready to take charge of all who might arrive.

The performance of Joyce's Band was far superior to that of last year and the musicians seen not
only to extract the most melodious sounds from their instruments but keep perfect time.

The Cordova Madolin Orchestra gave a concert in the Sun parlor of the hotel in which the tenor
solo "Still I Love You" was beautifully rendered.
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