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An Ordinance Relating to Patrols for the
City of St. Augustine
Sec 7. Be it further ordained that said patrol shall have power, and they are hereby authorized to
enter into any disorderly house, vessel or boat where they shall have reason to believe that any slave
or slaves are harboured, trafficked, or dealt  with...and if slaves, free negroes and mulattoes or other
coloured persons to cause them to be punished by whipping, not exceeding 39 strips upon his or her
bare back.

Sec 8 Be it further ordained, that it shall be the duty of said patrol and of each member to arrest all
slaves free negroes, mulattoes and other coloured persons who may be found in the streets after the
hour of nine o'clock p.m. without a pass from some white person duly authorized to give it and to
take them to their respective homes or employers or to detain them until the next morning and report
them to said mayor.