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Peabody School Songs
from St. Augustine Florida
Peabody School Songs
We publish the following songs by request, and shall continue for a few weeks to publish one or
more on our first page. They are intended for the benefit of the scholars of the Peabody School, to
be used in the school.

We learn that the school is in a prosperous condition.

Mr. D. Waterbury, the Superintendent, is a highly educated gentleman, and of great energy.

Let the Smiles of Youth, &c.
Let the smiles of youth appearing,
Let the rays of beauty cheering,
Drive the gloom of care away,
Cheerful singing lively measure,
Voices ringing joy and pleasure,
Lengthen out the happy day.

The Car of Improvement.
The car of improvement is rolling along,
Dispensing its blessings around,
The rich and the poor may unite in the song,
As joyous their voices resound;
the thick mists of error are clearing away,
Dispelled by the sunshine of truth;
We're living to bless Education's bright day,
That dawns on our childhood and youth.

Like brothers and sisters we daily have met,
And cheerful our tasks have performed;
Then can we those hours of enjoyment forget,
When friendship our bosoms has warmed.
Oh no! when life's trails and cares shall surround,
And warm hearts begin to grow cool;
One green spot in mem'ry will ever be found,
For friends we have cherished at school.

Then let us remember with gratitude still.
Our parents, beloved and kind,
For their sakes endeavor with heart and good will
To enrich and embellish the mind.
So when our school days, well improved, are all past,
We go to our loved homes again;
Our parents and teachers will find at the last,
That they have not labored in vain.   

Peabody School Songs
Be Kind to Thy Father.

Be kind to they Father -- for when thou wert young,
Who lov'd thee so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue,
And joined in thy innocent glee.
Be kind to thy father, for now he is old,
His locks intermingled with gray,
His footsteps are feeble, once fearless and bold,
Thy father is passing away.

Be kind to they Mother - for low on her brow
May traces of sorrow be seen;
O well may'st thou cherish and comfort her now,
For loving and kind hath she been.
Remember they mother, for thee she will pray,
As long as God giveth her breath,
With accents of kindness, then cheer her lone way,
Even to the dark valley of death.

Be kind to they Brother--his heart will have dearth;
In the smile of thy love be withdrawn;
The flowers of feeling will fade at their birth.
If the dew of affection be gone.
Be hind to thy brother, where ever you are,
The love of a brother shall be
An ornament purer and richer by far,
Than pearls from the depths of the sea.

Be kind to thy Sister-- not many may know
The depth of true sisterly love;
The wealth of the ocean lies fathoms below
the surface that sparkles above.
Thy kindness shall bring to thee many sweet hours.
And blessings thy pathway to crown;
Affection shall weave thee a garland of flowers,
More precious than wealth or renown.
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