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Old Jail near
PDL and list of prisoners
Old jail located near Ponce de Leon Hotel

5 cells
5 1/2 x 7 feet each
14 prisoners, 3 in a cell
one cot
one sleeps on cot
one underneath
one beside

bathroom - bucket

Prisoners 1889
William Delsefine (c) murder
Joseph and William Cathen, Railford Priest, under indictment for murder of Gore
Pete Jennings (c) assult with intent to murder
Henry Allen (c) larceny
W. H. Perrman (c) larceny
York Bennet (c) larceny
Emanuel Williams (c) maiming
W. R. Hall concealed weapon
Boss Lagree (c) larceny
Jesse Baker (c) assult and battery

Jail was built in 1878
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