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Ordinance for the better police of the
City of St. Augustine - 1838
1st Be it ordained by the mayor and aldermen of the city of St. Augustine that from and after the passage
of this ordinance it shall be unlawful for any free negro or slave to be found in the streets or on any lot in
this city other than their proper home after the hour of 9 o'clock.

2 That any white person is hereby authorized to take up and pursuant any free negro or slave violating the
above ordinance.

3. That every free negro or slave found violating the provisions of the 1st article of the above ordinance
shall be subject by a fine for each and every violation of the above ordinance if a free negro of $1 an
proof of the violation before any magistrate of this city and in failing payment he or she so offending shall
receive not less than 10 or more than 20 stripes to be executed by the City Marshall. If a slave, the
owner shall pay the sum of $1 or said slave to receive punishment as above prescribed in case of a free
negro. Provided always the Mayor shall have power to give permission to any free person or the owner
of any slave to aid slave to be out till a later hour or for the whole night.

4. Be it ordained that all order or parts of ordinances touching the above subjects be the same are hereby

5. No free person of color who absents himself from the city without a ticket from his guardian setting
forth the particular business for which leave is granted shall be permitted to return to this city if he or she
persist in returning the person so offending shall be apprehended found and pursued at the discretion of
Mayor and Council.

6. No slave or free person of color shall by water go South of the mouth of the St. Sebastian Creek or be
by land south of the Indian war unless with his guardian or master if he does so on his return to the city he
shall be apprehended fined and imprisoned at the discretion of the mayor and alderman.

7. No Negro bound or free shall keep or carry or use fire arms within the limits of the corporation unless
in company with some white person.

8. Every free Negro coming within the limits of the city shall immediately report himself and his business to
the Mayor in default of which he may be fined and imprisoned.