Secretary of War to Commissioner and Governor Jackson
Commission of J. A. Penieres at sub-agent to the Indians in
March 31, 1821

Florida Territorial Papers
Department of War, 31st March, 1821

Sir, Mr. J. A. Penieres has been appointed by the President sub-agent to the Indians in Florida and placed under your
superintendence as Governor of Florida. I enclose for your your information a copy of the instructions to him.

He is a gentleman eminent for his various acquirements, who being forced from France for political reasons has
selected this country for his residence, and who, in order to become intimately acquainted with the Indian character has
resided several years among the Indians in the Arkansas Territory. The knowledge which Mr. Penieres has thus
acquired of their Character, his familiar acquaintance with the Spanish language, and his talents and acquirements will,
it is believed, make him very useful. The fact of his being a Frenchman will, it is thought, in no degree disqualify him for
the duties assigned to him; on the contrary, the Indians have ever shown to the French a strong attachment, and it may
be considered as favorable to the successful discharge of his duties.

You will give Mr. Penieres such additional instructions as you may deem proper. In the selection of an Interpreter, which
is of considerable importance, you will probably be able to give him such information as may be very useful.

We have not yet made formal peace with the Seminoles. Should you deem it necessary for that purpose, or to impress
them more solemnly with the new relation in which they stand to us, you are authorized to appoint a special
Commissioner, to whom you may allow a suitable compensation for the purpose, thro' whom you may make such
communication as you may judge the state of the Case to require. In the first pressure of emigration and the uncertain
extent of the portion of Florida which may be claimed by the Indians, it is to be feared that some collision may take place
between them and our citizens; to avoid which it would seem to be advisable to ascertain from the Spanish authority, as
well as the Indians themselves, the extent and limits of the country to which they have a just claim, and to give such
information for the guidance of persons who may wish to emigrate or explore the country as you may think proper ---


Appointment of Jean A. Penieres as Subagent for Indian Affairs

[March 31, 1821]

To J. A. Penieres, Esqr.
You are hereby with the approbation of the President of the United States, appointed Sub-Agent for Indian Affairs in
Florida, and vested with all necessary powers for the due execution of that office, conformably to instructions from this
Department or from the Governor of Florida.

Given under my hand and seal of the War Office, this 31st day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty one
Andrew Jackson
John C. Calhoun
Secretary of War
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