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Phillips Academy
St. Augustine Florida
February 28, 1839
Select Seminary for Young Gentlemen, Under 8 years of age.
Miss Phillips respectfully informs the parents of young Gentlemen under 8 years of age, that she will
open her school on the first day of March next, at her residence solely for Boys. -- and that they will
be instructed in Orthography, Reading, Writing Arithmetic, Grammar and Geography. Terms $5 per
quarter. The "News" will be pleased to give the above four insertions and send the bill for payment to
Mr. G. I. Phillips St. Augustine, Feb 20, 1839

March 9, 1850
Mr. Phillips thankful for the patronage extend to him during the last 18 years, would respectfully
inform the Parents of the Pupils now under his tuition, that hi age prevents him extending to his fifty
Pupils the instruction he conceives encumbered upon him. He therefore considers it necessary to
reduce his school to twenty five, from the first of April next. Being willing and desirous to retain and
continue instructions to those of his Pupils who have commenced with him, or been under his
instruction for two or three years, he respectfully notifies their parents that his charges in future will be
$6 a quarter, and $8 a quarter for branches unconnected with an English education.

Parents wishing to continue their children on those terms will be so kind as to secure seats, as soon as
convenient before the 1st proimo.
George L. Philips