Philip Fraser
Born January 27, 1814, in Montrose, PA
Died July 26, 1876, in
Jacksonville, FL

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U. S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
Nominated by Abraham Lincoln on June 14, 1862, to a seat vacated by McQueen McIntosh;
Confirmed by the Senate on July 17, 1862, and received commission on July 17, 1862. Service
terminated on July 26, 1876, due to death.

Professional Career:
Private practice, Jacksonville, Florida (no dates)
Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, 1855-1856

Biographical Directory of Federal Judges

He had a law practice in Jacksonville, Florida and who had served as mayor, was an ally of Isaiah and
Ossian Bingley Hart. Philip had fled to Montrose after the Unionists evacuated Jacksonville in 1862.
When he returned as Federal judge for Northern District of Florida, Franklin Fraser, his brother,  
came to work briefly as the district's deputy clerk before returning to Pennsylvania.

On March 16, 1863 Lyman D. Stickney, of the Direct Tax Commission and
General Rufus Saxton,
military governor of Florida asked that Judge Fraser be assigned to active duty in Florida with a
marshal and a district attorney to be assigned to active duty in Florida. Lincoln wrote below no
Marshal and no District Attorney. Joseph Remington was finally appointed as marshal and confirmed
by the Senate on January 20, 1864.
Return to St. Augustine in the Civil War
Philip Fraser
(January 27, 1814 - July 26, 1876)
Abraham Lincoln, 1862
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