No. 3 An Ordinance, Providing for the Naturalization of the
Inhabitants of the ceded Territory,
by Major General Andrew Jackson,

Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas, exercising the powers
of the Captain-General and of the Intendant of the Island of Cuba,
over the said Provinces, and of the Governors of said Provinces

An Ordinance prescribing the mode of carrying into effect the
Sixth Article of the Treaty of Amity, Settlement of Differences, and
Limits between the United States of America and his Catholic

Ordinances of Andrew Jackson
Whereas by the sixth article of the said Treaty it is amongst other things provided, that on the entrance of the Ceded
Territories into the Union, the inhabitants thereof shall be "admitted to the enjoyment of all the rights, privileges and
immunities of the citizens of the United States." Now, therefore, as well with a view to guard against impositions which
may be practised by foreigners, as to secure to the inhabitants their free choice to become citizens of the United States,
under the provisions of the said treaty.

Section I.
I do ordain, that the Mayor of the City of St. Augustine, and such other persons as may be appointed for the purpose, in
any tow or County of these Provinces, shall open a Register, and cause to be inscribed the name, age and occupation
of every free male inhabitant of such town or county, who may be desirous to profit by the provisions of the sixth article
of the Treaty, as aforesaid in part recited, Provided, the person or inhabitant who may thus desire to have his name
inscribed, shall first satisfy the Mayor, or such other persons as may be appointed to open registers, that he was really
an inhabitant of the ceded territory on the 17th day of July, 1821. And provided also, that he will of his own free will and
accord, abjure all foreign allegiance, and take the oath of allegiance prescribed by the laws of the United States.

Section II.
That the said Office or Register shall continue open, for and during the space of twelve months, when the same shall be
closed, and a copy thereof transmitted, under the seal of the said Mayor, or other person appointed to oen registers, to
the Secretaries of the said territories.

Section III.
That from and after the period that the said register shall be closed, no other free male inhabitant above the age of
twenty-one, and entitled to make his election as aforesaid, shall be within the ceded territories, entitled to any of the
rights, privileges and immunities of a citizen of the United States; but shall to all intents and purposes be considered as
foreigners, and subject to the laws of the United States in relation to Aliens.

Section IV.
It shall be the duty of the heads of families, within the said provinces, being desirous to profit by this act, to furnish the
Mayor, or such other person as may be appointed to open registers, with the name and age of every free male member
of his family and the said Mayor shall cause the same to be inserted in the register as before provided for.

Section V.
In order to guard the more effectually against impositions, as well as to give to the inhabitants the security which
citizenship will afford them abroad, It is further Ordained, That the Secretary, or Secretaries of the ceded territories,
grant to such inhabitants as may be desirous of receiving the same, Certificates of citizenship; he or they being first
satisfied that the provisions of this ordinance shall have been complied with.

Section VI
The evidence upon which the Secretaries or Secretary shall proceed to grant certificates of citizenship, shall be a
Certificate of the clerk of the Mayor, or such other persons as may be appointed to open registers, that the applicant
has complied with the requisitions of this ordinance; upon the receipt of which it shall be the duty of the Secretary or
Secretaries, to grant to all and every such applicant or applicants, Certificates of citizenship, for which the said Clerk
and Secretary shall be entitled to one Dollar each, and for every name entered on the register, the Mayor, or other
persons authorised to open such register, shall receive one Dollar.

Pensacola, July 18, 1821.
Andrew Jackson,
Governor of the Floridas, &c. &c. &c.

By the Governor,
W. G. D Worthington,
Secretary, &c. for East-Florida.
St. Augustine, Aug. 20, 1821.
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