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Guardianship of Henry and Isaac Papino
the Garvin Family
by Peter S. Smith
St. Augustine Florida
St. Augustine Nov. 1, 1838 we hereby appoint Peter S. Smith our guardian and attorney in law and in
equity until this is revoked:
James D. Garvin
Georg F. Garvin
William F Garvin
Elizabeth M Garvin

I am the mother of the above children.
Felicia Garvin

* * *

To the Honorable, The Mayor of St. Augustine: I consent to be considered as the guardian of the above
named persons for the space of one year from this day and also to stand as the guardian of Henry and
Isaac Papino free boys employed on my farm or grounds for the term of one year. I have been
requested in writing by Nick Perpall, Jeguin and Robinson to accept of the above guardianship.