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St. Augustine Structures List
Oglethorpe Battery Historic Marker
Anastasia Island, St. Augustine Florida
This site on Anastasia Island in the City of St. Augustine Florida marks the location of
Governor/General Oglethorpe's batteries in 1740 as he attempts to take St. Augustine. The site is
located at the intersection of Oglethorpe, Arredondo and Alcazar streets.

The Castillo and the City hold. The battle of
Fort Mose is fought and the British after an unsuccessful
naval bombardment return to Georgia.

A marker describes the site: "From this site, General James Oglethorpe, commanding military forces
from Georgia and Carolina, bombarded
Castillo de San Marcos from June 27 to July 20, 1740. The
Castillo's massive coquina walls absorbed the cannon shot and damage was slight. Florida's Spanish
Governor, Manuel de Montiano, returned the fire, but the exchange was indecisive. Provisions
arrived from Havana just in time to relieve a critical shortage which would have caused St. Augustine
to capitulate. Frustrated by the military stalemate and the oncoming hurricane season, Oglethorpe
withdrew to Georgia.

The coquina obelisk was dedicated on March 20, 1938. Mrs. J. P. Dodge of the DAR chapter
unveiled the monument plaque by removing the British flag and Miss Adelaide Sanchez removed the
Spanish flag.

The coquina shell obelisk rises from a square-in-plan base. There are four bronze tablets set in the
sides of the monument.

West Tablet - Site of El Pozo. Main battery with which general Oglethorpe shelled Castillo de San
Marcos during his siege of St. Augustine, June-July 1740. This monument erected by the St.
Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science.

South Tablet - Governor Manuel de Montiano made wise defence - city's inhabitants and garrison
crowded in the fort faced starvation until relief eluded the English blockade.

East Tablet - This park is property of St. Augustine Historical Society and Institute of Science. AD

North Tablet - Besieging forces including Georgia and Carolina provincial militia, Indians and
English failed to reduce City after 29 days siege and withdrew.

The monument has no protective finish and the surface has eroded.
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