Return to St. Augustine in the Civil War
Organization of Troops in the
Department of the South,
Major General David Hunter commanding,
June 30, 1862
First Division
Brig. Gen. Horatio G. Wright.

First Brigade.
Col. J. L Chatfield

6th Connecticut, Col. J. L. Chatfield
47th New York, Maj. P. C. Kane
97th Pennsylvania, Col. H. R. Guss

Second Brigade
Col. Thomas Welsh

45th Pennsylvania, Col. Thomas Welsh,
76th Pennsylvania, Col. J. M. Power
3d U. S. Artillery, Battery E, Capt. John Hamilton

Second Division
Brig. Gen. Isaac I. Stevens

First Brigade.
Col. William M. Fenton
7th Connecticut, Col. Joseph R. Hawley
28th Massachusetts, Lieut. Col. M. Moore.
8th Michigan, Col William M. Fenton

Second Brigade
Col. A. Farnsworth.
46th New York, Col. Rudolph Rosa
79th New York, Col A. Farnsworth
100 Pennsylvania, Col. D. Leasure.

Third Brigade.
Col. Robert Williams
3d New Hampshire, Lieut. Col. J. H. Jackson.
1st New York Engineers, Col. E. W. Serrell
1st Connecticut Battery, Capt. A. P. Rockwell.
3d Rhode Island Heavy Artillery, Maj. E. Metcalf.
1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Col. Robert Williams

Beaufort, S.C.
Brig. Gen. J. M. Brannan
8th Maine, Col. J. D. Rust.
7th New Hampshire,
Col. H. S. Putnam
47th Pennsylvania, Col T. H. Good.
50th Pennsylvania, Col. B. C. Christ.
1st U. S. Artillery, Batteries B, D, and M, Capt. L. L. Langdon

Fort Pickens and Pensacola, Fla.
Brig. Gen. Lewis G. Arnold
6th New York, Col. William Wilson.
75th New York, Col. J. A. Dodge.
91st New York, Col. J. Van Zandt.
1st U. S. Artillery, Batteries A, F, and L.
2d U. S. Artillery, Batteries C and K

Fernandina and Fort Clinch, Fla
9th Maine, Col. R. Rich

Fort Edisto, S. C.
55th Pennsylvania, Col. R. White

Key West, Fla.
90th New York, Col. J. S. Morgan

St. Augustine, Fla
4th New Hampshire, Col. L. Bell

Fort Pulaski, GA.
Brig. Gen. A. H. Terry.
48th New York, Lieut. Col. W. B. Barton