No. 1. An Ordinance by Major General Andrew Jackson
Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas,
exercising the powers of the Captain-General
and of the Intendant of the Island of Cuba,
over the said Provinces,
and of the Governors of said Provinces respectively.

Ordinances, by Major-General Andrew Jackson, governor of Florida.
That with a view to the preservation of the good order and health of the town of St. Augustine, I Do ORDAIN,

Section I
That there shall be appointed annually by the Governor, a chief officer, to be called the Mayor, and six subordinate
officers to be called Aldermen, who shall form a Council and have and exercise all the powers necessary to the good
government of the said town.

Section II.
That the said mayor and council shall have power, by ordinance, or otherwise, to impose fines and forfeitures for the
infraction of their regulations, and appoint such officers as they may deem necessary to enforce their their ordinances,
and to levy such taxes as may be necessary for the support of their town government.

Section III.
As the Christian Sabbath is observed throughout the civilized world, It is Ordained, That in order to remove any doubt
which might be entertained with respect to the powers of the mayor and council, on this subject, that the said mayor and
council be authorized to make any regulations on the due observance thereof which they may deem proper.

Section IV.
In order to remove all doubts on the subject of the limits of the town of St. Augustine and its dependencies, as well as to
place under the immediate control of the mayor and council, all the fountains and springs from which the inhabitants are
supplied with water, It is Ordained, That the Incorporated limits of said town shall be as follows:

Bounded East by the waters of the harbor; South and West by the river St. Sebastian, and on the North by a line fifteen
hundred yards North of the gate of Fort St. Mark.

Section V
That public Gaming houses, as well as public Gaming of every description, Billiards alone excepted, shall be, and the
same is hereby interdicted and prohibited, under the penalty of two hundred Dollars for each conviction, and the
forfeiture of all the apparatus and machinery used towards the commission of such offences, as well as all the sums of
money which may be seized by the police officer or other person; one half to the use of the informer, and the other to
the use of the town. And that each and every person so convicted, shall be, and stand committed to prison until the
whole of said fine and costs be paid; and, moreover, until he shall have found good sufficient suret in the sum of five
hundred Dollars, for his good behaviour, for, and during the term of one year.

Section VI.
That the mayor and aldermen, as provided for in this ordinance, shall be known and called the City Council of St.
Augustine; and in that name may acquire and dispose of property for public use, and sue and be sued, and plead and
be impleaded, on all subjects relating to, or connected with the said town and its dependencies.

Section VII.
That all Innkeepers, Grocers and all other retailers of liquors, are by this ordinance, expressly prohibited from
furnishing, or selling, any liquor, or ardent spirits whatever, to any soldier in the service of the United States of America,
under the penalty of nineteen Dollars for each offence and to stand committed to the common jail until the said penalty,
with costs, are paid.

Pensacola, July 18, 1821
Andrew Jackson,
Governor of the Floridas, &c.

By the Governor,
W. G. D. Worthington,
Secretary, &c. for East-Florida.
St. Augustine, August 20, 1821
Andrew Jackson
Governor of Florida
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